*Twitter's Latest Rules for Fighting Hate and Abuse*

Al lot of blablabla and actually I don't care about that capitalist human silo, but:

"Violent groups (new)
…At a high level, we will take enforcement action against organizations that use/have historically used violence as a means to advance their cause. …""

So besides the usual suspects (nazi's/alt-right) the military, the police, the meat industry and of course all *states*, should be banned from #Twitter! 😂

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What stands out for me in Monteiro's article is the exposure of the fact that #Twitter and other corps hold no ethical ground to be arbiters of a global arena for public speech.

If #Trump can freely threaten a whole nation tweeting that maybe "they won't be around much longer", what else can you define as bullying?

What he calls "original sin of Silicon Valley" is the result of the venture capital model: there are no core principles above user growth.

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A couple days in and I have to say the only thing #mastodon is lacking that #twitter has is a bunch of people I really like

and @ksonney is here so there's an okay chance Ursula Vernon at least will show up (or is here already and I haven't found her- red wombat is her thing after all)

I'm here because #Twitter staff has made it abundantly clear they have no problem with Nazis but many problems with outspoken women, and I suspect others showed up recently for the same reason.

Using some software we wrote for #techrights (IRC channels especially) we can now see #twitter in real time with alerts, & without the bloat

Still On My Blog: Remind people about your great content using social networks with Remindr #Twitter #Mastodon

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"the goal of every venture-backed company is to increase usage by some metric end over end over until the people who gave you that startup capital get their payday.
#Twitter never saw #Trump as a problem, because they saw him as the solution…Where does your responsibility lie?"

“One person’s history of Twitter, from beginning to end” by Mike Monteiro

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#twitter is a platform where not only are Nazis tolerated; some have received a "verified" blue tick and make nuclear threats to intimidate