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Popula has been my favorite place to go for engaged reporting and reflexive writing. So excited to know the many independent reporters I admire, Maria Bustillos, Brian Hioe, and more, are joining hands together:

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I just pledged to support Brick House, a media cooperative:

"By pooling and sharing our subscribers, revenues, and expenses, the Brick House can deliver independent publications to readers collectively, efficiently, and at an attractive price."

A script that corrects the word "maker" into "guy who does arts and crafts"

"Maker space" = craft room

"Maker ethos" = enthusiasm for arts and crafts

"Maker fair" = craft expo

None of this shit is revolutionary, it's just stuff that your grandmas have always done. You are the newcomer. It's not any less arts-and-crafts just because it involves a 3D printer now.

"After over 10,000 arrests, what is Hong Kong going to do with all its dissidents?"…

> A first, obvious consideration is whether there will be enough space for what looks like a flood of prisoners heading for incarceration. Many of them will be there for very long periods of time as sentencing has traditionally been harsh in Hong Kong, and it is getting harsher as the Department of Justice presses for ever longer jail sentences.

> Secondly, what will happen to all these people once they are inside? There is strong evidence from history here, not least from the experience of jailed Communists prior to the Chinese Revolution. The lesson is that concentrating very large numbers of dissidents in jail turns the jails into schools for rebellion.

2020 International Symposium on COVID-19 at Academia Sinica, Taipei on 5-6 October

The Symposium consists of four sessions: (1) Overview, (2) SARS-CoV-2, (3) Therapy and (4) Impact on Society. This event will be conducted in English and consists of both live and virtual parts. Registration is required, but is open to all, free-of-charge. The conference is accessible on line to those registered, but we encourage those residing in Taiwan to attend the event in person.

Publishers Are Taking the Internet to Court, By Maria Bustillos

"In a lawsuit against the Internet Archive, the largest corporations in publishing want to change what it means to own a book."

Built to Last, by Mar Hicks

"When overwhelmed unemployment insurance systems malfunctioned during the pandemic, governments blamed the sixty-year-old programming language COBOL. But what really failed?"


This is a must read for anyone building and caring for systems.



In desperate need of a good Saturday night? Let's go!

急需一個美好的週六晚? 走吧!



"Because authorities send policemen with ladder trucks to take down white-red-white flags from private balconies:"


Sharing Experience in Citizen Science and Collaborative Data Projects

Citizen Science Development and Opportunity Forum

2020-08-28 @ 國立台灣大學 National Taiwan University

蔡友月:想像的病毒共同體——全球 vs.台灣生物民族主義之戰



日期: 2020年8月28日(星期五) 08:00-17:00
地點: 國立臺灣大學社會科學院梁國樹會議中心

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