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Nan Shan Cemetery 南山公墓


I asked Jeanette about her plan for the weekend when I met her at the conference banquet. The conference had brought friends and acquaintances to Tainan, my home city. When she mentioned Oliver were planning to take her and David to a cemetery Saturday morning, I immediately asked to join them. ...


oldweb.today/nsmac4/2001110704 Get on an old browser on an old machine to search the old web. Oldweb is way cool!


"Facebook's latest test disrupted the news ecosystem in six small countries. Does the company owe them anything?" (The Atlantic, 2017-10-24)

**FAIR data and the roles and responsibilities of research institutions**

Speaker: Dr. Simon Hodson
Date: 2017-10-27 (Fri) 10:30
Venue: Auditorium 106 at IIS new building, Academia Sinica


Had trouble configuring a dual display setup for a new notebook. The system hanged up every time. Had been googling for an entire afternoon still not sure which way to fix it. Then thought it couldn't hurt doing linux kernel and xorg-server updates. Voila, that solved the problem! That is Linux Mint 18.2 with MATE 1.18 desktop on a Thinkpad x260. I am so happy and grateful!


《我是神經病》 豬頭皮 1994 年專輯傳奇復刻,買CD送黑膠,買黑膠送唱機,好康報乎汝哉啦


It was very crowded on the train. I was on the first car and was squeezed to the very front. Standing beside the driver booth, by luck I saw this young boy and the driver gazing each other. People on the street were waving hands at us, and taking pictures of the train as it slowly left Pingsi (平溪). ...


social.coop/media/JDoNnBhvai7r social.coop/media/JzrF1_0alLDo

I chanced upon this charming neighborhood in Tainan one evening and decided to visit it again the next day. I had good reasons. The eco-friendly restaurant in the alley looked very tempting so I made a reservation on the spot for the next evening.

The name of the alley seems to come from Yeh Shih-tao, a writer who once lived here. The restaurant I had my dinner is called Dao Syuen (島旬). It is quite good. ...

media.academia.tw/u/trc/collec social.coop/media/jDkwOcALd3vy

How Technical Collaboration is bringing new developers into the Wikimedia movement


"Technical Collaboration" is a team at the Wikimedia Foundation. They're doing amazing things improving the diversity of our in-person events and intern/volunteer programs (like GSOC, Outreachy, etc).

Much <3 to them.

Today marks the first anniversary of #Mastodon! 🎂

What's your favorite Mastodon memory so far? 🐘 Share them with the hashtag #MastodonMemory!





a room (長榮路,氣氛佳,文青咖啡始祖店)
魚羊鮮豆 (東豐路,店像雜貨店,多是外帶,但可內用,站立喝 espresso 不算內用不多收錢)
甘單咖啡 (旁邊是開隆宮,主祀七娘媽,作十六歲的地方)
寮國咖啡 (甘單咖啡旁邊,也可買咖啡豆,非常好)
浮游咖啡 (地方不大,也有啤酒,旁邊還有家順風號,也是老屋,可以看看)

暖暖蛇咖啡館 Café Flâneur / 𨑨迌咖啡



On Alisa, Yandex's machine learning-powered virtual assistant:

> An early version that used Russian literary classics as a training data set was scrapped because it was so depressing, says Mr Parakhin. "You had the feeling that after it stops talking it'll go and commit suicide!" But a revamped model will launch in October, voiced by the actress who dubbed the Russian version of "Her" in Spike Jonze's hit film.


(Never use it, but I doubt the re-do is for the better.)