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Anastasia Vasilyeva, an ally of Alexei Navalny, decided to play the piano while police raided her house along with other properties connected to the Kremlin critic

Which individuals/projects do you support via Patreon, Liberapay, Ko-Fi, OpenCollective, etc.? Which charities do you give to on a recurring basis? I've taken a stab at writing up my own list, here:

Would love to see other people's lists :)

"The mysterious photo of a purple flower that receives 78 million hits each day"

If you weren't among the 33,600 people 😮 at online #FOSDEM this weekend, be advised: 100% #FOSS for online conferences is production ready *today*. Say NO to any Zoom (or other proprietary software) online events from now on. Demand software freedom!

Wikimedia is hiring a Site Reliability Engineer that will work closely with my team(s)!

Let me know if you have any questions.

Boosts appreciated :)

ARK Alliance Community Update

Organizations registered to assign ARKs: 701.
Known number of ARKs in the world: 8.2 billion.
Amount paid for the right to create ARKs: $0.

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At #softwareheritage we are looking for a #Paris-based back-end developer. It's all #Python and all free/#opensource software (#FOSS) — which, by the way, we archive a lot of ☺ for #digitalpreservation, scientific, and industrial purposes.

Learn more at:


(2021-01-21) 內政部:換發數位身分識別證,依行政院院會決議俟專法制定後再依法辦理

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(2019-09-10) 內政部:數位身分證程序嚴謹 重資安

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