Startup Lessons from @meltheadorable

1. start with a core group of collaborators, deliberately chosen, not all white men
2. have social infrastructure for handling conflict & abuse before launch, including published CoC
3. grow core user base deliberately, in small groups, & tap more diverse networks to combat network effects
4. have all skills & resources needed to maintain organization from the start, focus on sustainability
5. one of core collaborators is an experienced community manager


6. Don't force out your most skilled, dedicated, loyal, and hard working servant. Don't insult them and devalue them periodically.

7. Let women lead.

8. Don't appease Nazis.

9. Don't appease Nazis.

10. Let women lead.

11. Let women lead.

12. Don't appease Nazis.


@Matt_Noyes Everything else was debatable. But this is the bare minimum.

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