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Erik Moeller @eloquence

The latest issue of c't (German computer magazine) has a four page article by yours truly about Mastodon. Thanks to @Gargron, @cwebber, Evan Prodromou, @angristan and everyone else who spoke to me in the last few weeks. We ended up scoping this one pretty tightly around Mastodon from an end user perspective, with a short blurb about the fediverse.

The online version is paywalled, but you can at least see a pretty Mastodon graphic:

@eloquence Herdentrieb!! This is an awesome headline

@eloquence @Gargron @cwebber @angristan How come that Mastodon seems to be way more popular in France than in Germany ?

I should clarify, for anyone looking to obtain a printed copy, that this issue will hit German newsstands tomorrow (March 3).