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Freedom: being able to make decisions that primarily affect oneself. Power: being able to make decisions that primarily affect others.

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I am a programmer in New Jersey. I have been on federated social networks since 2013, and am really into the cooperative model. I am into mathematics, anime, free/open source video games, and personality typology, and generally just like meeting new people online. Hope to strike a conversation with some friendly people here!

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Russell Brand doesn't seem that bad as far as celebrity anarchists go

If there's a controversy about Elon Musk will it be called "Elongate"?

If I were to define mathematics: Math is a process by which we persuade ourselves of unintuitive truths which are derived with absolute certainty from intuitive truths. Intuitive truths are called postulates, unintuitive truths are called theorems, and the act of persuasion is called a proof.

On the news yesterday I saw that a police force was "abolished" in reference to dissolving the force and recreating it. Interesting spin on "abolition" I didn't expect, but in retrospect it is predictable the term would be repurposed that way.

I think the key insight of duality in socionics is more generally applicable: bring together people with common values but complementary skillsets.

It's called samosa because you think you will eat some of it but end up eating mosa it

CS major programs need to be less vocational

1. computer science is an active field of research, not hinga dinga i can make factory methods for fintech give me my diploma, vocational computer science programs are responsible for watering down the field into a puddle of piss

2. software engineering is a real field of engineering, not hinga dinga i make electron app that leaks thousands of peoples data, real engineers are held to extremely high standards and computer science/software engineering programs do not produce real engineers

ๆ‡ใ‹ใ—ใ„ใ€‚You Tube่ฆ‹ใฆใ‚‹ใ“ใจใ‚Šใ“
#kotorico #cat

When they say "love can move mountains" they are actually specifically talking about the love of a mountain god

I could eat two giant bags of Cheetos and meet my daily 2000 calorie needs without any other nutrients

Diablo is fun so far. Does anyone know if FLARE engine supports procedurally generated dungeons?

I'm going to experiment with cultivating Allium vineale

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