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"The Co-Op Group", a UK consumer co-operative, advertises in the Daily Mail, which is notorious for its anti-migrant and anti-gay rhetoric.

Lots of angry responses over on birdsite about this. Their social media manager just keeps pointing to a blog post from last year that characterizes it as a "proactive relationship". Very disappointing; conventional for-profits have been far quicker at severing ties with Daily Mail and other hate rags.

Finished Wall's "Elinor Ostrom's Rules for Radicals" and wrote a review, which you can find here:

We are reading this book in our . I really appreciate the dialogue that has already happened here on Mastodon and over on Loomio!

My review is perhaps too critical, I would appreciate feedback if you feel I'm being too harsh. I found the book useful in parts, but overall too light and repetitive to recommend without reservations.

I really should take down the platform co-op route. Will poke at OpenCollective this weekend as a lightweight way to get started.

Disappointing how much center-left media discourse of big tech focuses on antitrust / "break them up" fantasies and how little is about promoting alternatives like co-operative ownership and open source. Neoliberal "thought leaders" cannot seem to conceive of approaches other than "greed is good but let's add a layer of government regulation".

Man, is one sad Python package. Used by thousands of people but no release since 2015. The sole maintainer doesn't have rights to publish a new package. PRs and code rot piling up.

I'm using it for a Mastodon bot based off , but looks like I may have to run from the master branch of Tweepy to avoid some serious bugs. Twython seems to be more actively maintained alternative.

Install manual for is a rare example of clear and user-friendly free software documentation for very complex piece of software. Nicely done.

When sites try to surreptitiously show me stuff based on things I've looked at, I don't find it helpful -- I find it unnerving. Twitter appears to be doing this in a few places: e.g., look at a profile, now you'll see more of those tweets. It creates this "You are being watched" sensation at a gut level. The kind of thing that doesn't show up in KPIs but alienates users slowly over time.

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A pad for collecting mirror accounts in the fediverse of popular RSS/Twitter sources, e.g. news accounts. Please add.

Last stable version:

Corbyn's "New Economics" speech is worth a read. Clearly informed by lots of voices inside the movement he helped catalyze. Good to see commitment to economic democracy, decentralization & co-operative economic approaches. Most forward-looking speech by a genuinely leftist leader I've read in a while.

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First back-and-forth activitypub conversation between pleroma and mastodon.
Screenshot-2018-2-11 Mastodon (…
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This bot is now operational. It is mirroring full tweets from Coop News:

It ignores retweets.

The bot is run with permission, but it is unofficial. Please report issues to @eloquence.

Weird bug: local timeline in web UI completely stopped working for a while. Must have been some messed up session data - clearing all data for the site ("forget about this site" in Firefox) fixed it. reading group Show more

New review: The Elements, Molecules and Reactions trilogy by Theodore Gray.

Gorgeous pop science books I would recommend to any lifelong learner. Beautiful photos & great explanations. Full review:,-mole

Any recommendations for home security camera equipment that plays well with , incl. easy syncing via standard tools like rsync, motion detection alerts via SMTP, etc.?

Translating from English to German, one word that always gives me difficulty is "excited". Germans just don't tend to be that excitable, and literal translations usually feel inappropriate. :)

I have literally used only a handful of times and its moderation system has to be one of the most opaque I've ever seen. Apparently you can't ask people to email you, or something, never quite found out what the actual problem was.

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Our first book has been selected! Derek Wall: Elinor Ostrom's Rules for Radicals. Cooperative Alternatives beyond Markets and States (2017)