Don’t crowdfund anything that isn’t free and open source challenge 2022.

I'm speaking at the online 2022 software freedom
conference, March 19–20

I’ll be speaking about the economic-dilemmas that public goods face

Not focused just on @snowdrift but relevant

Our wiki article describing the core concept of the Snowdrift Dilemma has been overhauled. Deeper overall precise points instead of just general concepts (the general overview can be elsewhere)

This is a part of efforts to more thoroughly clarify the political/conceptual framework for the mission…

Other work toward actual launch still going on, too slowly, but we're still here, still working

I found this to be about the best expression of the whole state of issues with the world today

I plan to review more of and

@snowdrift is working to be one of many efforts to address these things, but struggling to get past the diagnosis stage and into the actual solving. Would love help and engagement and collaboration and solidarity from others who get the diagnosis is still working to get launched, and we've made huge progress in charting the path forward. You can help too!

New blog post "What Snowdrift Needs to Launch"

@snowdrift is applying as a high priority project at #fsf and I heartily support their inclusion there! Their innovative crowdmatching mechanism for #donations focused on #funding #foss is great, imho.

Judge for yourself. They wrote a very convincing blog post about their fsf application:

#Snowdrift still discussing some of the details of the mechanism, so all contributions are welcome!

cc @fsfe

Read our latest blog post to find out why would make an excellent addition to the @fsf High Priority Free Software Projects list, heading a new key area of focus, Sustainability and Growth. work lately has been busy but all behind-the-scenes, little to show yet publicly. Update from this week: successful transfer of all our servers to OSUOSL after 18 months of on/off planning. Closing our AWS account. This enables the Snowdrift team to not worry about sysadmin issues and focus solely on getting launched! will have a few representatives (a couple of whom are giving talks on tangential subjects) at

May also have a chance for some meetup, let us know if you'll be there and want to connect!

Blog post about being at upcoming

Links to talks, mentions the update that we'll have a table @SeaGL for the first time!

Several team members from will be speaking at @SeaGL in November

More details on our event posting at our forum:

Thanks to partnership with @OSUOSL we are finally getting our core servers and systems more solid and reliable!

Dealing with those things has been a major distraction and obstacle (costing us months to years even). We're now going to have that stuff in place as a stronger foundation for the rest of our development and organizing!

(Longer blog post coming once the process is farther along) will have a full booth at the upcoming LinuxFest NW April 26-28 in Bellingham, WA

Come hear about progress! We're also recruiting new volunteers and starting formal discussions with the first outside projects!

New homepage with fancy animated video is now live at

We only spent about 2 years of (on and off) work on it, so don't expect perfection. ;)

Hopefully, we'll get around to writing blog post about it sometime soon.

Maybe it's unrealistic to see excitement about a ToS or Privacy Policy but we've worked to make the best, human-readable, ethical new policies:



Primary driver of the overhaul is announcing our new forum (also highly adjusted to be the best it can be):

All connected policies including Code of Conduct have been overhauled.

Feedback always welcome. Coming soon: blog posts, more announcements…

some team members and supporters will be at 2018, this weekend in Portland and also stopping by the expo hall of next week.

If you're going and want to meet up, let us know.

Hi all, is an in-progress funding platform for public goods. We used to use @snowdriftcoop but that instance of GNU Social is dead.

Follow us here. Lots of announcements coming in the future.

A Fediverse instance for people interested in cooperative and collective projects.