Happy new year from Prague! Hope y'all have a great 2020 <3

If you're using Keybase, you may have gotten a bunch of Stellar cryptocurrency that you have no use for. If so, please consider giving it to a charity that supports Stellar -- it is worth real money (near $20 last time I checked) and an easy way to do a little bit of good.

My employer, Freedom of the Press Foundation, supports Stellar ( freedom.press/donate/cryptocur ) but so do Internet Archive and others.

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Hi you three, do we have a plan for getting back to a respectable version of Mastodon for ? It looks per OpenCollective like we're holding a >$7,800 balance; can we pay @wu_lee to work on this, or someone else if they're unavailable? :)

We are quickly approaching the long-awaited 1.0 release of Inkscape! :inkscape:

To allow you to test the latest updates and improvements more easily, we just released the 1.0-beta2 version.

Grab the beta release at inkscape.org/release/inkscape- and report any issues you find at inkscape.org/report !

(currently available: AppImage for Linux OSs, dmg file for macOS, source code. A download for Windows will be added soon.)

#inkscape #beta #testing #help_wanted

What are people's favorite tools for analyzing/visualizing contributions by _new_ contributors to GitHub (or more generally, git) repositories?

Another quick review from the weekend, this one of Tacoma, a 2017 exploration game by the makers of "Gone Home". I found it more atmospheric than its predecessor, but experienced the story as less compelling. Still a recommended game if you get it on a sale.

Full review:


Panpsychism, which posits that consciousness is continuous with nonliving matter, has always struck me as a hypothesis that merits more serious consideration than it is commonly given, due to biases that may themselves be more rooted in religion than in science.

Philip Goff makes this argument more cogently than I could, in his new book "Galileo's Error". Here's my review:


sometimes it drives me nuts but overall I still ❤️ git

Photos can't do it justice (especially the no-flash one below) but if you're in Oregon I highly recommend visiting the "Exquisite Creatures" exhibit at OMSI (open until February 17). A combination of art and science, it presents carefully preserved creatures in beautiful arrangements. All vertebrates are reclaimed, all insects obtained sustainably.

This is a huge exhibit on two floors, so plan for a couple of hours, and more if you want to see the rest of OMSI.

I bought my significant other a Geiger Counter for her birthday and now Amazon will forever think I'm a prepper

I haven't kept up w/ Blender (the open source 3D app) so I only just watched the "Spring" open movie that came out in April. Wow, amazing work by Andy Goralczyk & everyone involved. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out:


Or watch it on Blender's PeerTube instance:


Nonprofit ops/infra jobs alert -- boosts appreciated:

Freedom of the Press Foundation (where I work) is hiring a Senior DevOps Engineer. Budgeted base salary range is $90-$110K/year, remote-friendly for folks working in PT to ET time zones. Working in NYC office is also an option.

Responsibilities will include building out our Continuous Delivery infra using Kubernetes, and supporting the SecureDrop open source project and other technical initiatives by FPF. More:


Pet peeve: corporations that ask for free homepage links to their products in order to grant a nonprofit discount. That's not a discount, that's a sponsorship agreement.

I have a couple of Humble Bundle gift links for Windows games (since I will only play the Linux games in the bundle), if anyone wants them.

One is for Immortal Planet, the other is for Cat Quest. More info:



Tell me if you want them and I'll share the gift links via DM. Will delete the toot once they are gone :)

Side note: It's available for Linux (yay!) but looks like the new one isn't (boo!). If you're a Linux gamer, supporting the first one hopefully sends a message.

Finished "Life is Strange" yesterday -- quite the game! I'm a retro-loving point and click adventure nerd, but I was impressed with how well the story was told in 3D. Lovely voice acting, too.

The whole game was on sale for $3 when I got it, but honestly, having played it I can recommend it even at full price if you're not looking for the very best graphics (lip movement in particular is a bit cringey) but just a very moving story.

May write a proper review later, but .. yeah, great game.

Review from the weekend: "How to Hide an Empire: A History of the Greater United States" by Daniel Immerwahr.

Deals with the relationship between the US mainland and "territories" like Puerto Rico, as well as the Philippine-American War and US colonial rule over the archipelago.

Highly readable and very insightful book with lots of facts that were new to me, but a bit limited in its analytical frame. Full review:


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