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That sinking feeling when data seems to be missing repeatedly, and you suspect the last OS upgrade did not work as seamless as it appeared...

“The more car use is priced by the mile, and reflects congestion costs, the more efficient our transportation system will be.”

"Why Aren't There More Black People in Oregon?: A Hidden History”

Enjoyed Ori Gallery’s one year celebration last night with nice people, good food, and fun performances.

@JPEG If someone on the same instance replies to my toot, Amaroq gives me a notification. Does Amaroq have a way to send notifications about replies from users on other instances?

After serving sentence, felons may vote in Oregon.
“Voting Rights in Oregon for Person Convicted of a Felony:”

2018 Departed with 26” rear wheel by CW Zon aka カスタムワークス ゾン. cc @kuroringo

“In most years, the Yakama Nation, in coordination with WDFW, has harvested smelt from the Cowlitz River. Since around 2011, the Cowlitz Tribe has also taken smelt from the Cowlitz River for ceremonial and subsistence purposes. Beginning in 2013, the Warm Springs Tribe has harvested smelt from the Cowlitz River for subsistence purposes.”

@The_BFOOL Hi Ethan. Do you have any recommendations for services that digitize old moving picture film?

@mattcropp @admin Is there a setting or preference to show/hide all content warnings?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
1756 – 1791
Salzburg, Austria

Ludwig van Beethoven
1770 – 1827
Bonn, Germany

“In her 2020-2021 budget Oregon Governor Kate Brown included $16 million to replace the Wallowa Lake Dam.” This would assist Nez Perce efforts to reintroduce sockeye salmon to Wallowa Lake. Very exciting.

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