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the new site is live

I ended up going with only the wifi demo and the undersea cable demo because those both look good and perform pretty well.

I've been pitching in to help our neighbors with their bee hive and learning a lot!

Did a lot of coop business today. Visiting the credit union, writing checks. Several hours in spreadsheets.

visualizing netCDF depth map from I convert the netCDF to a grayscale png with python and then created a mesh for 100x100 boxes scaled in height by a texture lookup from the png on the vertex shader. That height value also gets used for the color.

source code:

I also post on (, a fully p2p social network at @9nTgtYmvW4HID6ayt6Icwc8WZxdifx5SlSKKIX/X/1g=.ed25519

I use the patchfoo client because it's very simple, doesn't use much CPU or RAM, and spins up a local web server instead of electron.

Haul from 2 days ago. All the food on this table was free from neighbors and free boxes.

It seems that the avatar and header image upload features on this instance only work in chrome, not working in firefox 57.

This is where I live in puna district. We have 400W of solar on the south side and 220 Ah * 12v deep cycle battery capacity. We run laptops, lights, and USB directly on DC using boost and buck converters. We get drinking water from town and boil rainwater. The annual rainfall here is ~320 cm. It gets rainier the higher up the mountain you go.

hello! I work on p2p and webgl offgrid from hawai'i. member of