“This is without question the latest news conference I’ve ever had” said Trump.

And I first thought he was actually being funny/clever and meaning "of all my news conferences, this one is the most recent!" HAHA.

Then I realized he just meant late at night.

I just used made up this metaphor while teaching:

When you sit down to improvise, accept that you'll just use the tools that you're already comfortable with… unless your goal is to be like Captain Beefheart and just say "I wonder what will happen if I use a hammer on a screw?" which is its own sort of experience.

Incidentally, award-winning level of being non-clickbait headline.

"Gig Economy Company Launches Uber, But for Evicting People"

Says exactly what this is.

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The light-detecting night-lights I have are built backwards. They turn on when the light starts to dim, but they start dimmer and get brighter as the ambient light gets darker.

They should be like phones, getting dimmer *along* with the ambient light, except turning on at all (at brightest) at a certain threshold.

Went to attic to get some old books to share with kid, first random book picked up and first random page I opened to was this.

humanetech.com/podcast#e22 Amazing latest episode interview with Audrey Tang about Taiwan's effective public engagement and democratic systems. Anyone who cares about politics at all on any side should check this out.

Inequality / garbage sorters / canners documentary I watched today, worth it and powerful


I've had this recurring discomfort with my own internal biases / expectations:

I keep finding myself surprised somehow when images of people I strongly disagree with politically look no different visually than people I agree with.

I've heard it claimed that most judgments of others are based in projection.

Well, I notice myself constantly asserting that almost everyone (even those I disagree with or who seem antagonistic) has the capacity to learn, to be open-minded, are not hopelessly partisan or reactionary, and that we can make progress if we treat one another with compassion and emotional intelligence…

So much of our political complaints actually come from dysfunctional elections. If you want good democracy, help spread the word about


Are there memes comparing seat-belts and masks yet?? If not, how do we organize to make some?


Naomi Klein on how to use crisis for good instead of letting it turn for the worst (which is a real possibility)

Where else should this get uploaded besides YouTube (use mpv and youtube-dl folks)?

Anyway, it's AMAZING


Discovered natural (downspout on my house!)

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