Big fat chum sight arching around the spring.

Thomas Campbell’s "Ye Olde Destruction" 16mm skate film with live score by Sun Foot.
Shout out to O for a fun evening.

Soul River Gala and Hidden Heroes Exhibition 2019.

"She Can Really Lay It Down: 50 Rebels Rockers & Musical Revolutionaries" by Rachel Frankel and Amanda Petrusich

Steph Tolev at Pacific Crest Comedy Fest.

“May the bridges I burn light the way” coffee mug at Tender Loving Empire store.

Upper Skagit tribal elder Violet 'Vi' Fernando dies at 97

"[...] Vi Fernando was a child in the 1920s, when she and her mother would net salmon from a wooden canoe."

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@Bashabez5 I think you’re in Maine so I thought of you when I heard this podcast.

"Century-old recordings combined with state-of-the-art technology are giving some tribes new perspectives on their languages and songs. Wax cylinder recordings of songs and stories from the late 1800s took a roundabout journey and are now providing new insights for the Passamaquoddy tribe, which has few fluent speakers left."

As of July 1, 2019, California banned lead ammunition for hunting. It’s a simple step to minimize lead poisoning in the food chain and is both humane and helpful to all.

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I love seeing people find their definition of success. I know so many people who are great talents and work work so hard for so long and it just takes them awhile to find that place.

But when it happens, few things on this planet make me happier when you can see a person exhale and *know* all of that work and sacrifice has a point.

That's a great thing.

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"we won't return to normality because normality was the problem"

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