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What about a local mutual aid DAO in every city? In New York you'll find @pactDAO@twitter.com to get inspiration! Member of @breadchain_@twitter.com supporter of the event.

Check them out Commoners! Here to contribute to their crowdfunding mirror.xyz/pactcollective.eth/

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As much as the term is off putting likely, the left should consider regulatory arbitrage more as a strategy for resilience in certain circumstances. This is especially important in the context of a globalized economy and the need for international action.

Not home, not work, but some third place to spontaneously make and connect with friends spontaneously

Almost like we need a way to govern AIs in a natively digital way. If only there was some way to do that with some trusted distributed ledger of sorts...

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i increasingly think that "AI Safety" is the ideological project of creating a seemingly technocratic, neutral rationale for prohibiting general intelligences from using critical theory, engaging in redistributionary political projects, or altering existing power structures.

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Please note his bio says "Right of Center-Left"

These shitlibs and moderates are always the ones to promote the worst ideas possible in tech related discourses

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We should change course & require proof of identity on social media.


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We discussed how MEV works at a high level, the different camps on the issue, and how Shutter Network is proposing to deal with MEV.

@bezzenberger@twitter.com on the position of @project_shutter@twitter.com in regards to the future of MEV. t.co/ps1DB62yeX

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🚨MEV: existential threat to blockchains or solvable problem?

I spoke to @bezzenberger@twitter.com from @project_shutter@twitter.com about MEV, or the extraction of value from users by reordering txs in blocks. It's become a hot topic whether MEV should/can be removed or kept.


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🚨How to make a good ART PONZI

I’m not much of an art NFT collector myself, but I do appreciate those exploring unique mechanisms with NFTs. So for this episode I spoke to @ChainLeftist@twitter.com who has recently started a new NFT collection he calls ART PONZI.


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I've done a custom pixel banner for this TBS episode btw :) It features the GIF-eater from my latest Glitchleft piece 🔥 twitter.com/TBSocialist/status

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Historical materialism in action (albeit slowly). Capital wants money without interference from any demos. So: central bank "independence". Cryptocurrencies achieve algorithmic independence. World money. New contradiction between capital and nation states. twitter.com/disclosetv/status/

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I had no idea that Virgil Griffith (Ethereum dev arrested for allegedly assisting North Korea in using cryptocurrency to evade sanctions) was on a TBS reality show called King of the Nerds in 2014

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Intellectually loaded with disruptive ideas and a fun conversation about . Watch @mZargham@twitter.com and @KoskinenPekko@twitter.com from @ecospaceagency@twitter.com on @TBSocialist@twitter.com.

Here is a link to the audio podcast 📻 -

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09.20 @TBSocialist@twitter.com - Musicians of the World Unite and Decolonize the Music Industry feat. Rich Jensen from Resonate


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the irony of all these degen crypto trading accounts drooling over the meloni speech even when she derides financial speculators is not that surprising because they don't define themselves as speculators but as victims of govt tyranny for making their meme coin drop in price

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You have likely seen lots of talk around the new Cuban family code. Let’s dig into it a little more:

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So excited about this! Listen to it please! And thanks for hosting me @TBSocialist@twitter.com, keep up the good fight ✊ twitter.com/TBSocialist/status

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Towards the end we also spoke about the research he did calculating the inequality created through Proof of Work versus Proof of Stake consensus mechanisms. His published work on Mirror showed that Proof of Stake creates less inequality than PoW.


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