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@garfiald The New York Times Magazine 21/2/2021 “Garfield Variants” by Dan Brooks

Met a Tibetan mastiff in Portland today. Easily one of the biggest dogs I’ve seen in person. Looked like a lion from a short distance, in shape, color, and size.

“In the past 120 years, global life expectancy has risen from 32 years to 72 years, an astounding increase.”

Feature request for Mastodon: directory assistance aka help. An automated call & response for a list of official representatives of an instance. For example:

User: “Hello”

Instance: “ Owner, @admin Admin, Accounts”

cc @Gargron

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Even though the Raspberry Pi is a low cost single board computer I refused to support it in #Freedombone for years, mainly because of its proprietary boot OS. But actually the situation is worse than I thought.

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continuing #blackherstorymonth with a tribute to my personal fave, Lady Tournament aka Ms Jayy Dodd let's give our black trans femme leaders their flowers while they're still here 🌸

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Did you know that about 40% of the world’s species live and breed in wetlands? Unfortunately, more than 25% of these wetlands plants and animals are at risk of extinction.


@admin What is the process for federating with other instances? For example, @Matt_Noyes just tooted about Is there a list of instances with which is federated?

"The Inuvialuit people have found instances on the island of polar bears and brown bears reproducing, resulting in hybrid bears that share characteristics of both species. These individuals are not sterile like mules—horse-donkey hybrids—they produce fertile offspring."

10 pm tonight will be 21st hour of 21st day of 21st year of 21st century.

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Between 1970 and 1995, the black #rhino population declined from 65,000 to 2,410. | African Wildlife Foundation

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