@malte Thanks for the visit! I look forward to the next! :)

@cathal @datatitian @mayel @SocialCoop Fantastic! I didn't realise the significance of the problem till now, literally not had access to my machine for 48hrs... Parsing the RIot chat it appears the team got to the bottom of the problem. Great work to all who supported, moments like these are the best ways to learn how to operate on a shoestring budget ;)... Qudos to having the determination and perseverance, it is a special talent.

My wife and I currently take no income and we are still injecting money into the business, every month and have cut jobs that the community desperately needs and personally are working more hrs. After consultation with experienced café owners and members of the community itself, who may I add commented several times our prices were to low, we reluctantly bumped them up.

As I said we wish to promote the space sans Facebook, etc, so any thoughts musings are welcome. More details can be found here — baobab.berlin

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Greetings all, I'm wondering if there any Digital marketers/PR persons here on social.coop who have tested strategies that do not require the use of the aptly named Siren servers. My wife and I launched a Community Café in the district we live in and is one of the most deprived in Berlin. We have a number of long-term goals for it, one being the conversion to a cooperative to ensure it remains a community asset in the future.


Mastodon will be down for the next hrs as we solve a disk capacity problem. Thanks and see you soon. Please boost...

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social.coop has been bumped to 2.1.3, which includes the new invite system. Hopefully, this goes some way to solving the ongoing onboarding issues.

Apologies, for the extended time to do this.... Unfortunately, there were a number of hoops we had to jump through, which long-term need to be addressed with Mastodon dev's to avoid further protracted upgrades.

#Socialcoop - German Co-op Peeps? 

I'm calling out for anyone on social.coop from the Germany co-op movement.

is hq'd in Ireland, but our operations are based in Berlin (Founder and development team are there).

Interested to know we can get any support - particularly for a few board members we have there. :)

Hello, for all who were facing 429 errors we believe we found the root cause and applied fix. Please let us know otherwise.
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@maiki@mastodon.sdf.org can you confirm you can see this toot?

Hallo! we have filed an issue wth Mastodon to help us get to the bottom of the issue related to federation — github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

We'll update you as we get new information.

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@maiki@mastodon.sdf.org can you please accept my follow? We're trying to debug issues with our social.coop instance.
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Caroline Savery (@care_save here on social.coop) has written a major series of essays on consciousness and collective action titled *Transmuting the Trumpocalypse: Reclaiming Power in a Memetic Warzone*, which we’ve just published on Metapsychosis.com


We'd love to have sensitive, critical, and co-operative readers —who could also add some thoughtful commentary in our forum.

Please check out the page and if you feel so moved, join the conversation...and toot widely!

Upgrade status update:

The image syncing is 50% complete, approx. 12-24hrs remaining.

This should solve some of the issues that users have reported.

Issues reported from other instances are still under investigation

cc @mayel

To all whom have been suffering from missing images, we have identified root cause... It appears some images failed to sync to S3/CDN. We are re-syncing as I write this but it will take sometime. Thank you for your patience.
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Mastodon has been bumped to 2.0 and migrated to new environment.

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