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@mayfirst now offers memberships for just personal could services.

How can I be more ?
So far, I have credit union, grocer, and, of course, social.coop. Is there more? I'm hooked.

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@lucaconti the story will change a bit in August, when FF is the first to launch native support in their mainstream version.

US DHS narrows focus of counter #terrorism grants program, turns blind eye to White Supremacist, ethnonationalist terrorists reuters.com/article/us-usa-ext

@animeirl @Elizafox Number of seconds (!) the electricity consumed by 1 VISA transaction could power 1 U.S. household: 19

Number of days (!) the electricity consumed by 1 Bitcoin transaction could power 1 U.S. household: 4.75


This mini experience visualizes the water requirements for production of different foods. Try it on your phone! Just move your phone to point at the foods

maxkolyanov.github.io/water-wa social.coop/media/z5uHvFrfO2Os

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#introduction I'm new here, so hi everyone! I'd like to use my first or so toot to tell you about the conflict in the container terminal in Gothenburg, Sweden. The dockworkers union is under heavy attack from both the so called left wing government and from the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise. You can read about the latest development here: hamn.nu/article/2448/

Read about this conflict and give as much support you can to the Swedish Dockworkers Union. Thank you.

@Antanicus "Wow, boss, using your method, every single thing we test leads to actionable intelligence within the first 3 cases. So efficient!"
He'll be giving a TED talk soon about how a bird he saw in his commute inspired his new transformative business intelligence model.

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