¿Ya realizaron su actualización?

#Debian #GNU #Linux 10 "Buster" llega con actualizaciones de seguridad del kernel y trae 4 errores corregidos.

Si eres usuari@ Debian o conoces a alguien que use está distribución, es la hora de actualizar.


Governments deploy spyware against journalists, lawyers, and activists--and governments also harbor those companies profiting off those services. It's time to get serious about remedies and prevention. #PegasusProject eff.org/deeplinks/2021/07/nso-

Join monthly Tor Localization Hangouts this Friday, July 16!

From 12 UTC onwards, the Tor Localization Team meets to translate, share tricks, meet fellow translators, have fun, & learn about localization priorities.

At 13 UTC, we will make a call on BBB. More information:

SIB: Nextcloud in schools. Hear about their experience! 😍

SIB is a major, global public actor of digital services in the healthcare and public sector, supporting the digital transformation of around 500 healthcare structures and public entities.

¿Qué tan pertinente es navegar conectados a wifi «gratis» o públicas?

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Hi all! We're the folks behind Co-op Cloud (coopcloud.tech), a project which aims to build out a digital configuration commons for tech co-ops and democratic tech collectives. Our approach aims to maximise sharing, co-operation and reuse for setting up and maintaining libre software infrastructure. We have a public matrix room at `:autonomic.zone`, feel welcome! The project is currently in public alpha and super young ☁️ 🎩 💻

Ciber Herbolaria y Medicinas Ancestrales para la Seguridad Digital


Seguretat-privacitat, Cura de dades, Ciberfeminisme d’investigacció

List of GNU/Linux Distros at Mastodon | 2021 Edition

Please help share.

Calculate @news Canaima @canaimagnulinux
Elementary @elementary
Endeavour @EndeavourOS
Kubuntu @Kubuntu
Lubuntu @lubuntu
Mageia @mlo
Manjaro @manjarolinux
Mint @linuxmint
MX @mxlinux
Nitrux @Nitrux_NX openSUSE @opensuse
PureOS @purism Regolith @regolith Tails @tails
Ubuntu @ubuntu
Ubuntu MATE @ubuntumate
Void @VoidLinux
Xubuntu @xubuntu

#FreeSoftware #GNU #Linux #OpenSource

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Reminder: We encourage you to use the graphical updater to update your Journalist and Admin Workstations to SecureDrop 2.0.0 today or tomorrow, to avoid a manual update.

Please see our documentation:


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esta semana nos adherimos a la -> globalencryption.org/ porque creemos que el es importante, seguiremos promoviéndolo e implementándolo en las organizaciones donde colaboramos

⚠️ Tails is safe but not magic ⚠️

Tails is safer than any regular operating system, but it cannot protect you from everything.

Check out our new warnings page to stay even safer, especially if you are at high risk:

URSAL CARTONERA: Projeto de um pequeno grupo de brasileiras e brasileiros que residem, atualmente em Santiago do Chile, direcionado a realizar sob o pressuposto da autogestão, e sem vínculos nem apoio institucional de qualquer espécie para produzir e divulgar livros de capas artesanais sob o espírito criativo das editoras cartoneras que hoje estão espalhadas por toda América Latina.

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