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"A belief that the part you play in any global issue is 'insignificant' is no justification to contribute to any such problem."... we need to change our minds, to change things.

Anyone I know in MA that likes Odesza and has a car? :P

Anyone have any suggestions for computer recycling/repurposing? These are older PCs in varying condition suitable for running e.g. lighter-weight linux distros, etc. or otherwise being torn down. I have so much stuff, but not the time (or needed spare parts) to fix everything up so would love to just dump it all somewhere it won't get to a landfill instantly.

Show and Tell will be on Thursday at 3PM ET.
In a blog post from 2020,, Ben shares his views on how the internet has failed to fulfill its promise of mass democratization, and what needs to be done about it. This week, we will be having an open discussion to expand on these views, get into detail, and bring in new ideas. We are looking forward to a rewarding Show and Tell!

More info on how to join at

New post on my blog: "Self-hosting VSCode"

If you like neither VSCode nor Docker, pretend this blog post never happened 😄

For everyone else: this was actually quite an interesting experience and I love this setup!

Last week, our Mauricio was the featured guest on the Talking Drupal podcast, where he and his hosts, Steven Cross and Nic Laflin, discussed Mauricio's "31 Days of Migrations" tutorial blog series, the premier resource on migrations!

Agaric's Show and Tell is every Thursday at 3PM ET.

This week, Louis of NOVA Web will be giving a tour of

This is a live instance of Decidim, a that we discussed several weeks ago. Anyone interested in organizing tech across the US, join us as we experiment with new ways of collaborating to build a stronger network.

For more info on attending and joining our Show and Tell mailing list, visit:

Agaric's Show and Tell is this Thursday at 3PM Eastern.

This week, we want to discuss the future of and the FSF, as many are calling for the resignation of the entire board.

Rather than discuss who should not be on the board, we prefer to discuss who should.

What qualities should FSF board members possess?

How can we ensure community representation in the FSF?

For more info on attending and joining our Show and Tell mailing list, visit:

Use snowpack for web dev actively? Watch out for the v3.0 to v3.1 transition lest you end up deploying an app to production in debug mode! (snowpack build sets import.meta.env.NODE_ENV === 'development'...eep!)

So far 12 people have registered to use our BBB video meeting instance. Why not try it out? No need to feed Zoom, Google, Microsoft, etc. your money and your data (and your friends, collaborators data) and you can help build inter-cooperative infrastructure.

Agaric's Show and Tell is this Thursday at 3PM Eastern.

This week, we will discuss Design Justice!

Here are some questions to get us started:

What are some examples of design justice?
design injustice?
How do you practice design justice?

Design justice is important to our work, so we want to make sure it is on everyone's radar!

For more info on attending and joining our Show and Tell mailing list, visit:

There's been a lot of new supporters joining my Patreon lately - thank you! One day I shall be making FOSS audio tutorials as my main job :)
#unfa #Patreon

Thank you, for adopting and publicizing a sensible approach to Twitter: "...We need to be talking about free software in places where everyone is not already a committed free software supporter -- we won't be successful if we are only in our own echo chamber, or preaching to the choir. It's important for us as activists to be reaching the people on these platforms, even if we have some reservations about using them ourselves."

i may end up trying to write a longer-form post about this, but despite the urge to try to solve problems by writing code, there are *so* many ways for a tech-literate person to support existing activism that aren't writing a new app. just by knowing that linktree or buffer exists and helping set up accounts/content, you could make a huge impact for a group that already has expertise and connections in their area of interest.

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