The clandestine nature of entrepreneurialism is holding us back, socially. #entrepreneurs #business #philosophy

@Combaticus @ProfWorr Semi-related: I'm having a panic attack from dealing with the Phil mat. and dialectical stuff, as both are fairly metaphysical discussions, and metaphysics makes me panicky. This reminds me of how happy I was/am to leave behind my intense #philosophy studies. #personal

If Marx proceeds to base his views upon the view in the text I'm reading that is supposedly his of the supposed brilliance of philosophical materialism, I may have already found his undoing (by finding a key flaw in the latter). *scratches head* It can't be that easy. #philosophy #marxism

I'm reading only texts on a Marxist website, btw.

I think I'm gonna dive into reading/listening to #Marxist / #Communist philosophy. I've written down my main critique that I've put together from third-party exposure to Marxist/Communist stuff, and I'm curious to see how well it holds up. #philosophy #personal

This topic might be a little out there for some folks, but I'd love to hear some new voices in the conversation.

Torus, Time-Space, and Themes of History: A Doughnutology?

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I'd count the #Zarathustra as fiction, bad fiction at that one. #Nietzsche's writings helped bring forth the Third Reich.
Personally I find reading Nietzsche unbearable, it is really bad #obscurantist #german #philosophy.

Have to agree with you on #wagner though: the man was a #genius: Nietzsche rejected all things #Wagnerian in his later days though.

@zatnosk Not really, though it could definitely integrate #econ. It's more of a general tool for #philosophy, but I'm interested in how it could help the #business world, and the world in general as a result.

I still haven't found much in the way of the same thing, but I have found some business world essays that all but lay the groundwork for such a tool being seen as valuable. #ideas

@allan @ink_slinger This point about how people invariably argue from a market perspective is interesting.

This goes along with an idea I've wondered about for a while: do we only allow ourselves to think with regards to humanity, decency, liberty, or grace in times of wealth and prosperity? In times of rationing, do we grab for a greater — colder — rationality? #economics #philosophy #ethics

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I need some #philosophy tips.

To enter into University, I need to choose a philosophical text (or text fragment) of 5 pages max. Then I need to write about what the text means, why the text interests me, and how the text says something about how I view philosophy.

Does anyone know any good short philosophical texts or text fragments? (Please don't suggest Kant)

Comic on the value of #philosophy.

TL;DR: When people say "Philosophy is irrelevant," they usually really mean, "Philosophy questions assumptions I don't want people to question."