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Watch my analysis and new job announcement: Towers of Cash - Campaign Finance in the 2018 Election for Governor of IL

Today’s “sharing” economy resembles the “sharecropping” of yesteryear, with the serfs responding to a smartphone prompt rather than an overseer’s command.
As quixotic as the European Neo-Luddism might be, it does make for a pleasant place to live. One of the most refreshing things about living in Europe (or small towns in the rural US) is knowing that the poor aren’t condemned to a completely separate, and inferior, life.

takes on extreme centrist false equivalency regarding Mexican president-elect

For WaPo, Subsidizing Bus Fare Is a Lot Like Giving the Rich $5 Trillion


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The people of an insurgent worker's democracy will no longer live under capitalism. They won't live under any system but instead will live over socialism.

Capitalists merely risk some of their wealth whereas workers take a guaranteed loss in hours of their lives

Hey @SocialCoop friends, anyone else noticing their home stream frozen since ~19h ago? :/ Local timeline looks OK, and I've received notifications from as recently as 3h ago, it's just the "Home" stream that's frozen..

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Visit to scene of 2017 Clearwater fire in 2018 confirms reports that many trees and much groundcover survived the flames and recovery, other things being equal, should be relatively swift. PhotosPosing with snow by Tom Titus. There was a lot of smoke in the area, from more than 100K acres of new June fires on the other side of Mt. Jeff. inciweb.nwcg.gov/

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