What is your favourite Documentary? What is about?

I can't believe is already a year old!


We've still got a long way to go on many fronts, but I'm so grateful to be part of such a thoughtful and committed crew of folks who're sharing the load in making this a Good Place to Be!

We're now the 92nd largest instance in the , with 962 registered users, who've tooted 63,409 times. Our has 138 supporters whose combined contributions give us a current annual budget of $4,028! 💖

I am very happy. The @civicinnschool crowdfunding campaign has passed the first round and has achieved the minimum to edit the . Remember that you can still participate and get your book or sign up for the online course en.goteo.org/project/civic-des social.coop/media/shXSrWIN8_EO

Only 72 hours left!

The next edition of the Civic Design Course will start in October 2018. It will be a very special edition. Make the most of the opportunity! Now you can book at an very special price🎉

civicinnovation.school/cdc/ social.coop/media/93ShdmqC9nXF

@CivicInnSchool and @CivicWise is promoting a 15 days in order to discover new civic innovation projects and best practices. Join us! civicinnovation.school/civicma social.coop/media/hNdCSz90kKgo

@CivicInnSchool and @CivicWise is editing a new book collecting projects developed by Civic Design Course participants > contribute and get your copy here


Nos está gustando mucho el cambio de formato que hemos activado!
Te esperamos este miercoles a las 18h30 para otro Escola Café!!!

facebook.com/events/1000548590 social.coop/media/R9p4PF8UlxCn

Estamos en directo para descubrir un gran proyecto Kaos155 que nos permite a los ciudadanos tener mayor control sobre la administración pública, con @ingoberlab coordinado por @montera34 para @datacommonslab youtube.com/watch?v=BjIaMdibT3

I really like the pedagogical approach of choosealicense.com

The goal of this site is to provide a starting point to help you make an informed choice by providing information on popular open source licenses.

c @ccamara @urbanohumano


To me @davidbollier is one of the most cogent teachers on the commons out there. Hear him interviewed by @thenextsystem: thenextsystem.org/learn/storie

Jerome Engel en su libro Global Clusters of Innovation, recomienda una política basada más en 'comportamientos' que en los ingredientes, porque son los valores y los procesos quienes marcan el rumbo de las personas y, por extensión, de las instituciones

elmundo.es/economia/2015/11/30 social.coop/media/hHemA8EXg9Zu

Hola gente magica. Estamos ahora mismo en directo para hablar de Innovación Urbana en Latinoamerica > youtube.com/watch?v=8PLF6jNKS6

Sometimes I delude myself a little but is a needed reminder that capitalism is alive and kicking and shiny (when it feels like it)

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