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I know I've said this before but I was thinking about what I said last night about how revolutionary work requires us to learn how to relate differently and the whole influencer therapist thing and like, I think what feels dangerous to me is that people are *trying* to get at interdependence and struggling. On the one hand more and more people are talking about boundaries which is good but the message I think a lot of people internalize about them is dangerous and low key narcissistic.

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Ok promised explanation on what anti-social empathy is (re: my earlier thread).

1) David Schnarch defines empathy as simply the ability to interpret the thoughts and emotions of another person/creature. This is an inherent ability that everyone has, it is reptilian brain stuff- it's how you look at a snarling dog and know it's a good idea to back off.

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Trauma, neurobiology, call out culture thoughts 

1) There's this thing our brains do in the face of interpersonal trauma called "spaghetti brain" as defined by David Schnarch (zikhrono livrakha) where our brain literally cannot integrate an experience because our mind map (also ala Schnarch) of the person hurting us is inaccurate. Memory fragments and we suffer all kinds of fall out from this, our level of functioning literally has to be lowered to accommodate

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Call outs and anti-social empathy thread

1) For a long time I've been pretty pro- the "call-out culture isn't real" camp until I read a book over the summer about trauma and neurobiology that breaks down the concept of something called "anti-social empathy" (I talked about this awhile ago I'm thinking of going through and pinning some old posts so maybe check that later). Anti-social empathy is something literally everyone engages in, but some people operate more from that space than others.

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Fun fact I came up with my username because the day I made this account I had just seen a tweet made by an Italian-American woman who desperately wanted to feel oppressed and said WAP was offensive for being named after the anti-italian slur and "wet ass papers" popped in my mind and I thought it was the funniest shit.

The british grim reaper arrives to take the queen's soul away. Being eternal and british (a hellish combination most especially for the british grim reaper himself), he speaks only the most ancient, original, and pure form of English, which happens to sound dead-on exactly like Dick Van Dyke's accent in Mary Poppins

And this is a perfect example of how inhospitable toxic woke culture is and how much it demands fawning and suppression of good faith discourse and critical thinking in favor of devoted and unquestioning adherence to an ideology over facts. That is a terrifying context to be trying to build a new world in. Especially for those of us who want a world that values autonomy from coercive forms of power.

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Were I to question this in that thread, I would absolutely be branded as a racist, insulted, dogpiled, and targeted for harassment. It doesn't matter that I've closely and deeply studied indigenous issues and histories of struggle for nearly a decade. It doesn't matter that colonization is a foundational part of my analysis of white supremacist capitalism. It only matters that I disagreed with some ahistorical woke take some random internet stranger had.

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Was the violence of boarding schools not enough? Was slaughter not enough? Was forced conversion to Christianity not enough? We are not lacking historical evidence to support the violent oppression of indigenous peoples. And the penalty for questioning takes like these is huge.

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Here's the problem: it has become commonplace to venture dangerously close to anti-intellectualism in woke culture. Facts just do not matter as long as you can fit your take into woke ideology. Any and all issues must be made to fit into this ideology. This to me hugely undermines the goals that woke culture purports to have. There are literally SO MANY WAYS to establish that indigenous religious traditions have been forcibly suppressed.

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Criminalizing psychedelics served as a scapegoat to explain the social upheavel of the time and to find a legal avenue to suppress political dissidents. White supremacy was a HUGE factor in this pursuit- but to frame it as if the sole purpose was to suppress indigenous religious traditions? Completely ahistorical and a watering down of the significance of this measure that was a launching point for what would become the war on drugs down the line.

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Now this isn't to say that anti-indigenous sentiment wasn't a piece, but whatever role that did play it paled in comparison to the dominant political factors of the time. Psychedelics were criminalized in a context of major social upheavel. That social upheavel was multi-racial, in a time where there were huge anti-government sentiments esp in regards to the Vietnam war, when white middle class people were freaking out about their children suddenly turning on them and rejecting the status quo.

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If it were the case that the criminalization of psychedelics was primarily anti-indigenous, they would have been criminalized a very long time before they were. Peyote is the only psychedelic substance that could possibly fit this, and even so that wasnt a national, federal initiative. But this tweet was talking about psychedelics in general, not just peyote.

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I just saw a tweet that said psychedelics are illegal not because they "open your third eye but because they are a part of indigenous religious practices". And here's the thing: if I were to contest that tweet directly I would get absolutely slammed as anti-indigenous. But the take presented in the tweet is absolutely ahistorical, and to me this is an example of a HUGE issue of anti-intellectualism on the identitarian left.

Here's a close up of someone's face from Seinfeld 


We really need to start going into confrontation assuming that people are likely to be upset and defensive and will act accordingly. Not only is it just plain normal to struggle being challenged, this struggle is made all the worse by toxic social dynamics that threaten things like public humiliation and harassment if you answer challenges "incorrectly". People are not obligated to perform perfectly at all times to prove their goodness.

Explaining to all the sectarian leftists that I have an open crown center in my human design chart and that's why I think there's legitimacy to all kinds of organizing tactics, strategies, and goals.

:bing: drugs for more prophetic dreams
:bing: drugs for less prophetic dreams

elon musk announces the cuckatron 9000, the robot that will fuck your wife. TSLA shares are up 10%

whoopsie levels are 31% and steady

(31%) โ– โ– โ– โ–กโ–กโ–กโ–กโ–กโ–กโ–ก

'horse archers'? how would a horse hold a bow

I feel like I remember reading about a way to automatically cross post things on mastodon and Twitter (maybe other platforms?) but I have no idea where, is that a thing?

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