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Hi Fediverse, Happy to have joined. Long overdue!

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@urbanohumano Glad you asked! Biggest grocery store chain and private employer is a cooperative. Biggest financial group is a cooperative bank&mutual insurance company (OP-Group).

Planning to stand as a candidate in the OP group elections later this year. I have more enthusiasm than knowledge.

Especially interested in how old and big cooperatives could support radical democratization of economy.

No one should never hesitate to message me about anything, I am more than happy to help coops.

@LeoSammallahti anything cool in space that I might not be aware of? :)

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Hello everyone from Helsinki, Finland, one of the world capitals of cooperativism!

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Congratulations, , we have bylaws!
😍 ğŸ˜Ž 👏

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Some called is claiming to be the "First People-Owned Company". Which is strange, since I seem to be writing this toot on the instance, but I might be hallucinating.

If you want to help drag their @$$es on , RT this thread:

@f4dc @mattcropp Feels like a good model. Keep it non-corporate. Might also be good to identify the users behind the accounts, as a best practice - though don't know what peeps think about that...

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@samtoland It doesn't feel a bad thing. It should be something that can be transparently regulated by users, so, for example they need to be advertised as corporate accounts or if they do ads they need to be advertised clearly as ads with hashtags so the user can avoid it.

New start-up to support Ethical shopping - supported by all the best organisations (include a some co-ops) in the UK. But no info on actual ownership.

I'm trying to get an answer - if you're interested, maybe retweet this on ?

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There is no social freedom without economic freedom.

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Real tired of hearing nazi = nationalsozialism = hitler was a socialist = hitler was a communist

As if knowing the name of the party is elite knowledge and nobody ever claims they're something they're not 🤔

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@samtoland this was part of one of the earliest calls we had with @mattcropp and @mayel about whom would be for. I think we can reopen the topic now that we have a bit more experience with how our instance works :)

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@samtoland I like the idea, especially for coop businesses, but I do have concerns:
* Ownership/voting rights would create a conflict of interests, as they they would stand to benefit from the misuse of our data, so I'd want some sort of non-owner account type for them
* Obviously we don't want to get spammed, so maybe consider a posting rate limit or a self-promotion ratio (like Reddit)

As the community we are creating gains value, we could also consider charging for this sort of access

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@Gargron any plan to make mastodon live a month like April again? I read all the article about Mastodon social I find on google news and the majority of them are from April. Maybe there's a correlation and you could make mastodon grow fast again just by having some media attention again, things like interviews, declarations... and maybe you could incite some journalists and celebrities here.
Just some ideas...
However thank you for the hard work!

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Feels so good to be canvasing again! Out talking to my neighbors about how we can work together to make life in IL better for everybody.
* Medicare for all
* Publicly funded elections
* Green energy infrastructure
* Tuition-free public college
* Fair funding for public schools
* Progressive income tax

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@surveyor was aimed at these peeps (because it's a matter of instance policy) but the more voices the merrier - what do you think? :)

Hey - what do people think about 'corporate' (co-ops of course) accounts on (@resonatesupport for instance)

It is normally something I had very mixed views of on

Curious to know people's thoughts.

@datatitian glad to have you with us! :)

Let me know if you encounter issues (I am going to have to set up a support account - so I can get some others to man it with me :P )

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