@maiki Honestly, I could get really into some sort of Web/Html fork with a new standards body.

But that would have to be one freaking huge movement to be sustainable.

And if we are just talking #linux-libre style patch sets against #Mozilla #Webkit and #Blink, then I don't forsee the fork being able to seriously change the direction of the web either.

@maiki Not trying to be a sour puss, and my mood may in fact be too bleak today for this to be a fair analysis...

but after watching #Mozilla fight repeated fights and loosing with the #W3C, and watch it's marketshare shrink.

And after watching the #EFF think its best course of action is to resign.

Im having a hard time believing that the W3C is open to reform.

In the near future we are going to be hunting for a browser project that gives zero fucks about EME/DRM, but will run into the "mainstream appeal" issue facing #Mozilla and #Firefox.

I propose we discuss changing what mainstream appeal is for the web. I hope Mozillians will share their wisdom, but also acknowledge the status quo isn't working.

Is there a space on the web where this discussion is happening? (fingers crossed it isn't a barely indexed listserv somewhere)

One of my brothers sent me this link: Advertisers unhappy about Safari's upcoming tracking-prevention features #Apple is finally doing the right thing? I expected this to come from #Mozilla

@bob @bram I can't even start to express how annoyed and saddened I am with #Mozilla's lack of focus.

#Mozilla is a great pattern of behavior. In other orgs and projects I find delightful things they've done, some gesture of human dignity that might not be expected from a company.

Mozilla on the other hand reveals gems that constantly irritate me. Adding crap for companies, GitHub logins, canceling projects before they have a chance to launch...

I notice because it is a good group of folks. But those are very annoying things.