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I took the cloth simulation demo from the CANNON.js physics engine and put it into with my super-hands interactivity library. I don't think anyone's ever made it possible to play with a cloth simulation like this before.
Try it out in with , , or : good-freezer.glitch.me

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The community of components for is so rich you can now make cross-platform escape the room games with just HTML tags and no custom JavaScript!
Try it: wide-cream.glitch.me/
Source code: glitch.com/edit/#!/wide-cream


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Hey wow my web push notifications just started working again all of a sudden. Neat!

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Hey America peeps! Sign up on healthcare.gov there's only a few days left! If you got low income you could get a credit that reduces your monthly premium significantly!

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@datatitian I like! I grow ours by stealing Douglas firs from where they have sprouted along roads and are in danger from mowing machines and planting them along our street's right of way -- if they grow up they'll hit the wires, so each year I top the last four years' growth from one and bring it in and that's the tree. What's left shelters us from the traffic and regrows another "tree."

One of my favorite things about development is the blank slate for user interface design. There are no standards or expectations in a new medium. Here, I'm re-imagining the select list (drop-down) in way that would have made Bob Barker proud


Deb likes Christmas trees, and I like alternative modes of transportation, so our compromise is this annual tradition of bringing a tree home on foot. Moved this year, but still found a lot 1 mile away. Grateful for the 's density

Watch Pink Floyd's "Mother" re-imagined as a criticism of current U.S. Politics by Amanda Fucking Palmer

"We need to think about #publicservices in a new way… take full advantage of the internet and de-silo their #datasets… giving back to the general population the data produced in #socialmedia and other cloud services, instead of just monetizing it for marketing purposes" @plevy
#Government as #platform
#opendata #openprotocols

Great lakes Christmas ale plus our annual viewing of Will Ferrel's Elf

Honestly I probably could have skipped my whole "why I'm leaving Twitter" blog post and just posted this comic instead. (source: listen-tome.com/wasted-hours/) toot.cafe/media/APuvNvSDKV4yyu

Last chance to voice your opinion on the function of ambassador bots. Poll closes in 2 hours