political art and music sure makes a difference, right?

(pic shows chair of Dutch Bros, a chain of drive-through-only drink places that sell unhealthy sugary energy and coffee stuff and creates tons of litter and single-use plastic, he's wearing a Rage Against The Machine shirt while ringing the bell at the NY Stock Exchange)

I'm totally convinced that dogs were and are the solution and the knowledge was there all along, and huge amounts of suffering and early death were unnecessary even after the initial outbreaks and global spread.


why are public messages on covid precautions *so* stupid??

Paragraph explains risks and reasons for outdoor public mask requirement, but then:

> The new rule does not apply to children under 5; people who are eating, drinking, and sleeping; people who are homeless; or people playing competitive sports or performing outdoors.

Easy to infer those somehow aren't risky, which undermines the whole message. Why not at least explain why the exceptions despite risk??


Stand-out episode, gave me strong feels. Stories of "essential workers" and what they have gone through, not the medical ones, the others

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re: COVID vaccine encouragement 

For *real* the COVID vaccine is the difference between me having a bad chest cold and being on a ventilator right now. Do it.

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COVID vaccine encouragement 

Get vaxxed if you're on the fence. They work. They're safe.

I got COVID again (and have it as I write this) anyway despite the vax because I am an unlucky bastard and one of my doses had improper storage (and the immunity isn't lasting, I had it last over a year ago). Do not be deterred.

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Snowdrift.coop is still working to get launched, and we've made huge progress in charting the path forward. You can help too!

New blog post "What Snowdrift Needs to Launch"

OMG, as tragic as the Tulsa Race Massacre was 100 years ago, I learned today that they rebuilt and became prosperous again within just the immediate following years… only to have redlining-influenced policies of the federal government finally destroy the community by building a highway through it, and that destruction was only 50 years ago roughly.


I found this to be about the best expression of the whole state of issues with the world today


I plan to review more of consilienceproject.org/ and civilizationemerging.com/

@snowdrift is working to be one of many efforts to address these things, but struggling to get past the diagnosis stage and into the actual solving. Would love help and engagement and collaboration and solidarity from others who get the diagnosis

perspective on time and history:

The time between now and the birth date of the current president of the U.S. is the same as the time between his birth date and the American ~~Civil~~ Slavery War

Conscious Activism (well, conscious anything, but this is a framing toward activism) conscious.is/concepts/consciou

I actually found this intro to what is socialism to be a very good 101 explanation to be able to share with others npr.org/2021/03/26/981686254/s

-words -words


We have never once used the gas stove in our house, lived here almost 5 years. Since going back well over 10 years, we put a cover over our stoves wherever we lived and just used a couple plug-in $60 induction cooktops. Maximum efficiency, but the MAIN benefit: we just set a timer on the units and they turn off by themselves. We will never go back.

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Clean up the web!

Developers, it’s time for you to choose a side: will you help rid the web of privacy-invading tracking or be complicit in it?


#CleanUpTheWeb #FlocOffGoogle

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Check out the recording of yesterday's Kite Guitar Lecture-Demo at invidious.xyz/watch?v=PD-4sQAW | The presentation was awesome! #kiteguitar Bravo @wolftune and the rest of the Kite Guitar Team!

4yo improvised a long song at the end of bath time. One of the lines was:

"Boom boom boom, I tap on your back
and you say that's uncomfortable
and I say that's stoic practice!"

wow, how did I miss that last fall the STAR Voting effort put out the best short explanation by far: youtu.be/3-mOeUXAkV0

insight of the day with the 4yo: there's more songs than people on the planet!

(yeah, if everyone made up just one song, it would be the same, and we can all make up more than one song in our lives)

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@snowdrift is applying as a high priority project at #fsf and I heartily support their inclusion there! Their innovative crowdmatching mechanism for #donations focused on #funding #foss is great, imho.

Judge for yourself. They wrote a very convincing blog post about their fsf application:


#Snowdrift still discussing some of the details of the mechanism, so all contributions are welcome!



cc @fsfe

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