"The raids took place on Wednesday in the cities of , Gdańsk, Łódź and Zielona Góra. They targeted two organisations, the Women’s Rights Centre and Baba, which help victims of domestic violence and participated in this week’s anti-government ."

This is what a looks like, in case you didn't know.

is distinguished by its insistence that the underlying problem with society is our . and the not only cause extraordinary material suffering and , they also rob us of the ability to play a meaningful role in our own lives and communities .cultivate the new society within the shell of the old by eroding the state’s popular legitimacy and dissolving its power into face-to-face people’s assemblies and confederations

An interesting observation about #Mastodon is that, while it is apparently dominated by people believing in #socialism and #communism, to combat issues with social networks they employ means typical to #capitalism, i.e. #decentralization, voluntary interactions and #self-action. A typical #statism believer would rather advocate that the #state should use force to make #Twitter and #Facebook, being some kind of a public property to him, obey policies he deems valuable.


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There is a magic #moneytree…in fact there are two

Both the #state and the #banks can create #money out of thin air.

The magic money tree of the banks is far more de-stabilising than the magic money tree of the state. Unlike state magic money which can be created free of debt, bank magic money always has to be repaid with interest.

Yeah, if people paid more attention to Italian, Spanish, and other #fascists, they'd immediately recognise that #fascism is the norm and a natural outcome for a #capitalist #state.
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