#ICP are an RIAA band = I don't like them.
But injustice is injustice & their fans rights are being infringed. #solidarity #woopwoop

society we're living in has formed narratives harming us.

Let's deconstruct some:

#anarchy doesn't mean #chaos
#solidarity doesn't mean #charity
#freedom doesn't mean #indipendence
#communism doesn't mean #marxism

#freespeache doesn't mean #harassm
#border doesn't mean #wall
#capitalism doesn't mean 1%

#fediverse doesn't mean #mastodon

#rich doesn't mean wealthy
#work doesn't mean slavery

What else?

I see Barcelona mentioned a lot on my instance ( Wondering if anyone will actually be there and free on Friday 6th October?

I'm there after presenting at a conference and will just be sightseeing if anyone fancies meeting up.

"Several anti-police messages found scrawled in Bay Shore" Bayshore is just a segregated as any white only town on Long Island, I'm fortunate to live in one of those whites only neighborhoods. But still segregated from society as a black man from the time when I was a boy to now. #Solidarity to anyone that takes up a clean wall and voices the oppressed. #FTP #FTTP

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uspol, Democratic Socialists of America 🌹 Show more

I don't have you to tell by now about #Trump's latest dictatorial act about #Dreamhost and And yes this an attack on all radical activists, antifascists and anarchists, worldwide! #Solidarity!

But what I don't understand, is why hosting an anti-Trump website in the US? Is it not 1000 times better to host and register this abroad?

Let's learn from this dear US comrades. And for the non-US comrades: offer them technical help if needed.

Very satisfied with the anti-fascist demonstration this evening in Amsterdam. All in solidarity with Heather Heyer and the other anti-fascist in the US. Many anarchists (known and unknown) and other anti-fascists.

See this Dutch article for some photo's. I was to busy demonstrating for making pictures.

#antifa #amsterdam #charlottesvile #antifascism #heatherheyer #solidarity

You're or know someone interested in military service?
Being in #solidarity with those being tricked with false promises during the recruitment. Support them being listend.
War is trauma. Listen to their stories before war mashinery eats your soul.

Join or build GI-cafes. Host workshops.
And you're around veterans being supportive with transgender ppl.

If there is more then we need,
sharing is not a generous act it's our duty.
And if there is less then we/one needs, then is #sharing the evolutionary act of surviving as #humanity.
#solidarityNetwork #solidarity


"In this report, Nembhard lays out the vision for a 21st century Cooperative Commonwealth characterised by interlocking ownership and solidarity structures."

The basic principles of #anarchosyndicalism are #solidarity, #directaction (action undertaken without the intervention of third parties such as politicians, bureaucrats, and arbitrators) and #directdemocracy, or workers' self-management. The end goal of anarcho-syndicalism is to abolish the wage system, regarding it as #wageslavery. Anarcho-syndicalist theory therefore generally focuses on the labour movement.


We can speak about #inequality, writing an emotional toot how bad it is and that it really needs to change...

...and we also can think of how to overcome it.

Within mastodon people from around the world in all sorts of different economic situations are here

We are the once able to overcome inequality If we act in #solidarity.

We have learned enough to know how bad inequality is.
Let's bring us through the #fediverse closer to #equality.





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The garbage collectors at RenoNorden that have been on wildcat strike since July 4 in Stockholm quit their jobs this morning, after holding a vote.

Same day the employees at competitor Liselotte Lööf decided to go on sympathy strike.

"Thus all of Stockholm stands without garbage collection until the conflict is resolved" wrote the local union representative at RenoNorden.


#Solidarity FTW!

I kind of want to port my twitter bot to here. Today, it posted '#Communists are amazingly great! #solidarity'
What a nice bot!!

let's form #solidarity #Networks!

- to not deal alone with problems
- to support each other
- to increase our possibilities
- to break the logic of capitalism
- to share what we can
- to take what we need
- to maintain resources as commons

...because we're not here to reproduce the status quo

And it's all just a question of will and organisation.

How about kicking one off through mastodon?

toot, toot, boost

join/read here: