Oh, and another super-quick review from the weekend, "If It Bleeds" by Stephen King:


This is really a sequel to King's "The Outsider" padded out with three other Twilight-Zone-ish stories. Recommended if you've already read that one -- but there are better choices for collections of King stories/novellas if you haven't.

I really enjoyed "Life is Strange" and "Firewatch", and have been pleased to find a few other 3D adventure games that emphasize storytelling and choice.

"State of Mind" by Daedalic also adopts the 3D adventure formula. It does a good job with the storytelling part, while offering fewer meaningful choices. It's a beautifully rendered world to explore, though, and if you find it in the virtual bargain bin, I don't think you're likely to regret the purchase. Full review:


"This Life" is an interesting 2019 book by Martin Hägglund which argues that

- our lives are meaningful _because_ they end, and common religious notions of eternal life are indistinguishable from death;

- if we are committed to life on Earth, we should reject capitalism and embrace democratic socialism.

While I agree with both points in principle, I found the book at times unimaginative, and the re-framing of humanism in religious terms problematic. My review:


Super Hexagon (by the guy who made VVVVVV) is just an extraordinary, beautifully designed game -- normally I'm not into twitchy games, but this one gives you a good feeling of constant progression while being quite challenging.

Also very nice for short bursts of gameplay here and there. Highly recommended, unless fast, strobing color patterns cause you problems.


Happy International Workers' Day!

We whine about 8-hour workdays being long but we got it down to 8 hours 5 days a week literally through the blood and deaths of protesting workers demanding their freedoms while the police shot at them. Capitalism kills; your VC buddies and billionaire idols don't give a shit if you live or die.


Anyone here use Zammad (open source helpdesk system)? If so, any impressions, positive or negative?

The Humble COVID-19 charity bundle seems like a great idea, so I chipped in. If you're not planning to and want Steam keys for Broken Age, Brutal Legend, Hiveswap, or Europea Universalis IV, send me a DM -- first come, first served.

Always nice to take a walk in my Portland neighboorhood during spring. A lot of dogwood trees in full bloom, occasionally you see peacocks out and about, dogs getting into barking matches. A few other folks around, most making the effort to keep a safe distance.

ST: Picard Season 1 thoughts (finale spoilers) 

I'm only 55 years late to this party, but here's my review of Frank Herbert's original Dune (1965):


In short, if you're like me and have put this one off so far, and if you can allow yourself the luxury of escapism, I highly encourage you to add it to your reading list.

Looks like Google is determined to make maintaining open source extensions for Chrome/Chromium an utterly demoralizing experience.

Updates to extensions that have been published for years being rejected for critical bugfixes with robo-rejection emails, no way to reach a human. One forum, not really advertised anywhere, is getting flooded with developer requests:


Small note: I'm going to start unfollowing accounts that automatically share RTs from Twitter without context. It's nothing personal, it just clutters up my feed with stuff that often requires context from another website to make sense.

The only times I've seen Bloomberg ads have been in public places. I'm grateful I can prevent people like him from hijacking my attention, no matter how much of his $60B he spends on blanketing the airwaves.

Especially recommend uBlock Origin, which does an amazing job preventing garbage from coming through the pipes of the Internet, and is fully open source:



Finally finished Dune over the weekend (just the first one for now). Duly impressed by how well it still holds up in 2020 compared with other sci-fi classics from the 1950s or 1960s. Breathtakingly imaginative.

I look forward to reading at least the next one or two books to get to know this world Herbert created a little bit better.

Happy new year from Prague! Hope y'all have a great 2020 <3

If you're using Keybase, you may have gotten a bunch of Stellar cryptocurrency that you have no use for. If so, please consider giving it to a charity that supports Stellar -- it is worth real money (near $20 last time I checked) and an easy way to do a little bit of good.

My employer, Freedom of the Press Foundation, supports Stellar ( freedom.press/donate/cryptocur ) but so do Internet Archive and others.

regarding the new resident of 10 downing street 

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