Closing my , I am also in the publishing business. I write books about (in Italian), 13 so far with .

I like to for business and pleasure. I love modern and . I like to read and

More to come πŸ˜‰

I have many interests ☺️I like to spread news about and . I am and I live in . I work as a consultant. I also teach at Milano-Bicocca University and I interested in . I love as a medium and I have one called about finding the right balance in the use of daily . It's like without the detox. I am curious of

People using hash tags to document the lives of their loved ones (babies, pets, etc) is cute, but also a bit tragic when it happens on servers owned by a mega corp.


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"move the discussions"

The discussions are a key point of value and knowledge production on . When you have them on Twitter or Facebook, you are allowing that value to be captured and used to further ensnare you. When you move it to a non-extractive platform, you are taking that value and power back...

@kimiwei @mayel You got it!

You are on the of the platform, which allows for connection to other platforms in the broader , like ... :)

@mayel @kimiwei apparently the app has support for as well, so there's some choice. Yay non-monopolized environment... 😁

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@ghost @sargoth I've been focusing my recruiting for on the community, which has been rumbling about a platform for the last few years.

I think the will be less about convincing atomized individuals to move, and more about preexisting communities committing their to new comms infrastructure for their members. This is where is succeeding where choked.

@mayel Glad you found it interesting; so many ideas that used to be hypothetical conjectures are now core tensions in our contemporary struggles over the media environment in the age ( , , , etc.). Any particular insights that especially resonated with you?

I'm thinking of scheduling a night for viewing and discussion at my soon... πŸ€“

The subjective experience of shifting time and attention from corporate to over the past few weeks recalled for me the idea of the . I'd read the original talk years ago, and when I googled it I stumbled on this talk by from 2015.

Super interesting: