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This is not a series I ever hoped to complete but the following are before & after images of giant ancient cedars cut in the #Caycuse watershed in Ditidaht territory on southern Vancouver Island. this is happening with your approval! More:


first world shit that makes me irrationally angry at capitalism 

it took me hundreds of hours of research, planning, and execution before i could create a setup that allows me to programmatically control my "smart" lights, vacuum, etc without connecting any of them to a cloud service

and that's standing on the shoulders of the work thousands of others have done on the topic

It is true. has been blocked:

According to the whois record ("whois"), the site registered the domain name via, a registrar in China. is a solid podcast, adding little in terms of "new content" but much in terms of curation, composition, arrangement. Recommended.

Debian donates 10,000 Euros to fund free and decentralized live-streaming in PeerTube 💪

【穿石 】台南展覽座談會之一 - 公民


2020-10-04 (Sun) 15:30-17:00

地點:Google 地圖請搜「台南神學院圖書館」
入口在新樓街 台南台灣基督長老教會 歷史檔案館旁

"RTHK reopens probe into reporter Nabela Qoser"

"The reporter, Nabela Qoser, has also been informed that her three-year probation period as a civil servant will be extended by another 120 days, according to the RTHK Programme Staff Union."

More at RTHK:

"Union demands answers over Nabela Qoser probe"

"RTHK advisers distance themselves from Qoser probe"

[US] "NAS and NAM Presidents Alarmed By Political Interference in Science Amid Pandemic"

"Ending the pandemic will require decision-making that is not only based on science but also sufficiently transparent to ensure public trust in, and adherence to, sound public-health instructions. Any efforts to discredit the best science and scientists threaten the health and welfare of us all."

"... Its voice in the policy arena echoes the legitimate interests of the public and of society as a whole, and this voice must be heard in order to achieve a fair and balanced IP system.

We therefore fully support the organization’s application to join us as a WIPO observer, and hope this situation can be resolved swiftly."

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Creative Commons: In Support of the Wikimedia Foundation WIPO Application

"The Wikimedia Foundation, the organization behind the well-known free online encyclopedia Wikipedia, has made remarkable strides in advancing the goal of ensuring universal access to knowledge, a goal that Creative Commons fully shares. ..."

"I had to teach my Introduction to Psychology class today to 300+ students from my cell phone while I was trapped in my apartment building elevator with my two young kids."

"The objection by the Chinese delegation limits Wikimedia’s ability to engage with WIPO and interferes with the Foundation's mission to strengthen access to free knowledge everywhere. We urge WIPO members, including China, to withdraw their objection and approve our application."

"China blocks Wikimedia Foundation’s application to become an observer at WIPO", by KEIONLINE

Teresa Nobre summarized what happened: "China raised One-China policy concerns and wants [Wikimedia] to clarify its Taiwan-related positions and who is Wikimedia Taiwan."


(刊於《科學人》2020 年 9 月號)


Popula has been my favorite place to go for engaged reporting and reflexive writing. So excited to know the many independent reporters I admire, Maria Bustillos, Brian Hioe, and more, are joining hands together:

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