The Digilife co-operative just launched. Check it out if you are interested in #privacy #trust #decentralization #equality

Interesting for
#socialcoop people.

My updated opinion on services
(Re: Wiki, Loomio, Mastodon, licencing, etc.)

@gcupc @Stoori

We're discussing adding new services to which may include collaborative document editing. In the meantime you may want to try out some of the solutions for yourself:

- Etherpad / Sandstorm

Hey !

I just posted a proposal about adding services other than Mastodon to our , please check it out and share your thoughts!

@paulfree14 @h

Well, there's also the fact that Trustroots isn't a co-op, although if I'm not mistaken it's fully non-profit and free software? So what I'd recommend is joining as yourself, and then asking what members think (on our Loomio group), firstly whether we want this kind of organisation as members, and then if so, whether members are comfortable with this kind of unofficial account.

@h @williammize

yeah, we're nice but also broke! so it's a potluck, BYO pie :)

BTW you may want to check out instances other than the mothership (, many have their own ethos (such as which is user-owned and governed)

@Matt_Noyes that'll be the goal when I present to them at the conference!

@fabianhjr @Antanicus @mattcropp @mayel @Steve
Here's a full resolution copy of the current iteration with everything put together, in case Mastodon messes it up.

And here's aother with everything put together.
(wiki, favourites, loomio notifications, app launcher, etc)

Sure it looks busy with many active things at once, but users who don't need all of the functions would only see the launcher buttons and nothing else different from vanilla masto.

cc: @Steve @mayel @mattcropp @Antanicus @fabianhjr

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Hi / / / ,

What are your thoughts on ( ) as an alternative to current currencies from an / / perspective?

They say they implement a Relative Theory of Money and it is gaining momentum in France and Belgium.

@mayel @Steve See new mockup including

1) Favs organiser tab

2) Fav drawers in Favs tab

3) Stacked tabs, to economise screen real estat

4) Dragging and dropping a toot into a Fav drawer

5) Old unorganised favs go into the Default Fav drawer

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This may be great news , separate streams for different working groups makes a lot of sense.

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[UPDATE] I forgot to attach this mockup earlier. It shows a maximised Wiki area, in-timeline linking to wiki content, and a count of unread notifications on the Loomio launch icon.

cc: @mayel @Antanicus @mattcropp

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@h @mattcropp @Antanicus

Definitely, this is what I had in mind with the thread I started earlier. There needs to be a way to be in the loop of meta discussions/proposals when logging into our Mastodon instance. We could look at adding content in those empty areas, or introducing some kind of "pinned posts"

Dear Everybody, Here's a idea: Place the Loomio conference calls, general news, and other relevant links as shown in these mockups.
This could help to build community without introducing the friction of having to create the habit of checking Loomio, or learning a few different tools before you're capable of becoming a good SocialCoop citizen.
See attached pictures.

cc: @Antanicus @mayel @mattcropp

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I was out fishing so I couldn't get into Hangouts without disclosing my real name. Sorry people. Didn't even catch anything.

Hey , it would be really cool to set up an bot. ¿What do you all think?