Me: mom can we have existential sci-fi time travel movie?
Mom: We have existential sci-fi time travel movie at home
Existential sci-fi time travel movie at home:

Resisting the urge to block a complete stranger bc they look a LOT like a shitty ex-roommate of mine. I know it's not them bc the stranger's politics are too good (which is to say they are a bit more developed than a liberal who very recently moderately radicalized).

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My kid asked me to draw a character like in one of those "Italian cartoons" which I later clarified they meant a Japanese anime when I had no idea what an Italian cartoon was. They said I should send my character design to an Italian cartoon maker and that I can do the voice acting too. So see you suckers later I'm off to make famous Italian cartoons.

Kids are awesome and sweet and fascinating. Being their primary caretaker under capitalist patriarchy can utterly suck your soul from you. It's lonely but it's also filled with warmth and sweetness. I feel like that album talks about that and I just don't see art that is by, for, and about parents quite like this! (Deleted and redrafted to update pronouns- didn't know they were non binary but even more excited now ๐Ÿ˜)

I was a huge Fever Ray fan in my early 20s before I became a mom& I had totally forgotten that their self-titled album is totally about being an exhausted and isolated parent to a young child. It's like obviously an amazing album musically but I have a new appreciation for it just realizing how little art there is that centers the voice of parents in any real way. Like the tension between exhaustion and spending your days with this tiny being who experiences the world so differently than we do.

Sometimes I'll be listening to music on my headphones while my kid is watching something on tv- rn I'm listening to radiohead while my kid is watching an animated show about a farmer lady I assume getting a pig ready to eat- like putting an apple in its mouth and stuff kind of thing and it felt a little too appropriate ๐Ÿ˜‚

I joined the May First Movement Technology co-op and got the warmest welcome email that was so personal! Y'all co-ops are the greatest. Now I have to figure out how the fridge to make a website that isn't like drag and drop/extremely easy for someone like me who's techy experience is like... Customizing my xanga and getting one of those trailing glitter cursors on Myspace in 2004. Esp since my brain has been in major executive dysfunction mode and reading comprehension has been a struggle.

Hint for those who aren't aware: fatness is generally categorized socially in terms of clothing size. In the U.S. if you can shop straight sizes you are not fat. It's obviously way more complicated than that but if you're not in fear of getting poor medical care due to your weight, if you don't think about sure public spaces will be accessible to you bc of your body size (and can't imagine why they wouldn't be) you probably aren't fat.

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I may be tech illiterate with no idea what I'm talking about but why are thin people's comments not blocked on my posts about being fat? ๐Ÿง Like hear me out: a captcha-style thing that has someone confirm that they understand what "fat" is before they comment as if they are fat.

I can't not listen to/watch people talking about cancel culture. Just can't. Some former students at my (almost former) school have this hour and a half long podcast about cancel culture and no matter how much I worry I'll be disappointed I just can't look away. People's ideas on this just say SO MUCH about their general approach to intra-community harm and how shallow and non-existent it is or how developed it is.

Just in from my 4yo: Rockos Modern Life is not a documentary!

Does anyone remember when a bunch of people were trying to leave Facebook for Ello and abandoned it just about as quickly as they got on?

I keep getting this slow trickle of followers even though I haven't posted in... Like 6 years now? And I have like 5 posts and they're all about my cat.

Newsletter platforms that are free/low cost and cooperatively owned? Is this pie in the sky? I currently have wix which has a newsletter thing integrated and now that I'm switching my website over I need to figure out how I'm gonna send newsletters out! I had convert kit but couldn't afford it anymore.

Choosing a new web host to get off of wix: do I go with the web host co-op that is a direct democracy or do I go with the one that has a voted-in board that makes the decisions but has an excellent security track record for activists?

How wild is it that capitalists managed to convince people that creating a world where no one goes hungry or dies due to lack of access to basic resources is evil and bad

Just realized that both dude and fem shep voice actors from mass effect are major characters in the Long Dark and I'm way too excited about it

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