Stg I don't get is why haven't the #instance preview tool been integrated into #Mastodon? A quick search showed no open issues on GH about "preview".

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@mayel @samtoland I only have access to some basic stats, but we currently have 243 user accounts on the who've tooted 5,279 times, and we're federated with 669 other .

I check the new user applications 2-3x a day, and I'd say we're averaging about 5 new a day, most of whom I let in as long as they provide a minimum amount of info beyond just user name and email...

πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ Our #Mastodon #instance is now running the latest version - v1.4.3!
πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ We've also bumped up our server's specs to accommodate more member accounts!

❕ Some customisations are missing on our instance due to this update, but no worries they will be re-applied. :)

Hey , quick reminder that the first read-through and feedback session of our 's draft bylaws will take place on Wednesday 6/28 at 12pm EDT. A link to the draft and Hangout can be found in the group.

Note to users new and old: There is a tabletop RPG instance at and despite the name is not dominated by the OSR, all users are welcome. (I'm sure as hell not OSR. I play GURPS and Call of Cthulhu and modern editions of D&D) #RPG #Tabletop #NewUsers #Instance #instancepromotion #TTRPG #gameing #Gaming

If you are wondering what kinds of media fill timeline on #mastodon #instance X, you can go to , put X into the textbox and hit enter

is a that runs our through and our finances through .

The affinity of our membership is involvement in, or connection to, the movement, which ranges from folks who work in co-op development to folks who find the idea of appealing.

We're currently operating as an unincorporated , and our goal is to eventually incorporate as a owned democratically by our users.

If you want new function about this site, please send me your idea!🐘
Thank you!
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Anyone have any knowledge of an #instance orientated around #research, #universitys, sharing #researchexperience and such ? I'm on a rapidfire toot roll here but apparently I enjoy firing questions into the void ! πŸ‘β€πŸ—¨

@digits @ntnsndr I wonder if the " as home for affinity" architecture is inherently transitional? For the moment, it's tactically key to create subcultural homes, but as we scale, people might gradually start prioritizing trustworthiness and reliability.

Once we hit that stage, my suspicion is that most users will be on a few largish instances w/ different business models (at least 1 !), w/ a smattering of subculture and personal instances mixed in...
I add the translation function that you can see my site in English on mobile and pc.🐘

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Throwing some process and structure proposals, especially around "Honorary Members" (non-dues paying) on tonight. If you want to be cued in, the membership subgroup will be the place for much of the dialogue. Also thinking about where to place , both standards and enforcement? Potentially merged w/ membership, or make sense as standalone subgroup?

@anarchaeologist @fredmbarros

I found

Which may not be specific to your interests, but might have like-minded people?

You can see a preview of the toots at here:

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@kimiwei @mayel You got it!

You are on the of the platform, which allows for connection to other platforms in the broader , like ... :)