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Reminder that has a Matrix chat channel as well. Using the Riot web interface, it's kind of like Slack, but open source :).

Or kind of like IRC, but you don't have to set up your own bouncer to keep logs for when you're away, and the web interface is nicer.

I am 'Xirzon' over there:

UK folks: Is there an alternative to paying £12.00 to the FCA to see the accounts & returns of UK cooperatives? Seems absurd in country with so much that this would still be paywalled info? Example:

It makes me very happy that there are so many high quality YouTube channels these days that are entirely community-funded. (Granted YouTube is not the ideal platform long-term!) A few of my favorite ones:

Kurzgesagt (a bit of everything):

Stated Clearly (genetics/evolution):

Every Frame a Painting (analysis of movies):

What are your favorites?

ICYMI, interesting Global Voices report from September 10 about the Wikipolítica anti-corruption movement in Mexico:

have folks here tried scuttlebutt? positive/negative experiences?

Portland OR folks, my SO and I will be going to this data-viz talk October 4. Cairo is a sharp guy, so it should be pretty good. If you end up going & want to connect later for drinks, let me know! :)

Every day I check my feed here, I read from people doing things to help us move beyond shitty broken planet-destroying capitalism. It is nice and refreshing and motivating. Thank you all for being here, and doing what you do :)

@ntnsndr Nathan - I've been thinking about developing (which isn't formally anything yet but committed to being not-for-profit) into a platform co-op for reviews -- FWIW, something like what you describe would definitely useful for the bootstrapping!

@aaron Oh, I should have looked at my local library's subscriptions -- that's a great tip; they have Mango as well, will check it out. Thanks :)

In combination w/ other free resources & books, I've been using Duolingo's Spanish module for the last few months. Here's my review/observations (tl;dr: Duolingo is definitely useful, just don't overestimate how far it will take you).

If there's anywhere that will have an answer to this, it's Mastodon... #FLOSS Show more

@mako Interesting that they name proven identities as a problem - Twitter is full of "parody accounts" and, aside from the opaque "blue checkmark" process, has no useful way of helping users find the real ones.

Finally finished "The New Jim Crow" (it was published in 2010); if you have not read it yet, I highly recommend it. Under the Trump/Sessions regime, all the core components of the racial caste system Michelle Alexander wrote about are being reinforced and extended.

If you've not read it yet, you may find my review/observations helpful:

In the spirit of intermittently posting "cool community projects you may not have heard of", if you (our your kids, or loved ones) like comics, I recommend checking out Pepper & Carrot:

It's a community-funded long-form comic about a witch and her cat. Very fun, gorgeous & fully free culture. I interviewed the artist a while ago:

If you've ever considered learning Spanish but didn't know how to get started, I highly recommend downloading this (legal!) torrent:

It's the entire "Learning Spanish" audio course from, a volunteer-run, donation-funded project. The teacher is brilliant - think of some of the best teachers you've had in school. He focuses on rules rather than memorization.

Works well in combination with something like Duolingo, or by itself. Diviértete (have fun)!

@tbeckett Oh, Indiebound definitely seems handy - thanks!

Well said-I like the precisely because it seems serious about maintaining a civil, diverse community Show more

I'm not fond of ordering books from Amazon, given its labor practices, use of DRM, and increasing monopoly-like levels of control. Where do folks in the order books (ebook or print)?

I'm based in Portland, OR, USA and buy from Powell's where possible, though even that still feels less than ideal (not worker-owned or nonprofit).