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Domenico Di Siena @urbanohumano

@eldelacajita Great! Looking forward to hearing from you. Let's chose two or three ;-)

Ahora mismo en la facultad de arquitectura de la UNAM en Ciudad de México....

I'm traveling to Ciudad del México... any of you living there?

@LeoSammallahti could you suggest some website or book about ? I'm interested more about the philosophy behind this new technology ;-)

@bes It's amazing. The url is broken... would you share the right link?

The municipality of Tirana is serious about Free Software

It seems like one of the main reasons to migrate from ownCloud to Nextcloud was "the fact that Nextcloud is offering an enterprise product which is 100% open source".

It is really great to see that more and more companies and public authorities value freedom and independence. Software freedom is not just for community and home users, everyone deserves it and need it!

According to the article: "The migration to Nextcloud is an important event since this is the first municipality in South Eastern Europe which is putting serious efforts in avoiding proprietary software"

Read more:

#FreeSoftware #Policy #Tirana #Albania #Nextcloud

@urbanohumano Another book on that topic is Raval, S. (2016). Decentralized Applications. Harnessing Bitcoin’s Blockchain Technology (1. Ed.). Sebastopol: O’Reilly. It contains ideas of combining and . It's an early book and probably no longer up to date, but nevertheless inspiring.

Despite what teachers told us, Wikipedia did end up being the most valuable resource for research. #Showerthoughts

@LeoSammallahti great to have you here. I'm courious.... why you are saying that Helsinki is so Cooperativism friendly? Would you share some reference?

Some called is claiming to be the "First People-Owned Company". Which is strange, since I seem to be writing this toot on the instance, but I might be hallucinating.

If you want to help drag their @$$es on , RT this thread:

@ntnsndr @xldrkp I'm specially interested on how blockchain could help the developement of decentralized organizations, like coop-platform. Do you have any suggestion?