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Ok this was a shit post at first, but now I think this idea has legs. Federation helps connect all the disparate worlds on the web now, profiles solve the problem of having a persistent identity (avatar, inventory, et c), and followers/messages/notifications help you find people throughout the to meet up

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What does it mean to be a ? It means we answer to our community of immersers and creators; not investors. And this isn't just a platitude, members have rights in our bylaws. Let's make the democratic. Join the @immersspace co-op today:

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Oh wow it's a video of the origin of the quote in my bio. I had no idea this existed. Thanks, @ike. What a treasure she was and will always be.

Seen in that light, Adam Neumann is the perfect leader for this business. Wework was sold as a platform for other businesses to run on. Flowcarbon is a scam that is also a platform for scams - scams that roast the planet and bankrupt desperate retail investors, who naively assume that what's good for A16Z is good for them.



Lorie Shaull

CC BY-SA 2.0:


Fair use:



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this is how you obfuscate screenshots btw, there are ui fonts, in this case flow circular

hi, I'm Tom Selleck, and I'm here to talk to you about how a reverse morbius could be right for you

Just placed a hold with a 3 month wait on the ebook version of an audiobook I recently finished so that I can get a screenshot of a passage in order to make a meme for you.

You're welcome

I got to see Angela Davis speak last night. It was encouraging to be reminded that people have fought against injustice for a long time, a reminder of tradition and progress, or lack there of

At one point someone asked "with the recent turning back of the clock... has anything really changed" and she said "both nothing has changed, and everything has changed" - that we should have space for the paradox to exist. I felt conflicted, but related to that feeling so much

#anarchism #anticapitalism

Morning thought: Version 5 of the actual Web will be our personal area networks, store and forward meshed as our foraging teams pass within radio range.

South African emerald prince has a bad day 

Imagine being the guy that bought $2.5 billion in social media stocks right at the peak before the bubble burst.

A real business genius here

EU poised to break Apple's monopoly on browser engines allowed on iOS

You ever wonder why every Web-first app eventually caves and builds an iOS app (cough cough Mastodon cough)? It's because Apple abuses its power in order to keep the latest features out of web browsers on iOS and force users into their app store instead whey they can take their cut of sales.

Spouse: Are you going to come to bed or are you going to stay up making inane toots for the next hour?

Attention: if you or a loved one used the internet from 2012 to 2016 and were exposed to dank vines, you may be entitled to financial compensation

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