Great little explainer podcast feat. @aral et al.

I think for alone, it is worth considering having with a legal personality in EU. Our at least keep all data in EU.

In this article I write about
& more.

English translation will follow later today

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Is there a meeting tonight at 8pm European time? Link to partecipate? Thanks

@xj9 @mattcropp Awesome then :-) I'm new to mastodon but I'm not new to coops and free software. There's a passive kind of collaboration that's going on with (in addition to other more active and deliberate modes of cooperation), but it's no less important than other cooperative activities. It's important to have a context and a general sense of direction in a space where some common ideas are understood.

@mattcropp Oh I'm so glad you found me on ! Great meeting you too. moderation policy Show more

@michaelafisher Welcome! Great meeting you at , and looking forward to following your travels through !

@MikeySandmel Hola! Welcome to - love what you guys are doing.

@dvs you might be interested in - we are trying to organise our instance co-operatively with contributions from members (financial and labout).

All democratically governed.

Hoping this experiment yields a positive model for instance sustainability.

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Unexpectedly got to hang out with Mo Manklang of and today in ! Had a good chat over lunch about organizing and how it can better interface with the burgeoning movement. Hoping I can get her on soon!

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happy to share that established co-operative in the UK - the - has announced a Foundation to support co-operative innovation (including ) led by their departing CEO, Vivian Woodell

Vivian is a serious entrepreneur who is clearly innovation and future focused - and gets the importance of the movement (has supported projects already).

And show a bit of love if you are on :

@mayel @samtoland I only have access to some basic stats, but we currently have 243 user accounts on the who've tooted 5,279 times, and we're federated with 669 other .

I check the new user applications 2-3x a day, and I'd say we're averaging about 5 new a day, most of whom I let in as long as they provide a minimum amount of info beyond just user name and email...

Hey @mattcropp and @mayel - any juicy stats to share with us?

Re: new users etc. - starting to see more and more new faces.