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I am a programmer in New Jersey. I have been on federated social networks since 2013, and am really into the cooperative model. I am into mathematics, anime, free/open source video games, and personality typology, and generally just like meeting new people online. Hope to strike a conversation with some friendly people here!

The longer I'm on Facebook, the more I'm missing the absence of groups in Mastodon. It's a really nice feature to have. Microblogging is nice but it's also nice to have a centralized place for discussion.

@fred @tibike
Me: *has a coughing fit*
Dane: "Yeah that's a great country, I went there in 2009"
Me: "what"

I'm not too familiar with agorists outside of C4SS so this is kind of interesting

life's a game, life's a joke
fuck it!
why not go for broke
trade in all your chips and learn how to be free

why abstain, why jump in line
we're all living on borrowed time
do what you like
and we'll like what you do when you do it
and if they don't that's fine
fuck 'em

when you're at a job interview and they ask you what your best qualities are

My stomach meowed at me, and I don't know what that means

[Meta-.] # Insert the last argument from the previous line in the command history into the current line. This is different from using !$ Press multiple times to keep going back through each history line's last argument.

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