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@ubik Try the PWA, just visit your instance in Chrome browser and do Menu->Add to home screen. Has a nice fullscreen view, notifications, and even a share button on Android (in you enable experimental feautres in Chrome)

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Hi Fediverse, Happy to have joined. Long overdue!


That means there’s vast room for improvement. So many stories to tell investors! An escalation of "big data", personalisation, profiling and targeting - otherwise called surveillance.

Over 20 years in, we should see that our current model is bad, broken, and corrosive.

One simple way forward is to pay for services that protect users’ privacy.

Excerpts from "The Internet's Original Sin"

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@nev I had to read up on this because it sounded so insane. Here's another good one for your
collection (and not encouraging for your future meals)

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@Gargron he tries to present himself as an impartial judge of the forces driving Mastodon adoption, but data privacy, advertisement, and attention grabbing manipulation never came up? Suspicious

@bunnylip nice of wind farms (blue) and wind farm equipment manufacturing (red). East and West working together

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Wind turbines are all across the prairie and the mississippi river basin, like a great barrier between East and West. Cool map, enjoy clicking and learning.

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This is funny to read after confusedly scrolling backwards through time past all the screenshots. I think know which path you chose

Hello, I'm Joshua, I write a lot of code and I'm current building my own operating system. Also a socialist.

@noelle openEMR is great. We're about to launch an educational simulation for Dietitians in training that is primary a Unity engine game and links to an openEMR instance in the browser for the medical record activities.

Hey, a friend just did a cool thing, go check it out:

"OpenEMR, the most popular open source electronic health records (EHR) and medical practice management solution, upgraded their cloud-services capability with the latest release. OpenEMR can now be operated as an out of the box cloud-services solution using Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform."


The BBC made a Syrian Refugee "Oregon Trail" like game, and it's just as brutal

The popular Immediately Invoked Function Expression (IIFE) pattern for closure creation in also works in , but I'm a bit iffy on whether to spread this fact about a language I usually praise for its expressiveness

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My latest piece of #art is called 'Planet 5' and has been build with cellular automaton !art https://gnusocial.ch/attachment/276204
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