@cidig hard to believe indeed, yet entirely possible, given the level of degeneration of the political discourse in . And the news from yesterday's elections in make me thing that soon we'll see this kind of crap spread across the whole of

A new idea straight out of the dumpster fire that is the party in : they want teachers at all levels to have their "moral and ethical" values tested every 3 years because theachers need to be "role models for the pupils"...

, wing and elements (la crème de la crème...) in are organizing a mass action called "rozaniec do granic" (rosary to the border) which has people travel to the borders of the country to pray for protection, for "both Poland and the world", as the tagline says...

The sickness brought by the and their allies is spreading and I feel so powerless..

"Organisations which help victims of domestic violence have documents and computers seized after women stage marches to protest against abortion law

Women’s rights groups have denounced police raids on their offices in several Polish cities that resulted in the seizing of documents and computers, a day after women staged anti-government marches to protest at the country’s restrictive abortion law."

#Poland #WomensRights #Feminism #AbuseOfPower

In the wake of the shooting, a PM of the ruling party in is proposing the state should allow teachers to carry weapons in class, "just like in " to defend the pupils.... I am running out of words to describe the abismal intellectual, political, cultural and human level of PiS members...

Some guys in #Poland are trying to make national alternative to Facebook, using ready-to-use script (and theme). Admin of this site is really, really kind, so it encouraged me to create account there ;) The site is full of Polish flag colors and national symbols, so sad that some people are using it…

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Witness the level of ideological primitivity of these... crafts(?) made by and for the supporters in : the national flag, Christ, the TU-154 plane that crashed near Smolensk all tied up in a distasteful package meant to foster the national-religious spirit needed by fascism to control the masses.
The year is 2017, the continent is .

This is the filth we need to fight against day in and day out, if we want to avoid a new fascist era in the west.

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"After more than 70 years of searching, the 700-year-old abandoned village of Goschwitz has been rediscovered in the vicinity of Strzelin in south-west Poland.

Goschwitz is thought to have been founded in the late 13th century by the Duke of Löwenberg, Bolko I the Strict, after he acquired the territory from a local noble family. The land was hoped to be a good investment, and a small village was established on it."

#history #Poland archaeology

#polska #poland
I wonder if there would be well-maintained Mastodon instance dedicated to Polish users (a lot of people in Poland hates Facebook and Twitter, but they don't know any alternatives), will anyone really use it?

Wczoraj 5. urodziny obchodził portal DailyArt, który przepięknie popularyzuje sztukę w sieci, a przy okazji jest doskonałym przykładem re-use. Sto lat!

#Polska #Poland #ReUse In an entrance to a tenement house in the centre of Warsaw someone has a small exhibition space and uses it in a funny way for all the passers by to see. These days you can admire this installation :) <3 #warsaw #poland

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Right-wing in attacked a black man in a bar with an . Yes, with a fucking axe. And still I can read comments from liberal/moderate people saying violence is "always wrong" and that one should not advocate . I wish they someday get up close and personal with a bunch of nazi dickheads... I'll get there with a big bucket of popcorn to better enjoy the scene...

I wonder why #bridge was so insanely popular in #Poland before 1989. Maybe like #chess in the #SovietUnion. My mother theorized that popularity of chess was a result of a lack of a proper business environment in a communist state. "Kasparov could have become a CEO of a large enterprise in the west", she was saying.

Trying out Snow Leopard #Vodka from #Poland for the first time. The bottle states that 15% of the profits go to snow leopard conservation. The vodka is very smooth at room temperature, slight citrus note, but the stronger taste is of wheat or grain. Very pleasant indeed.
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According to HappyCow, I live in in the third top #vegan city of the world!!! Finally some news about my country I can be proud of! :) <3 #warsaw #poland