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Great little explainer podcast feat. @aral et al.

I think for alone, it is worth considering having with a legal personality in EU. Our at least keep all data in EU.

@datatitian @mayfirst @ntnsndr I always have to get my shameless plug in.

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@jorgevega @platformcoop I'm meeting with the lead person with the Irish involved in the program. I can feed back.

Are the people EU-based? And are they aiming for a local/national membership or an EU/international membership?

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Greetings! New here, perhaps recovering from Twitter exhaustion, curious about alternatives. Sherri in Austria

@h are funding an initiative to provide incorporation and business planning support for startups that want to use the form.

A potentially powerful resource for

Worth someone from @platformcoop reaching out to to provide info on movement.

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Cooperatives recognised in EU’s future on collaborative economy

commends the ’s recognition of the growing interest for the cooperative model in the collaborative economy. This positioning sends a positive signal towards actors shaping a more diverse and inclusive collaborative economy.

via foundation (who should have a fediverse presence)

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⚠ ⚠ ⚠

okay reasons to block someone:

- you don't like them
- you don't care about them at all
- you don't want to talk to them
- you don't want them to talk to you
- you don't like their avatar
- they look like your ex
- they don't use enough emojis
- you met them 12 years ago and they smelled weird
- you love them too much
- you like them but don't like what they say all the time
- they don't like 🍍
- literally any reason it doesn't matter blocking is great


@mattcropp @Steve @emily and I'll be sure to keep my eyes peeled, and send anyone your way. ;)

@emily @Steve @mattcropp I genuinely can't remember if I did or not... Worth checking out the hashtag on the birbsite.

@tomcooks no, i think i understood you. I was just expressing surprise that people wanted more notifications when I wanted less. :P

But would rather people keep migrating over - get some critical mass on . moderation policy Show more

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@dixongexpat @mattcropp @ntnsndr little reading I've done supports @glenn 's thesis.

But will be interesting to hear back Adobe.

I'm not aware - is 'Co-op' a protected term in the United States?

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'The secret to the Uber economy is wealth inequality', a 2014 article by Leo Mirani published in Quartz

Anyone know much about - a la Device Co-op?

I hadn't heard of this phenomena before - but it seems a norm in the marketing world...

Wondering is the part just spin - or is there a co-operative element to them...

@mattcropp @ntnsndr ?

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Hey ya'll! I'm Michaela. I just graduated from Wesleyan University and I'm about to travel the world studying in Zealand and !


Interesting. But think you could be adopting a little maximalist position here.

Do you know much about the behind ? Or indeed their intentions re: CF?

Or are you making a presumption based on general users of CF?