new #belgian #food pyramid. In short: Go #vegan!
This is the food pyramid of a health department that isn't bribed.

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Had gado gado for dinner, pisang goreng for dessert. With cheese and chocolate sprinkles. #food

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Whole Foods-free range chickens not #chickens #animalrights Show more

#opensource software became very common. Meanwhile patents are still used to gain more control over our basic needs such as #food.

There's an initative in #germany wanting to change that:

- Fight market concentration in the seed sector
- Promote food security through diversity
- Restore crop seeds as #commons
- Seed must be utilised freely
- Use open-source licensing against patents and variety protection

#patent #seeds

Has anyone tried warm hummus?

It is actually the real deal.

Tastes and smells better than the cold one.

Best one is made by Turkish Arabs, Lebanese and the Syrians.

Usually they put some red chilli flakes. And is served with toasted pita bread.


The White Lies of Artisanal Food Culture

❝Craft culture fetishizes the authentic, the traditionally produced, and the specific; it loathes the engineered, the mass-produced, and the originless.❞

And yet conveniently forgets all the history behind food and practices.

#food #craft #poseurs

Just in: 15.5 billion Euro worth of gets every year in alone, 77% of which (12 billions) is wasted by the end consumers. We don't need more industrialized , we need less waste.

oh i missed an #introductions round!!

hi I'm vincent, i like animals but probably #dogs most of all and also #food (including growing it) and i ride a #bicycle and a #motorcycle and i like to play outside a lot

I'm 30ish and work at a university art program doing #darkroom management and post some of my own work at @modgethanc

i sometimes have bad brain days so i cw self-cheerleading/motivation toots

i want to love everybody so thank you for being here and sharing yourselves!

I did #laundry, vacuumed and mopped the #floor, cleaned the #bathroom and made #food.
This day is a success!
(lol @ #hashtags)

Fish Sauce: An Ancient Roman Condiment Rises Again.

"...the Roman version was made by layering fish and salt until it ferments. There are versions made with whole fish, and some with just the blood and guts. "

Yum, yum!

So there you go, @craigmaloney . I hunted that up just for you.

#Roman #history #food

yummi, those cakes look really delicious, and should be even #vegan.

If you don't like vegan #cakes to much, you can still through them in fascists faces. That's what #fascists faces are made for, even tho some might prefer rotten fruits.

Here some inspiration:
#fascism #nazis #food #cake #direktAction #antifa

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