Some people asked for the paper schedule that is being printed and handed out in St-Imier this weekend to be made available as a PDF. So here it is... #anarchism

Table-ronde : Anarchisme et véganisme/antispécisme

Weekend libertaire du 29 au 31 juillet 2022 à St-Imier :

Depuis les débuts des mouvements anarchistes, la question du rapport des êtres humains aux autres animaux et à l’environnement a été soulevée.
Il paraît important de remettre en question l’exploitation des animaux non-humains lorsqu’on s’oppose à l’exploitation des êtres humains.

Il s’agit d’une question très concrète liée au système de domination humaine sur les autres espèces. L’exploitation des animaux non-humains est une pierre angulaire du système économique actuel, tant au niveau de la production agro-alimentaire qu’au niveau de l’industrie pharmaceutique.

L’anthropocentrisme de nos sociétés s’est allié au capitalisme pour faire des animaux non-humains des machines et des objets dans les chaînes de production. La lutte contre l’exploitation passe par conséquent aussi par un changement d’attitude envers les animaux non-humains.

Nous proposons une discussion ouverte (table-ronde) sur le sujet de l’anarchisme et de l’antispécisme/véganisme. La discussion sera précédée d’une brève présentation offrant un aperçu de la question (petit historique des mouvements et des principales idées).


The High Court now needs to hear a cross appeal and on the grounds of press freedom, political offense, the CIA spying, planned kidnapping and planned assassination

The decentralised and community run privacy and freespeech search engine's network of over 65'000 nodes is currently updating to version 1.0.0 for this week's Mainnet launch. Time to switch your search habit to

A preliminary music program for the July 29-31 anti-authoritarian gathering in St-Imier has now been put up on the website

Hip-Hop on Friday night, punk on Saturday night, workshops, expositions and the anarchist book fair throughout the days until Sunday afternoon.

As part of other events you might organise around the world in your regions, the aim of this weekend will be to get workshops going that produce results which will feed in to what we want to achieve in next years Anarchy 2023 international gathering in St-Imier.

If you happen to be in the region, do join us on that July 29-31 weekend this summer!


Exactly, bringing back RSS would be it!
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From 29 to 31 July 2022 we are organizing a local gathering in St-Imier in the spirit of the call for decentralized anti-authoritarian events in the lead up to the larger international Anarchy 2023 gathering in St-Imier next year.

We offer plenty of open space for your workshop ideas, with a large building dedicated to your workshop proposals.

Go ahead and contribute your topic proposals on the following platform:

There you can also see what is already planned and what others have already proposed. Come and help organize this event or organize a similar gathering or workshops in your area.

More info on this gathering will be published on the page

More info on the Anarchy 2023 event and the call for decentralized anti-authoritarian gatherings you find on

Peter Hitchens in Mail on Sunday: 'We are poorly placed to condemn Russian censorship (while one of the most effective independent journalists of our time [Julian Assange] languishes in maximum security prison..though he has not been convicted of anything)' #FreeAssangeNOW

Call to join in Decentralized International Anti-Authoritarian Gatherings - Visit for details and post your event ideas to

Given the ease with which states are imposing unprecedented restrictions on freedoms, we do not want to wait until 2023 to collectively reflect on current political developments. We want to meet to continue to undo the illusions that imprison us, to think together about our actions for the future.

Events you organise and participate in throughout this year can be local in your area or online and results can be shared into next year's event, as we celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Congress of St-Imier together.

#anarchism #anarchy2023

When “Verschwörungsleugner” becomes Duden’s word of the year, hopefully in 2022 or 2023, we know that we managed to turn things around.

When the powers that should not be celebrate by trying to kill freedom via proxy of a Julian extradition, we know they have it in for us. Well, right back at ya, you machiavellian filth!

Aufruf zur nationalen gegen die Verschärfungen am kommenden Samstag 23.10. in Bern, von Simone Machado der Partei (GaP) mit der Freien Linken Schweiz und dem Aktionsbündnis Urkantone. Wir haben die Bewilligung! Bitte teilen!

Presearch passed 2 million daily queries for the first time in the projects history, with over 2.2 million queries.

Amis libertaires ou intéressé·e·s, je vous encourage à suivre le compte @anarchy2022 pour être tenu au courant des prochaines rencontre internationales anti-autoritaires.

#anarchisme #anarchy2022

Mit der selbstverherrlichenden Art wie der Staat Informationen zur Lügenpropaganda verdreht, verwirkt er die Glaubwürdigkeit. Zum Beispiel vergleiche man die Medienmitteilung des Bundesgerichts mit jener des Kantons Bern:

Das Bundesgericht heisst die Corona-Massnahmen-Beschwerde der Grünalternativen Partei gut und der Kanton reagiert mit vollem PR-Spin, rechthaberisch, arrogant, verblendend und vertuschend.

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