Hi, I'm Neil.

I'm from and interested in , , , and a .

I'm interested in in general, as a better, fairer, and more sustainable way of doing business, and in particular, as a better way of building and using technology.

Looking forward to learning from like-minded others and helping to grow this space.

To the : Anyone know of some good or reads on , , , digital economy, systems, and so on that are available online? I can't find a bookstore in this city and I want something that's more of a commitment than short articles

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They managed to prototype a decentralized real-time collaborative document with IPFS. Like Google Docs, but without a central server.

I find it technically incredible.

#Decentralized #IPFS #Distributed

Society needs tools, frameworks and strategies to deal with #informationOverload.

If the general population is not in charge of which information is made available to them, #democracy is at risk.

This is why solutions like #Mastodon and the #Fediverse itself is so important.

We all need to save maximum amount of time and enable ourselves to actually deal with challenges, voting and decision-making both democratically, sensibly and effectively.

Currently there are no suitable platforms to handle #publicDiscourse in a #transparent way yet:

We need efficient tools for discussion, moderation, #reputation building, collaborative decision-making & future inspection of previous decisions.


Everything must be open*: #transparent and verifiable by the public.


Legislation must demand that all technologies used for/by the democracy are open*, which also applies to #algorithms used both for related information filtering, search engines and #automation.

#lasttoot shiet is #FLOSS and #decentralized. It may or may not be FREEZE PEACH tho, so be careful

You know what would be awesome?

A #decentralized #selfhosted #federated #identity #server that doesn't require a degree from MIT to install & configure which works with a wide variety of other #selfhosted software. And while we're at it - throw in #Libravatar as well.

Right now, I have a #ring id, a #PGP key, a cloud id (#nextcloud) a mastodon id, a #Matrix id and email - all different.
It's a mess. I really just want to be "Falgn0n" everywhere - y'know?

@ramupgrade DDG is actually pretty evil & StartPage is a copy of google's data. In the #decentralized world we use gigablast & yacy
Kick-started GnuSocial up again.
Evaluating all possible #decentralized software that I can host

Anyone keep up much with IPFS?

Are the specs anywhere close to being solidified?

#ipfs #decentralized

After reading the white paper I have to say I'm not impressed. The proposed method basically undermines the whole idea of by reintroducing a central authority in the system. I'd rather have CVNs be picked randomly among all the connected nodes at any given time instead of having them certified by via smart cards and readers...