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Hello, for all who were facing 429 errors we believe we found the root cause and applied fix. Please let us know otherwise.
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@maiki can you confirm you can see this toot?

Hallo! we have filed an issue wth Mastodon to help us get to the bottom of the issue related to federation —

We'll update you as we get new information.

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@maiki can you please accept my follow? We're trying to debug issues with our instance.
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Caroline Savery (@care_save here on has written a major series of essays on consciousness and collective action titled *Transmuting the Trumpocalypse: Reclaiming Power in a Memetic Warzone*, which we’ve just published on

We'd love to have sensitive, critical, and co-operative readers —who could also add some thoughtful commentary in our forum.

Please check out the page and if you feel so moved, join the conversation...and toot widely!

Upgrade status update:

The image syncing is 50% complete, approx. 12-24hrs remaining.

This should solve some of the issues that users have reported.

Issues reported from other instances are still under investigation

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To all whom have been suffering from missing images, we have identified root cause... It appears some images failed to sync to S3/CDN. We are re-syncing as I write this but it will take sometime. Thank you for your patience.
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Mastodon has been bumped to 2.0 and migrated to new environment.

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Going to be an interesting read — SEC report on the 2016 DAO("Slock.IT)ICO.

The world happens in language, which is why writing is a fundamental art. A scientific truth or tech innovation only *means* what it does through the stories we tell ourselves about it.

Our world is a meta-fiction composed of realities that must be interpreted—and if you don't give your reality an interpretation, then someone else will.

How fiction works is thus essential to our meaning-making and world-building in general, and it's important for everyone to become good writers and readers!

Any musicians want to own their own music streaming service?

I'm looking for researchers/thinkers, with a financial background — who've spent time thinking on innovative financial instruments that look to bring external capital into co-ops, whilst preserving sovereignty and control with members. I have some ideas but need an experienced or keen sensibility for these things to formalise them. Followers — I'd appreciate the TootUp/Boost — what is the term, I forget!?