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@moonman spam the #birdsite with a link to your server and an invitation to "take the red pill"?

The following happened on the a few minutes ago.

My train stopped. I asked to take another one.

🚉 company: yes, but you need to ask to the chief train officer.

Me: to ask? Is this way ok?

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@bentosmile I saw an excellent thread on exactly this topic on #birdsite explaining (to non-UK folks especially) why the #heatwave in the #UK is particularly devastating compared to elsewhere

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@datatitian Especially when a number of them originate from the same shop, using the same profile header. They just don't care, and they don't even pretend they do anymore.

Since I enjoy attention (also, my #Birdsite is WAY too negative right now), I'm going to mention again that I have a Curious Cat. Name in my bio.

@ultraseitanic1 Tell your friend to see my Mastodon and #Birdsite profiles and compare the content, themes, and general feelings (read: hostility levels), and that shooould say enough.

There we go.

We now have a MastodonProject birb account, so we can help verify that you are you, and answer some questions on birbsite.

What are toots called on birbsite?

#Birdsite #Birbsite #TheBirb #Twitter #Mastodon

@ultraseitanic1 @ghost Because, on #Birdsite, one NEEDS followers to be classified as 'relevant' (i.e. shouting at a specific void rather than meaningless nothingness), whereas, on #Mastodon, there is already a specific void.

whats this shit about jack dorsey being a white nationalist? can somebody link me to this?
(not that i'm that suprized)

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@Cocoron (Sorry, I got into minor #Birdsite beef with some ML's, so I'm still hella salty because fuck ML's and tankies.)

@Rogo Mastodon is defo 'safe' #Birdsite. I use it for heavier information gathering and feeling happy when #Birdsite makes me hate myself.

Tomorrow, when you go back to #birdsite because #tusky has no notifications, make sure you close the door