It'd be cool to have an #ev but like, I don't want a car connected to anything besides my own server.
Or make the data collection software open source and anonymize the data.

some realities about home charging #electric cars on existing UK domestic electricity supplies in this report (and discussions about possible alternatives)

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@lyonsinbeta To clarify, there is no engine noise in an #EV, but at road speeds above creeping, any modern car's engine is over shouted by the tyre noise.

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#Volkswagenโ€™s #EV Will Sell for $7-8K #Cheaper Than the #Tesla #Model 3
The all-electric hatchback from VW will be available to compete with Teslaโ€™s model in the U.S., but not for more than a year after the Model 3 hits the market.

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Turns out an Italian company built a ready-to-drive chassis and you can have yours now: