When #Birdsite is still loading, it's actually Applesite.

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Retoot? boost* Sorry, copied it from the #birdsite without thinking.

Man spraypaints #birdsite office sidewalk with abusive tweets it refuses to delete:

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Hey - what do people think about 'corporate' (co-ops of course) accounts on (@resonatesupport for instance)

It is normally something I had very mixed views of on

Curious to know people's thoughts.

An elderly former librarian, I pass things along to keep brain supple.

Sources r aggregated in and a list on and items I feel worth one's time r distributed 2 , Birdsite, here, and even g+. Most /ag/#survival goes to fb, most /#pol/#disaster/#recovery goes to the bird, and most /#economy here.

I keep recurring snippets of text in TextEdit, and recurring imagery in a folder called Stuff.

This is done from a recliner on a Macbook, with lap dog & coffee.

Browsing other people's accounts on #birdsite from mobile has become such a major pain. Every few seconds you get a full screen popup nagging you to make an account. NO, I don't want an account, leave me be!

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One thing I didn't expect from #Mastodon is how people actually respond to my toots/jinxes. I ask a question, looking for information, and I actually get useful info from many people. I've tried that on #birdsite a few times, nada. And I've used twitter for years, and follow many people I know personally.

I love you fellow witches (and mastonaughts)! Let's keep the corner of the Internet wonderful!

The bir🅱's latest tactic to win me back is apparently to promote my account through their recommended follows sections.

I'm getting a much more regular stream of new followers now that I don't use it at all and have disabled the "all your friends like this one amazing chirp" notifications.

I'm starting to get upset at how subtly it's been manipulating us all this time.

How to be happy on #twitter:

1. Set up a bot that tweets out the kind of ideas you'd like to see more of in the world.
2. Never read the home timeline (or whatever they call it on #birdsite)
3. Never look at your mentions

I haven't felt so peaceful about my twitter account in years! #Facebook #Youtube #birdsite #microsoft collaborating on enabling censorship of political dissidents

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@moonman spam the #birdsite with a link to your server and an invitation to "take the red pill"?