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I know I've said this before but I was thinking about what I said last night about how revolutionary work requires us to learn how to relate differently and the whole influencer therapist thing and like, I think what feels dangerous to me is that people are *trying* to get at interdependence and struggling. On the one hand more and more people are talking about boundaries which is good but the message I think a lot of people internalize about them is dangerous and low key narcissistic.

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Ok promised explanation on what anti-social empathy is (re: my earlier thread).

1) David Schnarch defines empathy as simply the ability to interpret the thoughts and emotions of another person/creature. This is an inherent ability that everyone has, it is reptilian brain stuff- it's how you look at a snarling dog and know it's a good idea to back off.

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Trauma, neurobiology, call out culture thoughts 

1) There's this thing our brains do in the face of interpersonal trauma called "spaghetti brain" as defined by David Schnarch (zikhrono livrakha) where our brain literally cannot integrate an experience because our mind map (also ala Schnarch) of the person hurting us is inaccurate. Memory fragments and we suffer all kinds of fall out from this, our level of functioning literally has to be lowered to accommodate

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Call outs and anti-social empathy thread

1) For a long time I've been pretty pro- the "call-out culture isn't real" camp until I read a book over the summer about trauma and neurobiology that breaks down the concept of something called "anti-social empathy" (I talked about this awhile ago I'm thinking of going through and pinning some old posts so maybe check that later). Anti-social empathy is something literally everyone engages in, but some people operate more from that space than others.

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Fun fact I came up with my username because the day I made this account I had just seen a tweet made by an Italian-American woman who desperately wanted to feel oppressed and said WAP was offensive for being named after the anti-italian slur and "wet ass papers" popped in my mind and I thought it was the funniest shit.

Have you ever been scrolling and thought to yourself "did that person just smash a bunch of buzzwords together and call it a hot take?"

my mom: i have to go make the rolls
me: have you ever made like, one giant roll
my mom: you mean a loaf of bread?

Literally we have nothing of value in there. Zero. The car is old as shit and on its last legs. I know we live in horribly desperate times so I can't be too mad but I wish we could get a fucking break.

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My sweet child thinks our car was broken into again because it was the person who stole our car a few months ago and they'd forgotten their chapstick.

just over a year later we now have a sequel to the large boulder the size of a small boulder

I had a conversation with my rabbi this afternoon who has been doing leftist organizing for longer than I've been alive and it made me so sad that the left I'm a part of at least isn't more multi-generational. They remember a time when people were really building coalition, were handling microaggressions amongst each other in ways that were productive and educational and put responsibility on people for growing. I'm hungry for more stories of a left like that.

My kid was just telling me that they're gonna play a bunch of ring fit at their dad's house and take a lot of walks so they can get buff and kick Jeff Bezos' ass.

The trick to making sugar alternatives like stevia passable in your favorite dessert recipes is to replace them with real sugar

Some of my proudest moments have been those times I was able to cook something messy in a cast iron and have it be looking spotless and well seasoned by the time I was done.

being allowed to be mad โ‰  being allowed to treat someone cruelly

My partner and I send each other sweet texts when he gets to work every morning and this morning my kid saw me texting him and wanted to join and said "I love how you just are really nice and I really really really think you're really nice also will you get me candy at work?" (he works at a grocery store)

this hamster gif is so good that i'm uploading it again on its own post so that everyone may properly behold and appreciate it

Mama Mia! The CIA's main purpose is empire building! Yahoo! Okee dokee! :mario:

POV: you've been hanging out with trauma informed leftists

"Unfortunately due to trauma I will not be taking on any personal responsibility for anything ever. Thank you for your understanding. ๐Ÿ˜Œ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป"

Complaining about capitalism and being disabled 

I love how I'm so disabled I've never been able to work a normal job and yet maintaining my illnesses so that I'm not completely bed bound is super fucking expensive.

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