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#Javascript is the motorcar of the web. It enabled many things to be done in a web browser that couldn't be done with just HTML/CSS (although some like media embedding now can). But like cars, it came with a whole bunch of negative externalities. Too often URLs now point to 'scriptsites', not websites, where even text and static images can't be browsed with JS turned off.

Today's idea I won't get to actually creating:

comedy sketches based on huge quantities of novel absurd stereotypes (like inventing arbitrary stuff "you know how group X does Y all the time? wink-wink", but mad-libs style) to mock the use of stereotypes otherwise and to pollute that space in hopes of getting people to recognize the stupidity of stereotypes, especially in comedy

Really appreciated Nora Bateson's interview / conversation on Team Human teamhuman.fm/episodes/ep-106-n

The call to recognize complexity in interrelationships everywhere seems to me the best antidote to all the simplistic black-and-white political rhetoric we see everywhere (especially in online social media) these days.

It's strange to think 25 years ago that our basic system of waste management can't possibly work, and then go years and years feeling baffled wondering how the heck it seems to be still working. Of course, I was right all along, I just live on the wrong time-scale.


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While I'm on a rant, it annoys me that I might have to retire my laptop in a year or two, even though the hardware is still working fine and dandy, just because even #FreeCode software seems to require more and more hardware power over time to do basically the same tasks. When I bought this laptop in 2010, it could run perfectly good voice and video calls over Skype on Windows XP! We must stop treating complex electronics as disposables.

I just noticed this strange resentful condescension floating up in my mind after seeing a Mastodon post where someone was excited about some generic video game.

Then, my thoughts went to: "I bet this is how mildly sexist or racist folks experience their biases…"

Really diving into the podcast. Probably the most I've ever felt like I'm really in the choir listening to the preacher (and the guest speakers).

I finally got around to writing another article / blog-post!

My tribute to Mister Rogers' Neighborhood — and the music in it, as a parent of a young child otherwise faced with our dysfunctional media landscape.


Learning more about and .0

Invitation to anyone with perspective on these who wants to see @snowdrift succeed in building a more ethical creative economy: Looking for any help in taking the team and community structure to the next level…

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openscore.cc is a project that wants to liberate sheet music from copyright and from paper! They invite and coordinate volunteers to transcribe public domain scans from imslp.org using musescore.org. Should be a great learning experience! 🎼

(not comfortable using popular online lingo but…)

TFW you realize the folks who seemed really closed minded and reactionary are reacting to widespread stuff that is so crazy and extreme, it makes their reactions totally understandable, and then the polarization just seems impenetrable and depressing…

At least there's always the accurate big-picture perspective of blaming surveillance-capitalist social media for creating (or at least amplifying) the whole situation…

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I saw some news about a backlash over a capitalist brand piggy-backing on a social justice movement.

I expected to read critiques of their exploitation of the movement for profit, undermining the integrity of the cause.

Instead, I nearly gagged as I read that the massive backlash was actually just regressive people complaining about the brand's support for social justice.


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I am sure you will also enjoy another pair of Graham Burnett classics, illustrating the difference between the industrial cup of tea and the permaculture cup of tea :)

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Internet search challenge: find people saying they *prefer* extra hard boiled eggs that get a nice grey outer edge on the yolk.

I bet you can't do it. Something something groupthink assumptions, how does one search for contrasting opinions in general…??

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