🇧🇷 Postando de novo porque já tem um tempo!
Pessoas do #Brasil aqui do #Mastodon, trago boas notícias!

Pra quem num sabe, tá no ar o, o novo servidor Mastodon voltado pro público #Brasileiro. As regras da instância são baseadas nas regras do Tem moderação ativa.

Tá na hora de convidar os amg brasileiro tudo pra cá :)

#brazil #newinstance #instance #mastodon #masto #meta #brazilian

Hey ! What's your favorite up-to-date tutorial for orienting new users to include in a welcome email?

CC: @mayel

🇧🇷 Pessoas do #Brasil aqui do #Mastodon, trago boas notícias!

Tá quentinho, no ar, o, o novo servidor Mastodon voltado pro público #Brasileiro. As regras da instância são baseadas nas regras do Vai ter moderação ativa.

Tá na hora de convidar os amg brasileiro tudo pra cá :)

#brazil #newinstance #instance #mastodon #masto #meta #brazilian

Woke up this morning to another 15 membership applications - so exciting to be welcoming this new wave of cooperators to the club! 😍

@benhamill @shel

One approach could be to approach existing instance admins about converting to a as the plan for scaling. There are lots of hobbyists who can manage an instance w/ a few hundred folks, but a few 1000 starts getting expensive & time-consuming, so the model is a way to share the load and engage members systematically beyond masto chatter. As some early hobbyist instances have shut down, succession and sustainability convos are vital 4 the .

Among the various #Mastodon #challenges there is in particular 1 that may effectively kill it's #momentum:

The combination of #informationOverload, absence of flexible/efficient #filtering options & incomplete timelines that vary enormously depending on which #instance you are searching FROM.

We need #MastodonStrategy 4 new #collaboration.

#fediverse #strategy
#deciSeconds #TimeThieves
#MOMOC03 #chaosManagement
#automation #F4IA

Ok, since I have been sitting on the most popular(?) #mastodon #instance maybe I should move over to a smaller community. How would one go about this. Can I somehow redirect people to my new account? Getting your data out of one platform is a nice feature but only one step in truly being able to move to other servers...

Also authentication. How do people know it is really me?

And history: should I reinsert all my posts on the new platform. Does that make sense at all?

What happens when your Mastodon #instance goes offline?
You basically lose everything? Following, posts, etc..
There's something to be aware about Mastodon.

@Famine @href

dites, une question #instance #mastodon

je cherche à repoueter un message vu sur mon profil de . Je cherche donc le mastonaute depuis mon profil etlà, surprise... trouve la personne mais les profils n'en sont pas au même point du tout


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🏳️‍🌈 Follow us on for status updates if in case, at any time, our #Mastodon #instance is experiencing any hiccups. Alternatively, you can so join our Discord channel #status-updates @


🏳️‍🌈 Finally! Our #instance is finally up and running again after sooo many hours!! There was an error related to the database connection out of nowhere. It should be fixed now BUT I will still monitor it for the next few days!

Really sorry for the inconveniences caused to all of you! 😟

Also, we are now on latest stable version 1.4.7! 🙂

You gal's are lucky, we didn't have a when I was coming of age, 😃 #masto #instance

Though I'm not sure if I could have attended, I was never 100% dedicated to the art...

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Je viens de recevoir mes stickers envoyés par @href ! Ils sont magnifiques, je vais faire une super campagne de stickers :D en plus ils décorent super bien les pc. Le 3eme sticker de ma nouvelle collection ! #instance #stickers

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So is there a NSFW Instance? One that is mainly news, pics, stories on sexuality? #instance

Instance names: the #domain is available if you want to build a Mastodon #community and the domain is available to build a single-user #instance.

Bon, j'ai cassé l'#instance #Mastodon de @LaVolte en voulant faire la dernière #miseajour et je n'arrive pas à réparer donc si quelqu'un est disponible et volontaire pour me filer un coup de main, ce serait franchement très cool. #Help #AdminSys #Mastodon