Wczoraj 5. urodziny obchodził portal DailyArt, który przepięknie popularyzuje sztukę w sieci, a przy okazji jest doskonałym przykładem re-use. Sto lat!

#Polska #Poland #ReUse In an entrance to a tenement house in the centre of Warsaw someone has a small exhibition space and uses it in a funny way for all the passers by to see. These days you can admire this installation :) <3 #warsaw #poland

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Right-wing in attacked a black man in a bar with an . Yes, with a fucking axe. And still I can read comments from liberal/moderate people saying violence is "always wrong" and that one should not advocate . I wish they someday get up close and personal with a bunch of nazi dickheads... I'll get there with a big bucket of popcorn to better enjoy the scene...

I wonder why #bridge was so insanely popular in #Poland before 1989. Maybe like #chess in the #SovietUnion. My mother theorized that popularity of chess was a result of a lack of a proper business environment in a communist state. "Kasparov could have become a CEO of a large enterprise in the west", she was saying.

Trying out Snow Leopard #Vodka from #Poland for the first time. The bottle states that 15% of the profits go to snow leopard conservation. The vodka is very smooth at room temperature, slight citrus note, but the stronger taste is of wheat or grain. Very pleasant indeed.
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According to HappyCow, I live in in the third top #vegan city of the world!!! Finally some news about my country I can be proud of! :) <3 #warsaw #poland

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"Polish Astroturfers Attack… Astroturfing
Coordinated Twitter campaign accuses others of coordination"

Uhm... yeah. /via @czesiekhaker

#Polska #Poland

president Andrzej Duda vetoed two of the three reform bills passed by the . Turns out mass protests in all major (and minor) cities in were effective after all. Now for that third veto, mr. President...

Despite mass protests across the country, and #EU threat to revoke voting rights, #Poland pushing forward on bringing the judiciary to heel

That's it. Unless the president of vetoes the supreme court law that was passed in the parliment earlier today, will cease to be a western democracy after 28 years of freedom.

Jutro (piątek, 21.07) o 11:00 protest pod ambasadą Polski w Sarajewie, Višnjik 20.

#Polska #Poland #WolneSądy #Konstytucja

Polish government is destroying the Supreme Court and separation of powers:

Protest in front of the Polish embassy in Sarajevo. Tomorrow (Friday, July 21), 11:00 CEST, Višnjik 20.

Join us.

#FreeCourts #Poland #Polska

@b9AcE it's all up to the president now. But given his track record (he's been dubbed "the signer" by people as he never vetoes anything) I'm afraid is in for some tough times. My hope is for a notion-wide strike that will bring the country to a halt, but the days are long gone and I'm not sure the people are motivated enough...

AP: "#Poland lawmakers approve law giving control of top court to politicians instead of judges."


After some of the largest protests ever in Poland (as well as some lame "we're concerned" from EU).

#EU threatens to suspend #Poland's voting rights if it goes forward w/ placing Courts under control of Executive Branch Significant public protests over proposed legislation

Just FYI, right now (yes, at almost midnight local time) Polish Parliament is debating a law proposal by the ruling party that would effectively end the separation of powers in #Poland.