#fediverse, what is the #Matrix client you use on desktop? I am going to give it a try as a #jitsi / XMPP replacement. Any suggestions? I already installed #Riot on android. just updated to #riot v0.12.7.

Main changelog:

Maybe hit refresh when ur using this Riot instance. šŸˆ


@Gargron btw, is best place to get clarity on this stuff, if you're in a matrix hacking mood :)

Hey, I started a #Riot room (i.e. on the #Matrix network) dedicated to sharing artistic, cultural and educational material from the #Commons. Please join to share the most valuable things you find, and discover new things.

#artlibre #creativecommons #libre #shareTheCommons #copyleft #wtfpl #publicDomain

The neat thing about #Librem5 partnering with #Matrix is a client that won't come loaded with GCM libraries.

@satchmoz now that the Librem 5 is funded we have a little over a year to get ahead of this whole #Matrix thing. Shall we mess around with it? ^_^

I just told @timotheus that I was planning on spinning down my Rocket.Chat server to focus on #jabber. Maybe Matrix is worth consideration.

Ontem fiz minha contribuiĆ§Ć£o ao #crowdfunding do projeto #Librem5 que produzirĆ” um celular com hardware e softwares livres GNU+GPL e que faz ligaƧƵes telefĆ“nicas com encriptaĆ§Ć£o nativa ponto-a-ponto na rede #Matrix.
Acabei fazendo o aporte de $599. Se tudo der certo, em jan/2019 receberei um celular livre


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I wonder if there are ways to bridge #mastodon and #matrix / #riot.

Aber #Matrix ist momentan auch nur fĆ¼r die technisch interessieren... Warum gibt es keine dezentrale, freie verschlĆ¼sselte Alternative zu den ganzen #WhatsApp oder #telegram Messengern? Ich wĆ¼rde gerne meine Freunde und Verwandte mal zu so etwas Ć¼berreden aber mehr als #Signal ist nicht drin...

@thomas @choboDOC ich schreibe so oft afaik weil es halt mein infostand ist und ich keine 100%ige garantie auf meine worte geben will :P
im zweifel zb in fragen gehen ^^

a glitch in the matrix...

#train #matrix #glitch #duffelbag #mobilephone

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Talking about #Matrix, and coworkers, reminded me of how awesome free(dom) software is for companies right now.

I will make a list of projects that I recommend for various business functions.

What is a category of software you use in work? Any underserved sectors?

@sameyepatch @orbifx I am gonna check out #Matrix eventually, but running #Prosody for #jabber is still very easy. I am not personally ready to deal with the complexities of a new chat system. Jabber is just so easy for my use case (chatting with friends).

@sameyepatch @maiki Have you seen Matrix + Riot? I was a fun of XMPP but the lack of clients for Winblows (for most friends) and iOS made me move. #Riot is a webapp but there are native clients being implemented and #Matrix seem stellar.