and the next #bank about to move it's HQ out of #catalonia

'#CaixaBank holds on Friday a council to remove its registered office in Catalonia.'

Who ever tells you the #referendum is all just about the elites. NO. Social movments with many stakeholders involved are never simple.

If you try to break complicated circumstances into simplified informations, through breaking the complexity you create false results

The funniest part of the whole affair? An unelected official (the Spanish king) saying the vote was un-democratic.

"Witnessing peaceful occupation of school in a bid to allow voting to proceed when it serves as polling station tomorrow"

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via an observer of #catalonia #referendum

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Glop: **Het #referendum is een monster in de handen van populisten om de bevolking te manipuleren**

"Het is wel erg opvallend dat de ultra rechtse populisten voor het referendum zijn. Zij misbruikten al eerder het [door GeenStijl opgezette] referendum over de Ukraïne en maakte toen duidelijk wat het gevaar is. Leugens,…"


More than 140 webs shut down by the police for promoting the #1oct #referendum

3/4 of Spanish riot police is in #catalunya, leaving their cities with people shouting "go get them"

Spanish gov ordered to Catalan police to identify all the responsables of the electoral colleges and has asked to close every electoral college this Friday to make sure that people can't vote on Sunday

800 catalan mayors (from 900) brought to justice for supporting the referendum

All this in a "democratic" country