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If anyone needs an experienced (~9 years) developer who can bring a team of professionals to help finish your project, I'm looking for clients! or reach out to me directly and we can chat about your project!

I inspected the yard both times and have no idea where he's getting them.

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I have let the dog out into the backyard twice tonight. Both times he has come back carrying a hotdog bun.

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@shahaan Ah, you mean systemd.

It's a shorthand for System of a Down, who provide the official music module for Linux.

"Hello Sam! I'm hiring for one of a crypto startups. They want to put a crypto wallet (and some of their currency) onto every human’s smartphone, but in order to do so, they have to build a way to determine whether someone is a unique human."

I normally just mark recruiter emails as spam, but I'm thinking about replying to this one with a novella about a distopian future where they've accomplished their mission and everything is horrible.

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I hate typing on touchscreens. For years, this was a non-issue since I had a BlackBerry Classic. After moving to a more modern phone (first a Moto e6, then a Teracube 2e), I wanted a solution that would make it easier to see and respond to SMS on my computer and larger tablet. I settled on JMP, which connects a number to an XMPP account, and wrote about my experience.

#jmp #xmpp #sms #messaging #foss #blabber #newleafjournal #TheNewLeafJournal

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Christmas is coming so with it I post my favorite meme for the occasion.

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Unpopular opinion: One should never call themselves an expat. Sure, it used to have a specific meaning, but nowadays, its meaning is just "privileged (white) immigrant".

Ever since I moved to Berlin, I made a point to call myself an immigrant, and it was surprising how many low-key racists got confused by that, as they preferred to call white immigrants expats to differentiate that from "the bad ones".

Note, you're not bad for calling yourself an expat, but it's worth a reevaluation.

On the plus side, various platform/online-only co-ops I've tried to start are chugging along at the impossibly slow pace of most co-ops I've ever been a member of, so maybe one day they'll actually be functional. Just to continue the list, those are:

Instant Messaging
Code hosting
Tech freelancing / consulting
Various cooperative software projects

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It probably doesn't help that I live in a very suburban area and the only way any of my neighbors communicate is with Facebook and the very idea of signing up for any social media again fills me with anxiety.

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Just started thinking about cooperatives I'd like to start or have already tried to start IRL and it made me very sad. I've tried…

Bike Shop
DIY Garage
Coffee Shop
Wireless ISP
Truck share
Bike share
Outdoor gear share
Land share
Community garden

With 0 success. I think the problem with community run organizations is that you have to already have a community, or have some way of reaching a large audience in your local area. How do you actually find people?

Playing with Lemmy (federated link sharing) locally and I really want to start an instance now… somebody stop me.

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Virtual machines were invented by Big RAM™️ to sell you more RAM.

While I'm sending out reminders for my various co-op pipe dreams: anyone want to start an server run as a platform co-op? We've got a mailing list and chat room, but we need a wider skill set represented before we can reasonably get started! DM me for details!

Hi all, putting the call out here again in case anyone missed it last time: is there anyone who'd be interested in helping start a cooperative codeforge (probably running Gitea) based in the Americas? If you're not already on the mailing list, send me a message and we should chat before the next meeting!

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by the way, since i'm on a roll getting folks on Twitter to unfollow me, here's another spicy take: "intelligence" as a concept is ableist and racist, it exists primarily as a colonial classifier, and if you think of yrself as "smart", stop.

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the realest posters are the ones postin for themselves 🥲

uspol, complaining 

Anyways, rant over. Going to make a donation to one of the local groups that works to elect Democrats in Georgia now.

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uspol, complaining 

Furthermore, not voting for Democrats because they're not perfect, or leaving the country (something most can't do), is a position of *extreme* privilege that enables political violence against less fortunate people who will be hurt by the horrible things Republicans will do or not having enough Democratic support to eg. pass climate bills, or student debt relief, etc. For the millionth time: Democrats aren't the problem, even if they're not perfect. Now go vote for them.

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