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"Bezos is so rich because he's a master of logistics," they say, as the third Amazon driver in 2 hours interrupts my evening with a jarring buzz on the intercom, even though I haven't ordered from them in 3 years

are such a powerful source of class consciousness. Visited a Teachers Union rally today and every speaker was talking in terms that just assumed the truth of class struggle and the power of worker solidarity to win that struggle.

Wish we talked that way in tech more often.

can anybody tell me which credit card is woke

Imagine for a moment a society actually designed to convenience us, not one designed to extract wealth. Imagine a society actually designed to work in a sustainable way. Imagine a better way.

Pizza slinging pies at a party hosted by a construction worker in . Sunny and above 60F, so felt like the real start of summer... ๐ŸŒ„

I actually received a positive response from contacting my representative today. That has never happened. The feeling of actually being represented and that there might be some hope to spare our comrades in from another American capitalist led massacre brought a tear to my eye. Shout out to Chuy Garcia of IL4

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