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RT @RevanAthame Someone at the New York Times is obsessed with Chelsea Manning πŸ™„ t.co/9aOcMd7xZi

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"[The capitalist] doesn’t ask these questions because [the capitalist] (and most of IT culture for that matter) doesn’t care about your well-being. Only the work you produce, and having their liabilities limited, in the event they have to fire you."

@schestowitz It doesn't seem deranged to me. She has been consistently advocating war with Russia since the beginning of her campaign. First primary debate: named Russia as #1 international threat. Foreign policy primary debate: outlined plan for Syrian no-fly zone (AKA attack Russian military planes, the only fliers over Syria at the time).

It's not a lack if sanity or consistency; it's a calculated plan of misanthropy

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Please, I need some advice. What non-intrusive-corporation alternatives to Google Docs I could use if I want to share documents and compose them collaboratively online?


"the goal of every venture-backed company is to increase usage by some metric end over end over until the people who gave you that startup capital get their payday.
#Twitter never saw #Trump as a problem, because they saw him as the solution…Where does your responsibility lie?"

β€œOne person’s history of Twitter, from beginning to end” by Mike Monteiro

medium.com/@monteiro/one-perso ecodigital.social/media/6Z1-f4

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Jeremy Corbyn suggests 'gig economy' should be replaced by cooperatives

"Corbyn suggested "gig economy" firms like ride-hailing service Uber or food delivery firm Deliveroo could be replaced by co-operatives, in which drivers collectively set pay and conditions and share or reinvest the profits from their work.

He vowed that a Labour Government would promote cooperative groups with the aim of doubling the size of the sector."


Labours subreddits most upvoted post today

@zaccolley @musicmatze meh. I tried it. Much prefer the mobile Web app. Can't remember exactly why cause I was trying several apps at the time. I think maybe it was Twidere that couldn't show animated profile pics. Maybe it's better now, but I'm happy to have one less thing installed and to always get the full Mastodon experience

so the web app for mastodon is better than the android app, pretty exciting shit really


>Mediassociates built a model based on a basic rule of thumb of digital advertising, which is that 1 out of 2,000 people (or 0.05%) who view an ad will respond or take action on the message.

That analysis is complete bullshit. It is absurd to take a digital marketing rule of thumb and assume it applies to changing votes without a scrap of evidence.

@noelle after learning the target of your announcement I would like to retract my previous pleasantries. I can now see why your instance felt it necessary to put on a charade rather than be honest about the decision, as nobody would buy it had you just named the instance in question. Good day

@noelle I do wish you well in ridding yourself of authoritarians of all stripes. I overreacted because those 3 words "the authoritarian left" are used as a pejorative against people like me, who are deeply libertarian-left by any objective measure, in a deliberate false equivalency campaign to de-legitimize our movement by equating our causes like "healthcare for all people" with authoritarian right causes like "subjugation of other races"

@noelle @interlinked I've followed you for awhile, so I know you're too smart to actually be confused about the distinction between "X doesn't exist as a political movement" and "X doesn't exist as a dead philosophy."

That's so weird, the announcement named specific political orientations that we're banned. Now you're saying it was really about individual posters. If that's so, why put on the charade about it being about ideology?

@noelle @interlinked I'm not trying to say the authoritarian leftism never existed. You're certainly right about the historical existence of Stalinists. However, analysis shows that's about as relevant today as the Whig party. Unlike the authoritarian right, which has ample entries in the
extremes, there is a clear lack of any presence deep in the authoritarian left in recent elections worldwide social.coop/media/sITnmT2oiEHe social.coop/media/C2fqiOuEZiEt social.coop/media/bb_blH_yynsg social.coop/media/k3oKkjivyDJ2

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And their rule banning support for any and all armed revolts? That's some extremist centrism. You all know I argue for non violent direct action as described and practiced by Dr. King, but I would not want to be in the radical position of opposing all theoretical armed revolts. In the wrong place and time, holding that position would place one in support of the American slaver confederacy, Nazi Germany, et cetera.

Of course the real motivation, and why the claims of the existence of an "authoritarian left" are so irresistible​ to many libertarians, is cognitive dissonance. Rather than face the uncomfortable questions of why libertarian philosophy, despite respectable underpinnings, is so often found in practice intertwined with misogyny, white supremacy, and reckless environmental destruction for profit, it is easier to rationalize the problem by away by pretending the same problem exists on the left.

@interlinked "authoritarian left" as far as I can tell a is a bogey man invented by Reason mag to bait clicks. They post 4 articles in 4 days saying that's the cause of a distasteful speaker's cancellation, but 0 articles when court documents later reveal the real cause was that the lecture hall was never properly requested.