🚨 Would Marx Have traded Dogecoin?🚨

This week I spoke with
about his video on a Marxist analysis of the stonk market, how Marx would probably have traded , and how many of the left’s criticisms of crypto hinge on liberal moralism.


let's start a militant socialist org but call it a start up to get money from VCs and justify it by saying we want to "disrupt" the landlord real estate industry, we can call it LNDLRD or some shit like that

I find a lot of online leftists very reactionary, not in the right wing reactionary sense but in the literally reacting to every bit of stimuli that comes across their eyes in some explosion of anger or frustration that doesn't fully adhere to the made up revolution in their head

🚨 ERP Technology Companies are Centralized Planners of the Economy🚨

For this episode I spoke to Chris D’Costa, the founder of Totem Live Accounting. Totem is building a real-time global accounting ledger built on the Polkadot blockchain to compete against traditional accounting and ERP software. During the interview we talk about how ERP companies are just a racket profiting off of built-in inefficiencies in their software


The left talks a big game about destroying Capitalism, but the practical models to replace it are sparse. Most are wrapped up with the moral outrage of the obviously oppressive and exploitative system we all suffer under that they don’t have time to think about the alternative.

NFTs are not crypto art NFTs are not crypto art NFTs are not crypto art NFTs are not crypto art NFTs are not crypto art NFTs are not crypto art NFTs are not crypto art NFTs are not crypto art NFTs are not crypto art NFTs are not crypto art NFTs are not crypto art NFTs are not cry

What if Substack, but as an NFT

Don't just subscribe to my toots, *invest* in them. Speculate on them. Strut across the financial world in the manner of a giant colossus, leveraging collateralized toot obligations to impoverish nations. Crush small towns and shopping malls in your emailed fist.

My toots could start your very own family legacy you can pass on to your grandchildren, like a fine Swiss watch and/or cheese.

This week’s episode is dedicated to crypto influencers. For the first half I give a crash course on crypto influencers and for the second I interview Tom Gillespie, filmmaker for the upcoming documentary “The Fakefluencer” coming out in April. The movie investigates BitMan360, creator of the ScooterCoin cryptocurrency which rewards people for doing scooter tricks. Sound ridiculous and unbelievable? Well than I highly recommend getting in on the conspiracy.


its a bit strange to see other leftists cheering on VCs just because they dunk on NFTs


This Sunday look out for my new podcast episode with
Tom Gillespie
as we talk about his new documentary The Fakefluencer and take a look into the crypto influencer economy. Get in on the conspiracy.

For this week’s episode I spoke to Emaline Friedman. She's an activist for the Commons Engine, part of Holochain, a social critic and theorist, has a PhD in psychology, a writer for Mad In America, a researcher at GCAS, and author of a recent book on Internet Addiction.

During the interview we talk about her research for her new book at the intersection of psychology, big data on social media platforms, and how it all brought her to and the Commons Engine.


Saying "stacking sats" is just a using a meme to obscure what you'ré really doing which is just wealth accumulation. It makes smart outsiders hate the crypto space and its constant use of memes to circumvent real issues in the space that are rooted in the structures of capitalism

Pistachios are the most addicting snack in existence because of the effort you have to put in to open the shell. It feels like you earned it every time you open another fucker up.

Just because the technology behind bitcoin is innovative, doesn't make it's monetary assumptions so. Hard money is not a progressive or even new idea. It's a system that favors creditors over debtors in the long run, the creditors being largely a part of the capitalist class

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