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"A belief that the part you play in any global issue is 'insignificant' is no justification to contribute to any such problem."... we need to change our minds, to change things.

@doctormo is now making videos? Yay! Brilliant developer (my Python mentor), and an Inkscape developer. Check him out

The free trainings were a great success! If you want to go deeper, we've got more training available. Sorry - these ones are all day, so free isn't an option for us this time, but we promise they're well worth it! More info at

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The best things in life are Mauricio's Drupal webinars! Intro to Drupal? Yes. Migrations? Check. First one starting in <1hr - sign up now!

Agaric is taking our @drupalcon
trainings online so no one has to miss out. Get fully into by migrating your content into it!

Some "good news" from the Microsoft camp: they've decided not to trust SSD manufacturers. Consider, though: Microsoft manufactures software you have very limited rights to. Do you trust Microsoft even more, with no ability to change or inspect what you must trust to use their system "securely"? With free software, *you choose* who you trust (if you don't trust the community and can't read/change the code yourself - find your most-trusted person/entity to validate it).

Has anyone worked in or with organizations that are sharing data with one another? Heard about best practices or academic studies on the matter?

I want to start asking everyone in my neighborhood Qs like what do they want in it, is their landlord parasitic scum, what are their skills or what they like to do and do they get to do it, what are their needs?

But i haven't found an organization to do that with, and all that meaningful individual and community data shouldn't be in one organization!

I just learned about

They seem rad!

here are their values:

🌱 sustainable tech choices
🌐 internet freedom
🔒 data privacy
💻 state of the art infrastructure

anyone have experience with them

Sex trafficking in the US from jails 

Whether you're a landlubber or an experienced captain on the priva-seas, you can help protect online rights by donating to EFF during our Shipshape Security Summer Drive! source:

In mildly-stale news, I just noticed that a RiseUp fiscal partner was Raided by police (posted on RiseUp on July 4, but the raid was on June 20). If you are have donated to RiseUp via their European IBAN mechanism, RiseUp says there's a good chance the German police now have full records of the transaction.

Feeling high on life...once again...for the moment, at least. Whether it lasts or not, doesn't much matter, only that I enjoy it while it does.

"A belief that the part you play in any global issue is 'insignificant' is no justification to contribute to any such problem."... we need to change our minds, to change things.

How I missed this for SO long is beyond me, but if you missed it too (and are a *nix geek) I recommend checking it out:

Don't forget to help support our instance! You can use my referral link to help make me look good 😛
The payment interface is a little wonky IMHO, but some careful looking around will get you there. The most useful screen is subscriptions (select from menu at top right), once you have made a contribution. If you elect to change your subscription, do it there, else you may end up with two active, as I did. Whoops (it's easy to fix)! @SocialCoop

You cannot really have an animal farm in the city.
But you can grow your own crops anywhere, even on your windowsill.

Break capitalism's spine.

Go #vegan.

If I ate your pet, what consolation would you find in my claim: "Oh, but they were delicious!"?

Finished Elinor Ostrom's Rules of Radicals for the and felt a bit frustrated with lack of concrete examples... A nice compliment is "Sharing Cities: Activating the Urban Commons" where you can see how these fundamentals of commons governance have played out in different cities:
Thanks @keiko for the extra push to open it up again!

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