有些实例会使用跨站机器人无差别自动fo其他实例的用户来丰富自己的跨站时间轴。因为隐私不想被跨站自动机器人fo的,在自己的个人说明里加上 #nobot

@chextech remember to put the #nobot hashtag on profile so mastodon bots wont follow you

@jannamark They're supposed to respect #NoBot in your bio, as a general point of etiquette. I doubt all of them do.


Well, tbf it is only the instance seeder bots that follow people.

As long as they follow the #NoBot (which is have seen some people get angry and rant about [bots not respecting #NoBot]) tag:

"Can't blame them for trying™"

I know there is a heavy #nobot bias 'round these parts, but I just started following the @bobrossbot because each time I run across it in the global stream it brings me just a small moment of peace, and if that isn't what a #bot is for, I don't know their purpose.

I just tapped on #nobot on Twidere to see what would happen and this gem by @cnc is still one of the most recent ones on my instance. 😂

btw, does appending #nobot to your bio still have any effect nowadays?

Oh, yeah. Like #nobot. I dig.

Come to think of it, this doesn't need to be a feature. A bot could do this on request.

@Firstaide @Elizafox

I mean they are kinda really necessary to have an FTL on a smaller instance with only a few people, and if they're written correctly they'll respect #nobot

> #nobot works for this bot
Yeah but I have no more place in my bio.

I'm followed by a bit who's bio says #nobot works for the bot. Guess not. Blocked!

@horgor works and #nobot too, i'm just kindly reminding everyone

@Azure awhile back, there was a plague of followbots which attempted to remotely follow as many users as possible, to bolster the federated timeline of their instance

some followbots would obey #nobot and avoid following users with that in their info

me? i just blocked the things as they followed me =^.^=

What exactly is #nobot trying to disallow? Unsolicited messages from bots or being archived?