added zero based numbering for bitfield-db. this way i can search for the next/prev non-negative integer NOT in the set. I'm going to use that for unread/read message queues.

message queue prototype for the distributed key/value store needed by to denormalize OSM records

subjective moderation patch for cabal

tried to strike a good balance between effort/stickiness of moderation defaults to prevent toxicity while also making moderation delegation fluid and transferrable

with some more small fixes getting 100 million inserts in 225 seconds or 443k/s.

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single batch results for eyros, the database peermaps is built around. getting 30k-80k writes per second now.

finally have eyros queries implemented with passing tests. next up implementing tree merges.

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After the brutal raid by Canadian federal cops on #Wetsuweten land defenders stopping a fracked gas pipeline solidarity actions are under way in over 60 cities around the world.

Organize one! For more info go to

#Wetsuwetenstrong #shutdowncanada

props to marina for setting up the panels, charge controller, and batteries. and for making the excellent table workspace

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spent all day in the workshop finishing some wiring and building a stool. it's a very nice spot for working on projects now, especially since the holes in the roof are mostly all patched

interval database for peermaps can now build a relatively balanced construction on 3-dimensional data (2 range coordinates, one scalar) for 262k (8**6) records in memory in 2.8 seconds

"App update available. Reload to update." on pinafore is really cool UX. My dream would be for most apps to let you pick the version of the frontend you're running but this is a hopeful glimmer of that bigger idea.

found this website searching for how to patch a tarp. spent a whole day reading threads:
really useful gear tips, great stories

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For anyone who is uncomfortable with the multi-column layout of default Mastodon, check out the webapp - it's single-column with tabs.

somebody has already got dat:// working in firefox using the new libdweb extensions!

got a tcp server working in a browser extension. this could be a very useful technique for building p2p tech in a way that's easier to distribute and install than electron using the new apis from

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