Unfortunately, as of August 6, 2020, Executive Censorship Orders are now a reality in the United States of America.

This is a reminder that F-Droid.org was built to be an open, censorship-resistant alternative to the Google Play store for Android devices. It's easy to install, and it's an important way to protect your mobile devices against Executive Censorship Orders, for the free & open apps installed from there.


Apply for Grants To Fund #opensource Work. Video, transcript, & slides.


Who's funding, a quick case study, key steps in figuring out a good project idea, budgeting, hiring, + submitting, & how a new workgroup can help you get going.

I borrowed heavily from Dustin Ingram's CSS that he uses for dustingram.com/talks/2020/03/1 & similar pages displaying talk slides+transcript side-by-side, but on my site it's hard to read on mobile, and I will save that problem for another day.

Sometimes when I take a closer look at a website I visit I'm pleasantly surprised that it doesn't have ads (I usually don't notice immediately, because I use an ad blocker) and is run by a small enthusiastic community funded by donations.

gamingonlinux.com/ is an example -- they do really good reporting on the world of Linux gaming. They're also here on Mastodon: @gamingonlinux

Recommend a follow if you're on Linux and occasionally (or frequently!) play games :)

Some really lovely things come out of game jams. A ~5-10 minute interactive poem called Novena (use your cursor keys), made by cecile richard:



I'm Lola - I have no idea what the fediverse is. But I'm autistic, furry, polyam, anarchist and sapphic. Talk to me about Star Trek (I unironically love Voyager) and Star Wars. I don't know how else to introduce myself aside from listing things that I like.

I wanna make friends and stuff and avoid mainstream social media because it gives me brain worms.

Hi, I'm new to mastodon if you don't count making a profile and forgetting about it.

I'm mostly interested in all things infosec (I'm currently studying for my OSCP), as well as scientific and technological advancement, which I see being done best via FOSS.

I'd love to get to know more of you!


My second toot . This time with #introductions . I'm a software developer/hacker from #finland and interested in open federated protocols such as #matrix and #mastodon . Integrating twitter or ig to anything is pain so perhaps Mastodon would be a better choice. I might start pushing it in #hacklab.fi community. Currently the only Mastodon user I know from real life seems to be @cybette - any others around yet?

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xxyxxyart makes adorable little clay figurines of astronauts, aliens, mastodons and more. You can follow them on the Fediverse at:

➡️ @xxyxxyart (Mastodon) and @xxyxxyart (PixelFed)

Their website is xxyxxyart.com

#Art #MastoArt #Clay #Sculpture #Jewellery #Artist

The microG Project develops free open alternatives to Google's proprietary services in Android. They are now on the Fediverse, and you can follow them at:

➡️ @microg

Their website is at microg.org

The aim of the project is to allow freer android devices and apps to be made, by removing the need to use Google-controlled proprietary software.

#MicroG #Android #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #Smartphones #Google #Alternatives

Don't often boost stuff from the birdsite, but this thread by BlackSocialists about a 1978 speech by Murray Bookchin is worth a read (Nitter link=no ads/tracking):


A beautiful encapsulation of Musk-style futurism: the present extended into the future. We must instead "change the present so that the future looks very, very different from what it is today." You can read the full speech here (I haven't yet, still mostly unfamiliar with Bookchin):


Another quick review from the weekend, "Don't Starve", an excellent indie survival roguelike (with a surreal sense of humor) that has taken up most of my gaming time these last couple of weeks:


Styxcolor is a freelance artist who has recently been painting quite a lot of bizarre cats. You can follow them at:

➡️ @Styxcolor

They are open for commissions, with a portfolio at styxcolor.com

#Art #Artists #MastoArt #Drawing #Painting #Krita #Cats

Review from the weekend:

"The Blood Telegram" by Gary J. Bass. An important accounting of US complicity in the 1971 Bangladesh genocide, and those who spoke out against it:


The author's analysis is a bit narrow, but I recommend the book for its scholarly rigor; it is also engagingly written.

Welp, we made it past "Spock's Brain" in the TOS re-watch.

We are announcing the foundation of the Open Reviews Association!

Non-profit, Swiss-based, it will serve as custodian for the Mangrove #opensource technology we developed, and for the #OpenData set of reviews.

A place to connect and coordinate our activities.

Come join to support this movement: open-reviews.net

Browser game on topic of anxiety 

UX rant 

I've long cautioned against the use of the "NonCommercial" variants of the Creative Commons licenses, because their restrictions are often more far-reaching than folks may realize (e.g., most free culture projects won't be able to use any content under those licenses).

@PeteForsyth has published a new essay that sharpens one aspect of that critique -- having a restriction with this level of ambiguity almost defeats the purpose of attaching a CC license at all:


Watch my co-workers dust off some ROMs and chat about SURVEILLANCE Fri-yay July 10th at 4:30PM EDT on Twitch: twitch.tv/freedomofthepress/

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