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Looking up from inside an abandoned smelting furnace in the woods in rural PA

"America chose to pursue a trade policy that prioritized the interests of capital over the interests of American workers" - Elizabeth Warren's "Economic Patriotism" plan.

I continue to be perplexed by "proud xapitalist" Liz Warren putting out bills and plans with sickening titles yet packed with actual and class consciousness

Lol at all the libs wagging their fingers at while the whole planet cooks in a stew of capitalist disinformation and denial

@datatitian I support this motion if only because we need to reclaim "the feds" as a name and this is a good stepping stone to that.

A candidate calling for an actual reckoning for America with its white supremacists past and present, plus lots of beautiful landscape shots from my home state,
10/10 will watch again

What's the word for denizens of the fediverse? Fedies?

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πŸ…±οΈased πŸ…±οΈee πŸ…±οΈollectivism


Tenant's Councils in every building to vote on matters relating to the management of the building

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@datatitian Treated as equals, with full youth liberation. Definitely abolish families though. I haven't read The Dispossessed yet. It's on my list. I think kids should definitely be able to choose who they befriend or live with.

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