Advertising became the default business model on the web, its entire economic foundation, because it was the easiest model for a web startup to implement, and the easiest to market to investors.

Very few sites make any real money from advertising. Most startups use advertising in a different way. Their revenue source is "investor storytime".

Most online ads aren’t worth very much. Of course, that's a feature not a bug...


For capital campaigns (member loans, etc.), what are good rules of thumb for interest-rate setting?

I think setting the rate floor at what your local loan-fund CDFI (like the Fund of New England) is paying on their social investment notes (currently 2%) is one thing that makes sense.

@J12t collectively emergent from the campaign and the larger milieu, I'd say.

"? Doing It For Ourselves on !"

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Hi everyone, I just joined as a paying member. I'm the founder and Executive Director of, a solutions journalism nonprofit that reports on innovations that spread wealth, build civic culture, and help people share resources. Shareable helped catalyze the trend with our coverage. Thank you to everyone that set up I look forward to sharing and learning with you.

Congratulations, , we have bylaws!
😍 😎 πŸ‘

Some called is claiming to be the "First People-Owned Company". Which is strange, since I seem to be writing this toot on the instance, but I might be hallucinating.

If you want to help drag their @$$es on , RT this thread:

First (un?)official meetup in ! Grabbed burgers and 🍻 w/ @datatitian and got some good scheming in...

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Hey - what do people think about 'corporate' (co-ops of course) accounts on (@resonatesupport for instance)

It is normally something I had very mixed views of on

Curious to know people's thoughts.

@datatitian glad to have you with us! :)

Let me know if you encounter issues (I am going to have to set up a support account - so I can get some others to man it with me :P )

Pretty neat that the new @Mastodon version asks you if you wish to create an app icon on your mobile home screen

Idea: replace the default icon for with socialcoop's logo cc @mayel @mattcropp

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Three cheers for @Gargron , @maloki and the rest of the @Mastodon team, for the latest release. It shows when it's a work of love.

Three cheers for @mayel et al for the Mastodon upgrade on .

I really like it.

Since changed their front page in 1.5, I re-did our custom homepage as well

see here:

compared to the old one:

any feedback/suggestions?

And we're updated! You can read about changes here:

Only 1 min of downtime for a change :)

Looking into upgrading to v1.5 – hopefully without (too much) downtime this time around!

Okay, , the draft bylaws are now ready for consideration by the full community in Loomio:

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