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If you support Vermin Supreme add πŸ¦„ to your name so we can identify each other

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I am a programmer in New Jersey. I have been on federated social networks since 2013, and am really into the cooperative model. I am into mathematics, anime, free/open source video games, and personality typology, and generally just like meeting new people online. Hope to strike a conversation with some friendly people here!

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Famous people considered by experts to have been furries:

- Hans Christian Andersen
- Lewis Carroll
- Charles Darwin
- Emily Dickinson
- Albert Einstein
- Thomas Jefferson
- Michelangelo
- Mozart
- Isaac Newton
- Nikola Tesla

I think eventually it makes sense for MATE and Cinnamon to merge. MATE for the applications, Cinnamon for the shell. It's just too much duplicated effort for very similar goals, if they are both targeting GTK+ 3.

Gamertag is how you say good morning in German

One of the more unpleasant characteristics of Mastodon is the number of people writing posts saying "don't argue with me or comment on what I said for XX reasons" It's a public forum. If you don't want anyone to comment, challenge your position, give advice or ask questions then I strongly suggest you DON'T POST THOSE OPINIONS PUBLICLY.

If people are worried about encryption and ID verification, and they switch to #Keybase, and the only thing they connect their ID to is their Twitter account, but they don't actually verify that,...what the fuck are we doing?

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