Exciting work is being done by Pavan Karthik as part of for support in . If you are interested, there is a list of issues to monitor:

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Si vous saviez le plaisir que j'ai à utiliser #Thunderbird de #Mozilla, un vrai bonheur !

J'ai dans une seule interface mes mails, mes calendriers, mes contacts, mes flux RSS. 📬 📅

Alors oui il n'est pas parfait, il manquerai certaines fonctionnalités et il est assez pauvre en modules.

Mais ce qu'il fait, il le fait bien. Et c'est tout ce qui compte pour moi.

Ah, et pour faire un petit don >

Wow #Fedora's software build team is really slow. 14 hours ago their last build finished (and failed) and nothing happened since then. 😒
I wouldn't care if it wasn't a security update.
#mozilla #thunderbird

Update your Thunderbird! 3 critical and 10 high severity vulnerablities patched in the new version 52.3. App can crash and in worst case execute malicious code.
#infosec #mozilla #thunderbird #update

There is a stupid bug in #Thunderbird where if you have two "sent" folder (for two identities) it won't put them at the top anymore.

I set up #Thunderbird for the first time in many years recently, and was a little disheartened at how difficult and clunky I found it to just explicitly tell the damn thing my server settings, instead of trying to use its auto-magic setting detector.
Ever heard of #Thunderbird? Or the GNOME groupware client Evolution? .) All !fs, all wonderful.

why are you being like this, #thunderbird ? You were okay with #OAuth yesterday

i'm looking for a desktop #mail client. wants:

- #libre licensing, runs on #linux
- tagging of messages, gmail-style (where many tags can be applied to messages, only one copy of message need exist)
- relatively sane search

thoughts? (i'm aware of #mutt, #thunderbird, #evolution, #kmail. may try #mailpile. anything else?)

Vous voulez un chouette thème pour votre client courriel #Thunderbird (what else?)

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