Are there memes comparing seat-belts and masks yet?? If not, how do we organize to make some?

Naomi Klein on how to use crisis for good instead of letting it turn for the worst (which is a real possibility)

Where else should this get uploaded besides YouTube (use mpv and youtube-dl folks)?

Anyway, it's AMAZING

Discovered natural (downspout on my house!)

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Blog post about being at upcoming

Links to talks, mentions the update that we'll have a table @SeaGL for the first time!

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Several team members from will be speaking at @SeaGL in November

More details on our event posting at our forum:

I appreciated this as a way to hopefully wake up people about invasive tracking:

(it's a public awareness video that does live tracking to demonstrate it to you)

I wrote a pun / joke 

What's a healthy and effective way to describe feeling pleased with one's work without pride?

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If you say "I'll measure all the things, then look for patterns" I promise that you'll find them. But it doesn't mean they mean anything. In a big enough data set, some patterns will exist from random chance, no matter how unlikely.

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That's a common outcome of organizing against something. Organizing *for* a thing can be intellectually engaging and has a better life expectancy

Also don't judge the working class for the education capitalism gave them or by the standards a privileged education may have given you. Everyone is capable of and deserving of self realization. You don't know what people are actually like until they've had that opportunity

I say that because I have a recurring experience where if I *only* say: this social justice activist, I agree with them completely. Period. People assume I also am in lockstep with a certain social-justice groupthink echo-chamber.

And if I say I disagree with the "woke" groupthink echo-chamber, people assume I agree with the opposite side that defends patriarchy and capitalism.

The black-and-white / us-vs-them / polarized perspectives are dead-ends, and I'm not going to take those paths.

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Just listened to early episode

Dr. Kyra Gaunt; wonderful discussion; & I agree with *everything* she says.

Incidentally, I disagree with a lot of the tactics and philosophy of much of the "woke" aspects of activists who otherwise join me in agreement with Dr. Gaunt.

There *is* a reasonable place for *agreeing* with all the anti-racist, anti-capitalist, anti-patriarchy views while disagreeing with misguided tactics (a topic too complex for this toot).

Google and Facebook are *advertising* businesses.

Apple is not *as* bad because they have a different business model: planned-obsolescence.

My argument against false dichtomies / us-vs-them / black-and-white thinking:

**There are many, many *different* ways to be wrong.**

(and thus, you probably are misjudging *why* and in *which ways* others get things wrong, even though chances are good that they are indeed wrong)

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