Just watched The Social Dilemma. It was... Not politically what I hoped for (as in didn't really critique capitalism at all) but it sure made me even more sure I wanna delete FB. I know so freaking little about alternatives- making this account was like my first step. I'm way too tech ignorant but I really wanna change that.

@wetpaper I haven't watched it yet, but I was worried about that, that the solutions they present would be completely weak ( - sounds like it is the case...

@neil their solutions were heavy on regulation and creating financial incentive to not be mining so much data from users- like taxing data or something like that. Very much presented legislation as the answer. It's frustrating that the assumption is that capitalism is good and that for some reason it's social media that destroyed our "democracy"- rather than distribution of wealth. No ideas put forth for how just... Reimagining our society and how ownership works would solve a whole lot 🤷🏻

@neil they also act as if surveillance is something new and unique to the world of social media and pay no mind to the fact that legislation has set a precedent for invasion of privacy on the internet before Facebook was a glimmer in Zucks little eye.

@wetpaper I found some of the interviewees made arguments about the need for regulation that had a lot of implications that were left unsaid. It left me thinking the surveillance capitalism that we have is the result of political ideology.

@wetpaper It was a US centric documentary which was probably edited to be acceptable across the most of the political spectrum.

@wetpaper alternatives like Mastodon are also the result of alternative ideology.

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