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A raining Tainan night, so here were posted a few nostalgic photos. They were taken earlier this year; the pub had been all gone.

〈柯文哲臉書粉絲人數變化〉 <== 這也可以直播喔? ;-)


Have not been downtown for a while. Happy to see old friends at the COSCUP reception.

好久沒進城了。很開心在 COSCUP 會前酒會見到老朋友。


... 中天女記者質疑柯,「你都記不清楚,為何還這樣講?」「已經四天了,都沒有回答!」柯問她︰「蔡董叫妳一定要問是不是?」她回應︰「因為你至今沒有回答,還是不回答嗎?」但柯轉身進市長室,仍無說明。

I am going to have a bad dream of this being used in sites of conflicts, e.g. Hong Kong right now.

This is looking very attractive!

"CutiePi is an all-in-one Raspberry Pi tablet."

Upcoming talk at COSCUP 2019 in Taipei this weekend!

「CutiePi 開放樹莓派平板」


自由時報(2019-08-14):柯文哲稱沒照旺中意思發言 蔡衍明:哪一句話

Our hearts are with the people of Hong Kong.

"All flights cancelled out of Hong Kong as thousands of protesters besiege airport over police violence"

... A group of prominent University of California faculty say they will step away from the editorial boards of scientific journals published by Elsevier until the publishing giant agrees to restart negotiations, which stalled in February and left the 10-campus system without subscriptions to some of the world's top scholarly journals.

... They were all just concentrating their lasers in an attempt to “set fire” to the planetarium, mocking police claims they can start fires. This is the joyous, comedic side of I’ve been missing amid the miasma of tear gas.

Have not partied for a looong while. This Friday evening could be night!

... New Bloom is celebrating our fifth year anniversary on Friday, August 9th at the Ivy Palace! Join New Bloom members returning for the summer and New Bloom members based in Taipei to celebrate the occasion at the Ivy Palace, a 1920s Dadaocheng Japanese colonial residence renovated into a communal art space.

Reporting on Digital Humanities 2019 at the weekly seminar held at the Center for GIS, RCHSS, Academia Sinica, Taiwan. A sampler of three papers and three panels were discussed, plus some of my thoughts and photos.

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