I've been very much focused on organising on a local/level within Ireland the last few years, after first really becoming a co-operator within the international movement through involvement in a .

Discussing with some other cooperators about acting more internationally (outside of the more established institutions like ICA etc.) and I though about trying to gather a list of online spaces (such as social.coop) where we gather.

Anyone fancy chipping in?


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@Matt_Noyes Ooh, I was just looking for more info on Eroski (esp. the role of consumer ownership in the network). Have a favorite source?

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📢 Nextcloud Notes is a self-hosted app you can enable on your #Nextcloud instance and download on your mobile to store and manage notes 📝

Find out more about the features 🚀 and the future 🔮 of the apps revealed by their developers in this interview!

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Well this is cool! Using the , I uploaded some PDFs of fillable character sheets.

I only have the name “Cudgel” written in, but experimenting, I can add multiple layers, and then hide or show layers.

So... infinitely re-usable sheets.

Don’t know if I can copy a layer’s content, and I can’t copy pages of a PDF, so need to do a little more experimenting.

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Agreed, think there is especially a lot of potential for mutual exchanges of services with no financial transactions.

Here is some explanation of what I mean from an article about data coops:


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Anyone one interested in doing English-Spanish language exchange? Native English speaker looking for a native Spanish speaker.

Escucho para intercambio Inglés-Español. Soy hablante de Inglés nativo escuchando para un hablante de Español nativo.

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The 2nd part of our the DisCO Elements serialisation on Hackernoon is out!

"Socio-economic instability also provides opportunities for radical innovations & solutions based on human trust. DisCOs can address the present & looming future crises by creating bottom-up resilience & restoring our relationships - both to one another and the planet."


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DisCOs are living entities reflecting the values of its members which need care and attention to mantain their health and the well-being of the persons working there.

Get your free copy of the DisCO Elements here: elements.disco.coop

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I just published a new post that has been ~10 years in the making.

It's about my falling in and out and in love with social justice activism, offering a critique of the fundamentalist currents that can take hold in social movements.


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The Metsä Group coop, owned democratically by over 100 000 ordinary forest owners, will make the largest investment in the history of Finnish forestry industry to Kemi, a remote town in economic trouble. Forestry is the largest export industry in the country.

The coop produces 16% of Finlands renewable energy, more than anyone else.

Meanwhile the two other major forestry companies, both conventional capitalist firms, are outsourcing their operations abroad.

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Can anyone give recommendations for co-op branding agencies?

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Too often coops are seen primarily as a last resort to save what is dying - saving factories or local newspapers that are closing.

That's good, we should put at least as much focus on creating coops in fields that are in their infancy - apps, online shops, data economy, etc.

How is everyone on ?! :)

I've seriously cut down my social media use these days, and the extent to which I am on social, I'm on Twitter (as my Irish co-op network hasn't made it over here).

But missing all the vibes that's for sure. Any big news in the last year?

Wishing everyone well.

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seeking for an (app, system, document-format, whatever!) for doing local power mapping; i have a few different use cases in mind (political/solidarity-economy) and i'm hoping to find a reusable tool that is amenable to collaboration. open-source and privacy-minded are nice-to-haves but ease of use (both data entry and reading/consuming) is important.

Any or based co-operators or activists working in the solidarity economy still lurking on the fediverse? :)

Retoot for reach please. :)

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Newly updated in the ioo.coop/directory: @Fairbnb_coop@twitter.com is open for business!

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My goal is to read 30 non-fiction books this year.

Any recommendations?

Anyone has similar goals, should we revitalise the Social Coop reading group?

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