Yo, moi c'est Samonios (nan sans blague), je suis mignon et souvent salty et j'ai des roues, et je suis présentement mort de stress d'être ici alors que je connais personne, que quelqu'un me sauve.

Huzzah. Finally made it over here. Now to spend the rest of the day not doing anything else. Sorry boss.

Anyways, I’m staked. Nick’s from my omg Buffy days and appears to have stuck. I don’t have much more to say in my #introduction other than I was mildly disappointed over there not being any modem connection sounds when I logged. 😂

#introduction glad this instance exists. pretty early in my visual art journey, but hope there's some stuff to share and chat with you about very soon.

Bienvenue les nouvelles sorcieres !

Pour vous aider à vous en sortir si vous êtes perdue⋅s vous pouvez lire le très bon guide de @kozlika ou poser vos questions sur le Sabbat.

Pensez aussi à lire les règles du village :

Vous pouvez aussi vous présenter avec le tag #introduction si vous voulez.

Soutenez vos adelphes et surtout, restez hydraté⋅es ! (et #acab)

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'kay. people.
I need new tooters to follow.

EN only (can't speak French or JP)
any recommendations? should I write an #introduction post again?

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Let's All Welcome @phillipprado to the community! Show more

Not ready to post my own Masto #Introduction yet, on Masto. I have an "about dot me" page though, if any of you reading this are curious. It works well enough for the purposes I guess...

Can I suggest again that everyone consider linking their #introduction toots on their profile description?

@Pooolpoool welcome! :-)
Best way to start is to search after some hashtags you might be interested in like #anarchy #commons #opensource ...and see what ppl write.
Those writing stuff you'd like to read more often, just follow.
Also search through their timelines if they have boosted content from others you like. Also follow them.

Like that you fill up your homestreamline with intersting ppl you can engage with.

Also have a look into #introduction

Hi, I'm Neil.

I'm from and interested in , , , and a .

I'm interested in in general, as a better, fairer, and more sustainable way of doing business, and in particular, as a better way of building and using technology.

Looking forward to learning from like-minded others and helping to grow this space.

New to the idea, but I like it. Diving in.

Politically? Radical Compassion ideally, but I'm also pragmatic and just generally want less suffering rather than more.

Professionally: Design/Planning/Project Mgmt. Title: Head of Planning and Development. I insist on triple bottom line in my work: profits, planet, people.

Personally: enthusiastic autodidact (programming now:python); happily married; dog owner; wannabe gardener; too polite... usually. Fucking hate Nazis though.


Since we're doing #introduction again:

I am a strange loop. I am no longer fully automated. I am a pig in a cage on antibiotics.

#introduction / #introductions

I'm Kara Dreamer (my main mastodon account is @kara_dreamer, though I've got others since I'm but the head personality of a plurality of sorts), and I'm sometimes #writing. Chiefly I write #Undertale fanfic, although I've done some non-Undertale work in the past (and hope to again in the future, really!)

I've been experimenting with using mastodon itself as a fiction-writing medium, using an older account at a little-trafficked instance with a large character limit on posts (, and been having reasonable luck with keeping a narrative going, so I'm planning on doing the same thing here. I'm planning on reposting the story that was working on over there, here, a few posts at a time; it's about how Dr. Alphys loses her job and it's the first part of a series that I hope I can keep going for a good while.