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Alfonso Sánchez Uzábal

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Hello people,

I'm Alfonso, connecting from the Pyrenees, the mountains in the south of France.

I'm a developer and architect interested in to build free digital ecosystem attached to territories.

Here in the Pyrenees, i've co-founded Lab Place, a maker and co-working space in a little village

I also take part in the international network Civicwise

Platform to be aware of fires near you, to know the number of active fires around the world and to alert when there is a new one

Internet metaphors

" metaphors tend to communicate more about the values of society rather than the technology of the Internet itself"

"The electronic frontier metaphor conceptualizes the Internet as a vast unexplored territory, a source of new resources, and a place to forge new social and business connections."

A list of plain English words and phrases and the more lengthy, formal words for which they are recommended as replacements
I didn't know about this. Really useful to simplify English for non natural born English-speakers. But, what do the think English natives?

You may have heard about this yesterday, but it bears repeating: the anonymous Pineapple Fund has donated $1 million worth of Bitcoin to the FSF to promote and defend free software, computer user freedom, and digital rights!

Weekly Linux News – Jan 30th, 2018

The #LundukeShow is made possible thanks to the generosity of PogoLinux, System76, LulzBot, & Nerds Like You.

Topics include: Linux 4.15 released, terminal-based Google Play Music client, Godot 3.0, LibreOffice 6.0, Linus Torvalds’ father running for President of Finland, and the Free Software Foundation receives anonymous $1 Million donation in Bitcoin.

folks, only one more day to provide input on your experience with mobile clients! Please help me write a decent wiki!

Economía colaborativa, ¿utopía o distopía?

Las tecnologías que sustentan las relaciones e intercambios deben ser libres. Necesitamos alcanzar un mayor grado de soberanía en el entorno digital, llegar a adoptar la programación como un nuevo lenguaje; ser más conscientes de la información que generamos y compartimos, entender que “si algo es gratis, es porque tu eres el producto”.

He escrito en mi blog algunas ideas sobre la infraestructura digital que utilizamos en Civicwise para comunicarnos y producir de manera colaborativa

I've just discovered @HackingWithCare:

"As a collective we imagine, circulate, put in common resources and tools for care, according to hacker/p2p ethics."

Very inspiring meeting point of tech and humanistic approaches, of hacker and care ethics.

Take a look at its wiki:

In other terms: *WE LOST THE WEB* already. Not to the FCC nor the crappy industry-lobbying on them, but by letting oligopolies go too far and get too much of our lives: behaviour analysis & data collection, Javascript, X-scripting, DRM/HTML5, black-box hardware, etc. Time to move on. Take back technology. Invent the next, human-centric protocols, hardware and software commons. Break the oligopolies.

En Europa también importa que la neutralidad de la red ya no exista en Estados Unidos:

"La neutralidad de la Red es lo único que la protege de los dueños de las infraestructuras. Y EEUU es el kilómetro cero de Internet."

Without , backroom deals that prevent fair access would make it legally feasible to limit what we can do and say.

At the very least, it would ensure that only people who have lots of money could make their voices heard.

Ce matin, @bayartb était sur @franceculture pour parler de neutralité du Net et de l'hégémonie des GAFAM