There is a need for a variety of #filtering options inside #Mastodon (and its various clients).

- search limited to own posts
- search within follower's posts
- search within users I follow's posts
- list of OWN posts using particular hashtag(s)
- list of posts by my followers using particular hashtag(s)
- list of posts by people I follow, using particular hashtag(s)

Maybe they can be added as a new column with their own "menu button"?

For reference: get inspired by how #Tweetdeck does this, and go beyond..!

Mastodon should at the very least not offer less such functionality than Tweetdeck (and the rest of its competitors on other platforms). (And not more complex to find and use either.)


Btw, our #TwitterKiller function of 500+ characters:
- Client software must STOP imposing a limit and use each instance's setting!

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Does "follower(s)" / "following" make any practical sense anymore?

An account with less than 50% MORE followerS than it itself is followING, indicates that not significantly many finds what that account is posting or retweeting sufficiently interesting...

- An account that follows very many others, are at the same time clearly demonstrating that it does in fact attention-wise NOT FOLLOW many of them, as its own "home" page "stream" simply would be unmanageable (far too busy/fast).

Research indicate a practical "limitation" in that any person may not be able to take care of more than roughly 150 people in his/her network before time constraints are causing most of them to be (and feel) neglected.

Being young in this game, #Mastodon has the opportunity to redefine (or: refine) the scope of "followers", and introduce another dimension to handle those that are "beyond the active network" in a practical way.

Want a #TwitterKiller..?


#CMXzone is a #community (under planning) for #CMS distributions maintenance.

A #distribution is a pre-configured system setup for a specific purpose.

This #qommunity will initially maintain the following:

1. A professional blog with #socialMedia integration (read: #onetomany), based on Drupal7/#BackdropCMS

2. Similar to 1a, but #Wordpress based.

2. A community solution

3. A news #syndication hub with #moderation / collaboration features & #TaxonomyCuration


Some called is claiming to be the "First People-Owned Company". Which is strange, since I seem to be writing this toot on the instance, but I might be hallucinating.

If you want to help drag their @$$es on , RT this thread:

A very interesting element here at is "#Jabber" support:

From ..:

"- Your account is also a #XMPP account ( Federated #InstantMessaging, take a look online to find a client and use your username and password to configure it ). Woohoo! two services in one!"

Can then use that same login with #Xabber to get #OTR end-to-end #encryption.


My favorite protocol is #UTP because it stands for #Urine, #Tinkle, and #Piss.

#Instagram is the best #socialmedia because it's the place I go when I need small quantities of drugs right now.

Jetez-vous à l'eau ! Rejoignez l'équipe #SocialMedia d'ARTE ! 💦
Pour postuler au #stage c'est par ici 👉…

I suspect that if one posts a review of a product and they include a hashtag of the company that produced it, there is a higher probability that they are consuming it conspicuously, so their review of the product may be less an appraisal of the nature of the product than one who reads product reviews might hope to learn about from reviews. #marketing #socialmedia

Starts off funny, but it ends up being a serious video, yet goes to show the unintended consequences of technology. Don't let your device become your leash.

#phones #socialmedia #sickness

@msk @simonv3 @jd The supreme court is pretty clear about this. See Packingham v. North Carolina (June 19, 2017).

While in the past there may have been difficulty in indentifiying the most important places (in a spatial sensse) for the exchange of views, today the answer is clear. It is cyberspace – the "was democratic forums of the Internet" … , and social media in particular. #public #socialmedia

Now, Mastodon is a great alternative to twitter - but are there other great Open Source Alternatives to Google, Facebook, Youtube, etc as well?

One I like is Diaspora* as a 'Facebook replacement'. It really has all I need and no ads! :-D
What I would love to discover is an alternative to Youtube. But I haven't found one yet.

Which great alternatives to commercial services do you know?
Let's collect them! :-)

#FOSS #Youtube #Twitter #Facebook #Socialmedia #freedom #privacy

How did the world ever work without Facebook? Debian Developer and FSFE Fellow Daniel Pocock rejects any Facebook or Twitter usage, but takes a rather critical stance toward Diaspora and other free networks, too. #socialmedia #fsfe #debian Via :

#Rule 0 of Social media:
The site is not your personal army.

#socialmedia #ettiquette


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