@Firstaide @Elizafox

I mean they are kinda really necessary to have an FTL on a smaller instance with only a few people, and if they're written correctly they'll respect #nobot

> #nobot works for this bot
Yeah but I have no more place in my bio.

I'm followed by a bit who's bio says #nobot works for the bot. Guess not. Blocked!

@Azure awhile back, there was a plague of followbots which attempted to remotely follow as many users as possible, to bolster the federated timeline of their instance

some followbots would obey #nobot and avoid following users with that in their info

me? i just blocked the things as they followed me =^.^=

What exactly is #nobot trying to disallow? Unsolicited messages from bots or being archived?

@Balor @vhf Darn, it's gone before I got a chance to play with it. Hopefully the #nobot trick will be enough to make people okay with this for now, until a proper-security approach can be figured out. (unfortunately, I can think of a bunch of other things #nobot could mean -- like: I don't want messages from bots.)

It seems to me robots.txt or #nobot or a flag in the activitystream, or any advisory setting, isn't going to be more than a speed bump to abuse. In fact, it'll be a pain for ordinary users, while the folks with bot/troll armies will ignore that setting and index the fediverse as much as they want. And a "friend-locked" mode feels very restrictive. Maybe: friends-of-friends locked. Maybe some other social-graph algo. Maybe a TOS click-through legal tool.

@Balor the current convention is for users to put #nobot in their bio