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@ImmersSpace is an federated social network for the and where we give creators control over their income, give users ownership of their data, and put the community in charge

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Oh wow it's a video of the origin of the quote in my bio. I had no idea this existed. Thanks, @ike. What a treasure she was and will always be.

chicago politics, racism 

I've devoted a lot of time to understanding the criminal punishment system in an effort to destroy it and replace it with better things, and I still come across brain-breaking sentences sometimes.

In a city that is 50% white and 30% Black,
"Just 3.5% of the approximately 5,500 residential search warrants served by Chicago police officers between 2017 and 2020 targeted white Chicagoans, according to the report from the inspector general’s office."

I have convinced Deb that Aleister is an appropriate middle name for the baby. I've dreamt of this day for years, but I never expected it to actually happen

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Aleister Crowley, the first and greatest failson

@activitypub I still get surprised every time a Mastodon post shows up in my Immers Space feed 😁

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Hey cooperators, look who I got to introduce to the metaverse today via my alter-ego @datatitian 🤩

US FINALLY shamed into backing vaccine waivers, & their pharma megacorp shares plummet. If it wasn't for China and Russia & other counter-hegemon embarrassing the West by waiving IP rights early & getting vaccines to poorer countries, US would've kept letting millions die of covid in Global South for CEO billions.

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Mi agradecimiento a nuestro hermano y amigo Steven Seagal, quien me ha sorprendido con un bonito obsequio, una Espada Samurái, símbolo de liderazgo. La recibí con mucha emoción de parte de un gran maestro y experto en artes marciales. ¡Qué Gran Honor!

Complacido de recibir la grata visita del actor estadounidense, Steven Seagal. Sin duda alguna, Steven no es solo uno de los grandes del cine, también, es un dedicado luchador por la Paz de los pueblos. ¡Bienvenido!

oh. no. i'm afraid your nerd child has contracted mathlete's foot

hey all, here's a new computer thing I made! it's called the Nonsense Laboratory, and it's a series of weird little tools for manipulating the spelling and sound of words with machine learning:

it's part of a series of projects launched yesterday showing the outcomes of the Artists + Machine Intelligence grant program, which you can learn more about here:

Does this make sense? Trying to explain that we store only an SHA256 hash of user email addresses so we can verify ownership of the account when a password reset is requested (with the e-mail address re-entered at that time)

Hey immersive web folks,

Running a one-day event about all of WebXR development is somewhat impossible because there's so much going on.

I'm hosting an open town hall *this Sunday* to discuss which topics and voices should to be heard in the WebXR Developer Summit on May 25th.

Sucks that crytpo has completely co-opted the term "decentralized"

Guess I'll just only use "federated" from now on for discussing @activitypub

@sl007 thank you Sebi for getting me looped into that session!

Just the worker-owners of working out some of the last details of our governance structure with our 3D & brainstorming tools

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