found this website searching for how to patch a tarp. spent a whole day reading threads:
really useful gear tips, great stories

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For anyone who is uncomfortable with the multi-column layout of default Mastodon, check out the webapp - it's single-column with tabs.

somebody has already got dat:// working in firefox using the new libdweb extensions!

got a tcp server working in a browser extension. this could be a very useful technique for building p2p tech in a way that's easier to distribute and install than electron using the new apis from

this article provides a helpful overview to some of the fucked up history of the colonization of hawai'i

the construction is working now and about 2x faster than my js implementation when compiled for release mode. 50,000 inserts in ~0.8s

started learning rust 2 weeks ago by porting my bkdtree implementation in javascript. it's nearly working once I figure out a few bugs

I would probably use mastodon much more if the feed window took up the whole screen instead of being a narrow vertical bar :/

the new site is live

I ended up going with only the wifi demo and the undersea cable demo because those both look good and perform pretty well.

Did a lot of coop business today. Visiting the credit union, writing checks. Several hours in spreadsheets.

visualizing netCDF depth map from I convert the netCDF to a grayscale png with python and then created a mesh for 100x100 boxes scaled in height by a texture lookup from the png on the vertex shader. That height value also gets used for the color.

source code:

I also post on (, a fully p2p social network at @9nTgtYmvW4HID6ayt6Icwc8WZxdifx5SlSKKIX/X/1g=.ed25519

I use the patchfoo client because it's very simple, doesn't use much CPU or RAM, and spins up a local web server instead of electron.

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