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Hello people,

I'm Alfonso, connecting from the Pyrenees, the mountains in the south of France.

I'm a developer and architect interested in to build free digital ecosystem attached to territories.

Here in the Pyrenees, i've co-founded Lab Place, a maker and co-working space in a little village

I also take part in the international network Civicwise

Want to learn how to expel Google from your life? Check out the Reddit community!

“Should I pipe it?”

So, fellow developers, you know how we’re all told not to pipe installation scripts into our shells and yet we all do it anyway? I just rolled a little something that might help with that…

Here’s an example of the nvm install script, verified by yours truly:

What do you think?

Anyone with a GitHub account can help verify installation scripts (would be good to have two more for nvm).


Thoughts? :)

Systemd-homed will change the way we manage users and their home directories on #Linux. "Outside of including a much-improved security, systemd-homed will finally enable a truly portable home directory."

Interesting stuff, I'm assessing how this will impact our setup.

"How does a group of self-learners organize co-learning?"

Great question answered by

El segundo: el colectivo Jartura de Sevilla tiene una cuenta de Instagram maravillosa en la que, entre otras cosas, publican pequeñas biografías de mujeres sevillanas. La última dedicada a Doña Guiomar, que sí tiene calle en Sevilla

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Dos super proyectos relacionados acabo de encontrarme. El primero: Las Calles de las Mujeres, un mapa que visibiliza las calles con nombre de mujer en ciudades del mundo, y si están en Wikipedia. Iniciativa del colectivo Geochicas

RT Super duper Communities Essential Guide to Digital Tools — for Mutual Aid Groups - - also some governance advice baked in


Discord : Bonjour, est-ce que tu pourrais tout me donner, à vie, éternellement, et que j'en fasse ce que je veux. Allez merci 👌


Quelle licence #creativecommons serait compatible avec une publication sur #Discord ?
❌ Attribution (By)
❌ Partage dans les mêmes conditions (SA)
❌ Pas d'utilisation commerciale (ND)
❌ Pas de modification (NC)
Seule la CC0 et seulement si l'auteur publie, non ?


Laconica - Las redes sociales libres que dejamos atrás

Podríamos decir que caminamos «a hombros de gigantes». Las nuevas redes libres no surgen de la noche a la mañana y antes de las actuales existieron otras. #fediverso

Entrevista a Aziz Faye, portavoz del Sindicato Mantero en Barcelona sobre la situación de la comunidad africana.

Nos habla de la organización del sindicato, de la situación de los grupos de africanos que se acercan al proyecto, de los centros de internamiento de inmigrantes [CIEs], la campaña #RegularizaciónYa y las iniciativas generadas a partir de la crisis del COVID-19.

#ZintzilikIrratia #ErregularizazioaORAIN #RegularizaciónYa #FronteraSur #Migraciones

[veille] « Les quarts d’heure malvenus de l’hôpital de Saint-Girons » «Les agents ne comptent pas leurs heures, mais la direction, elle, compte nos minutes. » La colère…

Too often they fall into the trap of creating more Linux distributions. We don’t need more Linux distributions. Stop making Linux distributions, make applications instead.

Many times, I've seen arguments made like this: "I'd try Mastodon, but I already have Twitter followers", or "I'd like to use OSM, but Google Maps has better data for my city", or, in my case, "I'd like to use, but GitHub has better discoverability".

Platforms for which popularity improves the utility of the service are skewed in favor of the incumbents. New platforms face a chicken-and-egg problem. You have to decide - will you help it, or exacerbate it? Those are the only two choices you have.

Don't let that cool new platform die in obscurity while you wait for it to become popular.

Del al . Ideas desde el urbanismo feminista para repensar el confinamiento, y el concepto de vivienda a raíz de lo que estamos viviendo

covid-19, pandemic 

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Open Food Network Our open source platform enables new, ethical supply chains. Open source for a better food system

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