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Watch my analysis and new job announcement: Towers of Cash - Campaign Finance in the 2018 Election for Governor of IL

Do y’all have opinions about snopes?

If you come to the Skylark for the #bigshouldersmeet on Sunday between 5 and 8, you can pick up one of these cool babies. :flag: :oldstyle: :malort: :flag:

Q: ICE candidate error (bad state)

A: Democrat congressional candidate backtracks on supporting ICE ...

I'm all for the abolishion of the race police, but I'm a little annoyed that now all I get is politics when trying to search for info on WebRTC error messages.

you: sorry, whats that?

me: uhh, well i mean i can't really explain it, just look it up, google is your friend, jus--- *shakes head vigerously* fuck,!!! Google ain't your friend! duck duck go it. go it. duck the fuck outta it. put that question to the duck my friend. Duck it. or go to a library & ask them. say "can you duck this for me" like that. "can you duck this fact to tell me its true". thats what you say now

Excited to share something I worked on with a great team at + — We're freely providing greenhouse gas emissions data derived from our products to help cities complete #GHG inventories and meet sustainability commitments. #GCAS2018

"Satire is meant to ridicule power. If your are laughing at people who are hurting, it's not satire, it's bullying."

Terry Pratchett

"La satire a pour but de ridiculiser le pouvoir. Si vous vous moquez des gens qui sont déjà blessés, ce n'est pas de la satire, c'est du harcèlement."

Current status: updating a talk on mobile browser capabilities and user experience.
Expect some links about PWAs, APIs and other cool stuff in the next hours/ days :D

this video presentation richard dawkins made about memes changed my life, please god watch it. it's 500 times better than you could ever expect

Just checked back in after an intense work week. I haven't succeeded in puzzling out what happened in, but this seems likely to be relevant

@andreas we just did something fun with Qualtrics: embedding VR data visualizations in a survey as iframes for a study. Participants see a 2d projection right in the survey and can enter immersive mode on Vive, Rift, or WindowsMR via WebXR.

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