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"We should delicately and subtly undermine the idea that truth and facts are possible in the first place. Once people have become doubtful about the truth of anything, all kinds of things are open to us."
I am so impressed with how Pullman has, with the 20 year gap since the Golden Compass / , seamlessly updated the themes of his work to deal with today's pressing issues in The Secret Commonwealth.

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Oh wow it's a video of the origin of the quote in my bio. I had no idea this existed. Thanks, @ike. What a treasure she was and will always be.

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marxist leninist men loving marxist leninist men

They said it will be up at this link for replay afterwards for 1 week

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Anarchist in the streets
MLM in the sheets

Don't @ me. I did NOT think this through

Tanya from Trillbillies posted this picture with links for donations, some of which go to the protestors and organizers

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There are many recurring riffs in Ruben Bolling's long-running, award-winning Tom the Dancing Bug strip, but my favorite by far are his riffs on Richard Scarry's Busytown, which work both as at-a-glance laughs and also contain numerous tiny jabs that reward close attention.

Today's strip, "Richard Scarry's Busy, Busy Day in Trump's America," is a great example of the form:


does our relationship to allow for our members (me) to host other platform cooperative projects ( there? @wu_lee @nicksellen

My website is "responsive" and "mobile friendly" now

i need to add a low quality button and a description blurb but that is i think most of the web dev out of the way, i just need to add the rest of the content

Check it out @ and let me know how severely it is busted

Peak liberalism 

Since you're here, check out my soundcloud:
It's the but powered by , the same decentralized tech as Mastodon

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