Considering an ops-y career? We're still open for applications for the Associate Site Reliability Engineer role at Freedom of the Press Foundation (remote work possible in American time zones). Also added a fair bit more detail about what kind of projects this person is likely to take on:

Sysadmin friends, if you've ever thought of working in a nonprofit news org, this is a great opportunity. CIR is the org behind, which broke much of the recent safety reporting on Tesla and triggered a wave from abuse of Elon Musk and his PR department. Based in Emeryville, CA:

Second book review for the weekend: Daniel Ellsberg's "Secrets" (2002), his memoir of Vietnam and the Pentagon Papers. A page-turner about how secrecy can turn a republic into an empire. Highly recommended and as necessary as ever. Full review:

Latest review: Against the Grain: A Deep History of the Earliest States by James C. Scott (2017).

This was a difficult book to review. I agree with much of Scott's thesis -- the standard civilizational narrative of the "rise from savagery" via agriculture is nonsense -- but the book felt ultimately too ideologically committed to provide an evidence-based narrative of its own. Here's my full review:

Well well well... it's #FollowFriday :blobsurprised:

📱 @Ubports UBports: Developing the Ubuntu Touch mobile OS

🖊️ @BaptisteGelez Plume: Open source federated blogging platform

🍻 @GetTogetherComm GetTogether: Open source federated alternative to

👾 @thelinuxgamer The Linux Gamer: Linux gaming on YT & Twitch

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Missed this when it came out last week - lovely music compilation by the More Perfect / Radiolab folks of tributes in song form (by many artists) to the amendments to the US Constitution.

I'm again!

Do you care about developer productivity? Do you want to help people make better software more easily and (hopefully) more quickly? That's what we're doing in the Release Engineering team at WMF.

I'm looking for candidates with wide varieties of backgrounds. The most important quality you possess is the ability to learn and a deep desire to make things better.

Join my team as a Software Engineer!

Just want to say how great it's been being able to work on patches via GNOME's Gitlab instance!

I'm a longtime open source developer; I remember SVN and CVS days. :) And even I found contributing to a big project like GNOME intimidating when you had to manually make diffs and upload them to bugzilla and then guess how to find a reviewer.

Gitlab is fricking great, and GNOME still gets to run their own infrastructure.

Now if I could just get BuildStream to make me a working custom gdm login or sth... :D

My latest book review: Nature Anatomy by Julia Rothman (2015). A picture book about nature with lovely illustrations but limited explanatory power. Overall, still 4 stars because of the art. Full review:

TIL that there's a Mastodon instance for language learners and enthusiasts ( Just made an account over there for logging my slow and steady effort to learn Spanish: @eloquence

📢 OCCRP is hiring with more job posts to come in the next couple of weeks. Check out the opportunities available here. We're also seeking another Assistant #Editor.

We are an investigative reporting platform formed by over 40 non-profit investigative centers, scores of journalists and several major regional news organizations around the globe. Our network is spread across Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America. Join us.

I enjoyed "The Lion's Song", a short episodic indie game set in Vienna. Beautiful pixel art in a six color sepia palette, atmospheric sound and music and engaging stories. More of a "choose your own adventure" story with limited interactivity, but great attention to detail. Full review:

Today is the 100th birthday of technical badass Katherine Johnson. Ms Johnson calculated trajectories for Apollo space missions by hand.

What's the oldest electronic device (e.g., computer, radio, etc.) you still use regularly?

For me it's not very old -- probably my 10-year-old desktop PC attached to a 12-year-old EIZO flat screen. Still runs pretty well on Ubuntu / MATE though and still does its job as a secondary machine. *pats it gently*

I have to say, the Nautilus file manager (part of GNOME desktop for us Linux heads) has become so good that I actually now often use it instead of the command line. Batch file rename, instant search across subdirectories, etc. It's pretty damn slick.

@aral You can't venture-capital your way out of a problem you venture-capitalled your way into in the first place.

Just finished "Flying Too Close to the Sun" (quick read since it's an art book) -- traces threads of classical (Greco-Roman) myths in art. It's a lovely coffee table book, though I can't wait for publishers like Phaidon to expand their definition of "art" a bit more. Full review:

Beautiful (short) article about the connection between linen and microbiology, based on an exhibit on the subject in Northern Ireland.

Part of the process of making linen typically involves employing the action of microorganisms, which humans have done for thousands of years -- as with microbiology products like beer and cheese.

I love the use of art to show & celebrate the connections between the visible and the invisible.

Latest review: "The Doomsday Machine: Confessions of a Nuclear War Planner" by Daniel Ellsberg.

A powerful book that shows how humanity has slipped into accepting the continued existence of a machine for global annihilation -- this absolute evil created by ordinary people -- why we must dismantle that machine, and how we can do it. Full review:

Hi folks! My employer, the Freedom of the Press Foundation, looking for an Associate Site Reliability Engineer, which is a fancy-ish way to say "keep websites running and automate all the things" :)

- Open to junior/entry-level
- Open to remote work in American time zones
- Mentoring included
- You get paid to help protect freedoms that are under imminent threat.

Great role if you're looking to start a career in infrastructure work with mission focus. Questions? DM! :)

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