To hell with 2020! Here is what you should be expecting to happen _this_ year in free/libre software for creative professionals:

Just listened to an interview with the guy who maintains this blog:

Gotta love this kind of dedication--wonderfully detailed reviews of every computer-based RPG he can get his hands on, working his way through the genre chronologically. His master spreadsheet is quite something to behold:

If you're like me and enjoy the occasional tower defense game, Cursed Treasure 2 is a solid title with a decent Linux port, often on sale for a dollar. Here's a quick review/overview:

re: intellectually dishonest debates about "free speech" 

We need to get the profit maximization principle out of social media platforms, and society generally. The fediverse is a big part of that.

But I find it remarkable how many folks who are now protesting about "free speech" when platforms cut off fascists and their enablers were dead silent (or applauded!) when Trump signed his failed government censorship order to ban TikTok.

#FollowFriday / #FF recap of this week's recommended follows:

🌟 @blitzcitydiy - Fun, colourful electronics projects and synth music

🌟 @Kathaja - Gigeresque drawings of aliens and fantasy creatures

🌟 @plasmamobile - FOSS smartphone graphical environment by KDE, mobile counterpart to desktop Plasma

🌟 @gdquest - Promotes free open software in game development

🌟 @prismplume - Artist and illustrator specialising in chibi figures and animals

🌟 @slopesgameroom - Video game history videos

One problem Mastodon may be able to solve that Twitter still hasn't is to make it easier to cross-link corrections for past tweets/toots.

See this birdsite thread for an example of the problem, where even though the author of a viral tweet would be open to posting a correction, they have no idea how to do so in a way that people will actually see (replies generally don't cut it -- too far below the fold). (or

is there a mastodon instance that's only for capybara content

@gamingonlinux did an excellent roundup of coming Linux games in 2021, here:

(Big fan of their site, which is ad-free and Patreon-supported.)

Loco-Motive is a great little point and click adventure with "pay what you want" pricing, about 30-60 minutes of playtime, LucasArts vibes. Available for Linux. Recommended for fans of the genre:

Happy Public Domain Day 2021! We should be able to celebrate a lot more works becoming free each year (terms are indefensibly long, even if you believe that copyright law itself has merit), but let's celebrate the growth of the commons regardless. This article has a good overview of some works that are now free:

An under-reported story: How wealthy capitalist countries are blocking "intellectual property" waivers for COVID-19 vaccines and other tools for fighting the pandemic. See the MSF campaign for more information:

The public banking movement, and the passage of the Public Banking Act in California, gets a shoutout in Project Censored's list of under-reported stories in 2020:

As well it should -- public banking deserves more attention within progressive movements across the country, along with other efforts to strengthen public ownership (e.g., municipal ISPs, utilities).

The full top 25 is here:

If you're a Linux gamer, there are a few good deals on GOG (DRM-free store) now:

- FTL for $2.50 (one of my all-time favorite games; I reviewed it here:

- Don't Starve for $2.50 (excellent Tim Burton-esque survival roguelike, reviewed here:

- Kingdom New Lands for $2.24 (gorgeous pixel art adventure/RTS-ish game)

- To The Moon for $2.29 (awesome story w/ "Eterrnal Sunhshine" elements told in simple pixel art RPG graphics; limited gameplay)

Latest review: Life is Strange 2, a game that tells the story of two brothers (one 16, the other 9 years old) on the run.

Like the first game, I thought it was a beautiful, well-crafted story; it is at times emotionally exhausting and I found the voice-acting a bit grating, but I recommend it highly overall. Full review (spoiler-y bits collapsed by default):

@fosstodon Hi! Any idea why @securedrop is not showing up as "Verified"? We set rel="me" on and I blanked/re-saved the profile data, but it doesn't seem to be picking it up.

Well hey, I just got here. In an effort to break the ice with total strangers (will this even show up on the local feed?)... I have an offering. I have limited artistic ability, but I managed to tie-dye some material earlier this year.

I will make you a face mask out of it. And finally learn to sew.

Just tell me a story that fits in a toot. Any story. You don't have to be my fediverse friend. But that would be niccccce too. I'll ship it to you.

I've not been able to spend as much time making better as I'd like (other than writing lots of reviews!) but I'm very pleased that the frontpage currently features reviews in Spanish, Swedish, English and German, of a Sushi restaurant, a video game, a music track, a book, a couple of parks, and a hotel. That's the kind of diversity of "stuff" I was hoping we'd be able to review on it :)

uspol, gerry the mander 

this graphic about the effects of gerrymandering on the 2018 WI legislature was so shocking that I had to add it to the electoral justice primer (sources linked there):

Latest review: "Supernavigators" by David Barrie, about the remarkable feats of navigation performed by animals ranging from fish to honeybees, from dragonflies to humpback whales. A great read if you're interested in the subject matter:

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