Updated list of #ActivityPub projects in development and/or ready to use:

Twitter -> #Mastodon and #Pleroma

DropBox/Google Drive -> @nextcloud

YouTube -> #PeerTube ( @Chocobozzz )

Instagram -> @pixelfed and @anfora

GrooveShark -> @funkwhale

MeetUp -> @GetTogetherComm

Medium -> #Plume ( @BaptisteGelez ) and @write_as

Reddit -> @prismo and Anancus ( @tuxether )

Google Calendar -> @calendar_social

Feedly -> #ReadAs ( @write_as )

500px -> @peerpx

#Fediverse #federation

Call for Participation in RDF-DEV Community Group


"The RDF-DEV Community Group has been launched: RDF-DEV, for developments relating to W3C RDF, including collaboration around applications, schemas, and past/present/future related standards. Successor to SWIG/RDFIG."

Yuchen Live Presents Outlet Drift performing Cactus Flower


玉成戲院錄音室 -- 漂流出口 -- 仙人掌的花



... Upon receiving the Nobel, many commentators were surprised that she had not reached the rank of full professor. In response, Strickland said that she has "never applied" for a professorship; "it doesn't carry necessarily a pay raise", so she "never filled out the paper work." More simply: "I do what I want to do and that wasn't worth doing."

Dawn Bazely: Why Nobel winner Donna Strickland didn't have a Wikipedia page


"On Oct. 2, when Donna Strickland won a Nobel Prize in physics — the committee recognized her work on a method of generating laser beams with ultrashort pulses — she was only the third woman in history to do so. That day, she finally got a Wikipedia page of her own."

How to Delete Facebook and Instagram From Your Life Forever (Brian X. Chen, NY Times, 2018-10-10):


"After I completed these steps myself, there was no sense of closure as I had expected. That's probably because I knew I might end up reversing the Facebook deletion for the sake of writing instructive articles like this one. I have 30 days to decide."

Well, ...

The g0v summit is live!

The summit is the largest in Asia on civic tech and more.
It has been held once every two years in Taipei since 2014.

By the way, g0v is a word play on gov in case you are puzzling.

Agenda: summit.g0v.tw/2018/agenda

Video (live and recording): youtube.com/user/g0vTW/videos

Feed: juicer.io/g0vsummit ()

About g0v: g0v.tw/en-US/about.html

The Taipei time is UTC+8 if you want to watch live.

Happy #GNU anniversary! 35 years ago today, Richard Stallman announced his intent to create the complete Unix-compatible software system called GNU (for Gnu's Not Unix): https://u.fsf.org/2on

"I thought about replacing Google Analytics with Matomo, but I came to the same conclusion that it didn’t provide anything I need in order to run Feedbin. Better to not collect that data at all." #privacy feedbin.com/blog/2018/09/11/pr

Full Moon Above Super Typhoon


"In September 2018, Super Typhoon Trami barreled across the Western Pacific basin, visible east of Taiwan in this nighttime image. ...

A nearly full Moon lit the tops of the clouds. At the time, Trami was the equivalent of a category 5 storm with sustained winds of 260 kilometers (160 miles) per hour."

(Image from NASA Earth Observatory)



Mid Autumn, Tainan City.



Food and drink in front of a histocial temple the night before.







公視中晝新聞:台獨教父黃昭堂紀念公園 台南七股落成


寰宇新聞:黃昭堂紀念公園啓用 陳菊 : 蔡英文百倍懷念


民視新聞:黃昭堂紀念公園啟用 陳菊南下揭幕



〈黃昭堂公園落成 陳菊致詞並勉勵基進黨〉 (芋傳媒 2018-09-21)






extremely cursed alternate Internet Show more

這兩天幫中部公務員同仁上「數位行銷素材製作」,介紹 Gimp, Inkscape 與 Openshot 三套自由軟體。結果這一期同仁爆出的創造力十分驚人。

另外介紹完 Gimp 跟 Inkscape 之後照慣例都會播出這一段教宗的影片:




my #Amazon review for a microsd card was rejected. The review consisted of a list of reasons I believed the item was a counterfeit.


2018 年是 playaround workshop (PA) 的十週年,自 2008 年起 PA 以自由、開放與分享的 Floss Art 精神,於台灣進行各種科技藝術等實驗性跨域的創造工作坊, ...

2018 年 PA 的主題為後科幻 (post science fiction) ...

This year 2018 marks the tenth anniversary of Playaround Workshop (PA). Launched in 2008 in the spirit of Floss Art for freedom, openness and sharing, PA has held various technology art and experimentational cross-field creative workshops in Taiwan. ...

The theme of the 2018 PA is post science fiction. ...

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