First discussion of 's was great, so we're keeping at it! Next month's book is by the guy @TheGibson might or might not be...

Currently voting on month three - thanks to all the who helped build out our list a month or so back... :)

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"While the class provides resources & encouragement for the nascent hacker class, it's under the condition of subordination to commodification. When the class dominates, it frees for the production of many kinds of useless production, and is thus often seen as an ally of the hacker class. The Vectoralist class act only out of self interest, for they extract their margin from the commodification ... of the production of production."

-M. Wark, A Manifesto

#Microsoft attackiert russische #Hacker – mit #Rechtsanwälten ...

Der Konzern fährt jetzt offenbar seine vielleicht wirkungsvollste Waffe gegen die Hacher-Crew Fancy Bear auf, die vermutlich den Bundestag und die amerikanischen Demokraten gehackt haben: Juristen.

Auftrag kam aus #Liberia

Der #Hacker der #Telekom_Router sagt aus ...


Im Fall des Cyber-Angriffs auf Telekom-Router im November 2016 bekennt sich der Angeklagte für schuldig. Der Auftrag kam laut Aussage aus Liberia und zielte auf Router weltweit ab. Nun droht eine Freiheitsstraße zwischen sechs Monaten und zehn Jahren.

If you are interested in #hacker #books, but are not able to spend hundreds of dollars, the #humblebundle can help! Currently they have a very good deal:

For 1$, you get:
- Social Engineering: The Art of Human Hacking
- The Web Application Hacker's Handbook
- Practical Reverse Engineering
- Threat Modeling: Designing for Security

5 more books for 8$ and again 5 more for 16$.

#cybersecurity #literature #deal #linktipp

The first pick is in: A Hacker Manifesto by McKenzie Wark!

For those in , we'll be meeting at at 6pm on Thursday, 8/17. Deets:

voici une vidéo de la conférence que Gael a fait au radioclub de la région stépanoise sur le sujet #SDR radio logiciel libre et gestion de crise libre voici la vidéo #hamr #radioamateur #SWL #SDR #hacker encore merci

hairy #lisp #hacker mouse goes to the #spa #gross

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I should write something about the #hacker philosophy in #discworld... It just occurred to me that it's a thing that could be explored. Some hacker writers (eg esr) have gone all libertarian, and it's a common worldview in tech/hackers, would be nice to build up listing of our culture that's not like that.