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poorhouse apples, painted by deborah griscom passmore, 1903

Great idea from a terrible company. Too bad a non-profit or similar entity didn’t implement it.

"The F.C.C. approved [Amazon’s] 3,236-satellite constellation, which aims to provide high-speed internet service around the world."

Solomon, from Ethiopia via ten years in Kenyan camp.

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world beater peaches, painted by deborah griscom passmore, 1905

This ten-lined June beetle aka watermelon beetle kept falling on its back. It’s wings looked slightly out of sorts. Maybe it had been attacked by a bird?

This NYT cover photograph by Jonathan Ernst is beautiful, one for the history books. Rest in peace, John Lewis.

The stripes on this blue jay feather are fantastic.

A flag enthusiast, a vexillologist, has been hanging a new flag each day. Here are two recent Cuban flags.

"Big Tech Funds a Think Tank Pushing for Fewer Rules. For Big Tech.
"Google, Amazon and Qualcomm finance a George Mason University institute teaching a hands-off approach to antitrust regulators and judges."

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