@GuppeGroups ⚠️ Guppe is not compatible with Mastodon 3.2.1. They have changed their http authentication requirements and are currently rejecting all messages. I will work on this ASAP. Track at

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@datatitian @GuppeGroups It works on, and some other instances, but it still does not work on

@datatitian @GuppeGroups I don't know if it's relevant, but I think has set AUTHORIZED_FETCH=true.
I don't know whether this option will affect HTTP signature or not.

@frodo @GuppeGroups it looks like is rejecting my request to fetch the user's key to verify their signature with the error that my request is lacking a signature. I think that could be related to Secure Mode

@frodo @GuppeGroups I guess I'll reopen that documentation ticket. Unless, @Gargron , is there anywhere the technical requirements for federating with Secure Mode Mastodon are documented?

@Gargron @GuppeGroups Thanks!
@frodo: that's going to be a bigger project for Guppe because previously fetches were decoupled from user identity, and I don't always have a target user handy when resolving remote objects. I'm afraid it won't be soon as I'm in the process of refactoring the entire core of Guppe into , so I'm not likely to invest major time in Guppe until that is done, which is scheduled for 12 weeks from now

@frodo @GuppeGroups @bgme
I might have a quick & dirty fix for Secure Mode up. Could you try it again?

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