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"(Reuters) - All foreigners in Portugal with pending applications will be treated as permanent residents from Monday until at least July 1, authorities said on Saturday, to ensure migrants have access to public services during the coronavirus outbreak."

"In the Coronavirus Fight in Scandinavia, Sweden Stands Apart"

... Sweden's approach appeals to the public's self-restraint and sense of responsibility. [...] "You give them the option to do what is best in their lives," ...

The New York Times is sharing a bunch of their Covid-19 data publicly:

> With no detailed government database on where the thousands of coronavirus cases have been reported, a team of New York Times journalists is attempting to track every case.


Github repo:


紐約大學醫學院擬讓學生提前畢業 支援前線投入防疫工作 (2020-03-25)

紐約大學:念醫學院不用錢 佛心政策「人人都有資格」 (2018-08-17)





而為了與其他人分享文件內的資料,雙方所使用的應用程式必須能彼此溝通。也就是說,即使雙方使用的應用程式不同,或是相同應用程式但不同版本,都不應該在資料交換、讀寫操作時發生任何阻礙。這種無縫交換的要求就是我們所說的「文件互通性」 (interoperability) 。



「第 100 例確診之後軌跡圖」(Trajectories since the 100th confirmed case) 則呈現各地區(各國)的確診數在第 100 例之後的走勢。歐美重災區過去每 3 天倍增。新加坡、日本是每 10 天倍增,台灣這一陣子每 5 天倍增(但才過 100 例不久)。韓國初期聲勢驚人,每 2 天倍增,不過目前壓到每 5 天倍增(韓國已有近 10000 例)。如圖。


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這網頁每日更新一次,資料來自 European Center for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC)。不用 WHO 的數字,這計畫說得很明白:錯誤很多,還不更正。ECDC 的資料涵蓋全球的國家(當然包括科索沃、巴勒斯坦、以及台灣),以及之前在日本的一艘國際運輸器 (International conveyance in Japan)。看到這裡,是不是覺得很爽?

這網頁不只是簡單的數字加總跟圖表。上面還有,舉例來說,「確診死亡數要多少天才加倍」(How long did it take for the number of total confirmed deaths to double?),可按照國家查詢。目前重災區中,義大利每 4 天死亡人數倍增,西班牙每 3 天倍增,法國每 4 天倍增,美國每 3 天倍增,英國每 4 天倍增,等等。中國,嗯,每 38 天倍增。

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全球疫情的數字,我比較常到 Our World in Data 計畫的疫情專頁查看。Our World in Data 是 Max Roser 於 2012 年在牛津大學當博士後時發起的專案,目前團隊大概九個人,有受到 Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation 的贊助。計畫的精神就用網站上這段話說吧:

"Our World in Data is created as a public good. All data is available for download. All visualisations are Creative Commons licensed. And all the tools we build are entirely open source."

我承認這個有打中我。這計畫的疫情網頁 "Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) – Statistics and Research" 在這:

... How did Taiwan achieve its successes in fighting the COVID-19 coronavirus? Taiwan's strategy in its response to the coronavirus has been informed by three key inter-societal and historic elements: Taiwan's state formation during the 20th century, the political culture among elites that stems from the former process, and the collective experience of the Taiwanese population in dealing with the forces of nature.

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"Lessons From Taiwan on the Fight Against the Coronavirus: Between Politics and Collective Experience" by Andres Herrera-Feligreras and Ferran Pérez Mena

EFF: What You Should Know About Online Tools During the COVID-19 Crisis

"By default, Slack retains all the messages in a workspace or channel (including direct messages) for as long as the workspace exists."

"Zoom allows administrators to see detailed views on how, when, and where users are using Zoom."

今年的 3 月 25 日是一年一度的文件自由日(Document Freedom Day),我們希望透過這個活動來告訴大家,不管文件儲存本地硬碟還是在雲端上,都應該採用開放文件格式,以取回他們的文件與內容的全部所有權,避免 – 經常不自覺地 – 被專有授權軟體供應商所掌控。



"Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) – Statistics and Research"

If you like updated data (analysis and visualization) about COVID-19, this is a good place to go to.

Social distancing is just capitalist alienation made physical.
All comrades should practice "socialist distancing" instead.

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