Friend made this ace about the state of the environment and society in the and things that people can do to improve things
Please feel free to pass on the link or print some copies 🙂

@dazinism there is much good stuff here, but it is rather hard to read in this format ( a modern take on 1980s anarchist 'zines) - the text has got blurred somewhere along the line!

I wonder if there are any links available to the original sources and/or something like a pdf document?

@dazinism cool! although I remember seeing a post on here that many of these claimed recent reductions in global child poverty were really coming from a redefining what poverty is rather than an actual change in material conditions of people

Yeah, the definition alters resulting statistics & the way they are perceived

Not totally sure how poverty can be measured in all contexts - eg. I imagine theres still societies where folks live fulfilling happy lives, without ever coming into contact with money—the metric upon which poverty tends to be measured

Still i can see some general trends (to which i think that stat in the zine relates) over the last hundred years where things have improved (eg. ending of colonialism)

@dazinism I think that abstract belief in things having gotten better is founded a lot more in propaganda than changes in people's lives. just as colonialism never ended and was glossed and rebranded as neocolonialism so too did extreme poverty get rebranded as not extreme poverty.

@bound yeah I appreciate theres a whole load of nuance, deceit & grabbing for power/resources. Still think 100 - 300 years ago conditions for many in the world, both in colonies and colonising nations were a whole load more bleak than today. Obviously today theres still a whole load of terrible stuff that goes on....

@dazinism think you ought to question the vague and unfounded belief that things have gotten better over the last 300 years for colonized people. that's just not true of so many people, many of whom weren't even colonized 300 years ago.

Sure. Its real hard to communicate all the nuance of the situation, especially in the limited length of toots.
As I said, i agree theres still lots of terrible stuff that goes on and throughout history often there has been

Theres been a load of terrible developments over time, but also improvements that, even though there may be lots still to improve, I feel they shouldnt be forgotten or dismissed.

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