After all the negative attention, SQLite community decided to adopt the "Mozilla Community Participation Guidelines" for their CoC.

@cstanhope That's good, I guess... but it's still the same people who thought the previous one was funny and a good idea, so I can't see them actually sticking to it.

I'd rather they be honest about their intentions than put up a CoC to stop getting yelled at.

(And I wish people would stop yelling at orgs that don't want to put up a good CoC! That's not how it works!)

@varx If you follow the link to the now code of ethics, you'll see this:

'However, we subsequently learned that "Code of Conduct" has a specific technical meaning within many software development communities, a meaning which was at odds with the intent of this document.'

I'm willing to accept these statements at face value. It seems they are genuinely trying. It's a learning process, and we're all at different places. But I understand being cautious.

@cstanhope Ah, that's good to hear, indeed! This is better than I thought. :-)

@cstanhope Also, I'm a little embarrassed at having accepted at face value the framing of "founder thinks it's funny" that I saw people using around here; it sounds like the SQLite founder sincerely believes in that code of ethics and was maybe even caught off guard by people fussing at them.

@varx It's easy to get caught up, and we're all busy. When I originally saw that CoC months ago, my first reaction was that it was flippant, but after looking into it, I realized it was sincere but missing the point. :/

@cstanhope the now 'code of ethics' has an error in which he refers to 'principals' instead of principles.

it's always a good sign when you have to write " While we are not doing so in reaction to any current or ongoing issues" makes me immediately think it is reactionary, the explanation is so BS.

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