People who think "Open Source is thriving, it's everywhere!" and are all optimistic about it are doing the same thing as the people with electric cars and solar panels on their McMansions thinking that we're on track to deal with the climate crisis.

The *real* solutions for a healthy sustainable FLO world are all still marginalized and struggling, and the capitalist and serve mainly to delude people about the state of things. neat, shows people books from local libraries and Internet Archive when they are looking at books from commercial websites.

Example I read of a writer (and their editor) being clueless about using language:

> The chemistry between the two actors is seismic.


Mentioned to a friend who replied "The geology between the two actors is acidic."

(If it were a FLO context, I'd submit a fix; real paradigm-shift to see problems and *fix* them rather than being limited to laughing, complaining, or ignoring)

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If you livestream on a Fediverse platform such as #PeerTube or #OwnCast, send me a message if you want me to advertise your stream 👍

Now that's what real system-level perspective looks like instead of focusing on the symptoms (as bad as they might be)

Anyone have suggestions of favorite media (video, audio, reading) for elementary-age kids to learn about the issues with capitalism and advertising and consumerism etc?

Irony: interview with author of *Deep Work* book about dedicated concentration — interrupted by advertisements…

WOW just learned about SponsorBlock — adblocking (and blocking of other categories including other noisy non-signal content) *within* videos on YouTube.

Firefox plugin:

But I learned about it seeing that it's included now in SkyTube, an F-Droid-available YouTube client

Someone finally started a FLO replacement of !!! 😃 It's

Now, has been already framadate and this new similar thing with nice features but those use the crappier UI based on Doodle polling tool. That style is so much lousier.

I wish I could get a sit-stand desk that goes all the way from floor cushion level to standing

My kindergarten-age kid asked a great question I've been pondering:

Since pain is useful and helpful — it's our body saying that we need to do something to care for our health and safety, then why do we also have resistant feelings and thoughts around judging pain itself as bad?

Of course, there's nothing inherently wrong with being fat. What matters is being healthy in whatever that means for various bodies. Either way, biking is the way to go.

We should NOT be moving to always-daylight-savings with insane dark mornings all winter. We should be eliminating the stupid concept entirely and stick to standard time.

I have more to say on this, some time I'll publish my life-changing sleep trick: "dental protective glasses" which are dark red, much more effective than regular blue-blocking glasses.

I'm speaking at the online 2022 software freedom
conference, March 19–20

I’ll be speaking about the economic-dilemmas that public goods face

Not focused just on @snowdrift but relevant

Typing out unsettled thoughts:

I'd rather live in Cuba than Afghanistan. Is war best choice for innocent victims? We can be right + dead. Jews in WWII followed generations-old pattern of submission / lay-low / wait for things to pass; that didn't work out. But *no* reason to think Putin's plans are death camps. None of this is easy, but where are the questions and debates?

I wish this as breaking-point ending life built on oil, like pandemic ending assumptions about commuting.

My muse just popped this could-be meme into my consciousness:

What we're experiencing today is society rage-quitting itself.

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