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A couple of months ago I wrote a post about #Signal's user-first approach being part of the inspiration for @snikket_im

I praised Signal for this focus, but cautioned about their centralization of infrastructure and governance.

I didn't expect it to become relevant quite so soon 😞

This week confirmed that 1) Signal does not develop their code in the open 2) they are integrating in-app payments via a new privately-held cryptocurrency that the founder is involved with.

#Decentralize folks! #XMPP #Matrix

That's not to suggest that we don't also need a simple messenger that doesn't require a phone number, of course, but having something that you can tell your non-technical friends to use and suddenly your conversation is encrypted without them needing to learn *anything new at all* was a big win.

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People (including Moxie) seem to think of as a messenger like Conversations or WhatsApp. I keep seeing folks say "we need a messenger that doesn't require a phone number" or "to compete with other messengers we need payments" but the truth is that Signal is and should be 1 thing: an SMS "text messaging" app that transparently makes your conversation safer without most of your friends even knowing that it's happening. That was Signals big privacy win, and that's what they should focus on.

Started getting emails about CORBA (a program for continuing healthcare coverage in the U.S. after you lose your work healthcare). I'm either about to be laid off and it just hasn't been announced yet, or there were slight changes to our healthcare plans. Should be a fun morning.

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I have to share this #programmingjoke every time I see it because it is too true 😀

Every #Developer Knows This Feeling 👀

I say "in the middle of the city". It's in an industrial area just outside the city, but the point is there is a major road bordering it on one side, factories or warehouses or something on two sides, and train tracks on the other side. It is surrounded by city like things, but is a tiny forested patch that feels completely isolated when you're down there!

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The Silver Comet Trail (long distance bike trail) is nearby, it would be difficult but not impossible to connect it if we could convince other property owners to allow for easements. Maybe put a tiny home on it and rent it out as a nice place for bikers to stay the night and donate the profits to the trail foundation? Connecting it may prove impossible though.

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Soliciting ideas: I might have the means to cooperatively acquire a 3 acre "unusable" piece of land. It's in the middle of the city in a deep valley that floods with no easy access by road and nowhere to conveniently park nearby. It has a very nice stream and lake taking up approximately half of it and it's heavily forested. Is there a way we could generate revenue with it somehow that we could donate? Using it to grow things comes to mind, but access for getting goods in and out is a problem.

I wonder if, when selling a house, you could put some sort of social good contracts in the terms of sale? Eg. "I'll only sell my house to you if you promise not to ever spray the lawn with pesticides", or something? Would this be enforceable? Or would it just be that no one would buy your house even if they weren't planning on doing that in the first place because it made them nervous to limit their options?

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Announcement -
Social Coop Happy Hour / Round Table Discussion on Agrarian Commons and Trusts hosted by me
I scheduled it for April 8th, 11 AM Eastern Time (NYC) = UTC-4. Does that work for you? Are you coming? Should we reschedule? The place is BigBlueButton:

I'm all for working from home, and I hope people are given the option of not going back to the office once the pandemic is over, but ask yourself how much your company will save on office space and ask yourself how much they're paying you for a home office stipend (if anything). Also we should think about what this will do to unionization efforts when you don't see people "around the water cooler" so to speak and the only way you can contact them is through company owned and monitored channels.

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In about 1:30h (16:00 UTC) I will give a talk at the #XMPP Office Hours.

The topic will be "Cryptographic Identity: Conquering the Fingerprint Chaos"

Feel free to join:


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This week's XMPP Office Hours presentation is "Cryptographic Identity: Conquering the Fingerprint Chaos" by Paul Schaub (@vanitasvitae) on Tuesday, 6 April 16:00 UTC

PᴏETᴇX (more bad limericks + pronunciation / TeX jokes) 

There once was a poem called PᴏETᴇX
That’s name sounded somewhat /pəˈθɛtɛk/.
  It was really quite sad,
  to see pronunciation so bad,
And to read such a terrible /ˈlɪme(ə)rɛk/!

I'll accept my Pulitzer Prize for Poetry by mail due to the pandemic, thanks.

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Limerick on Haiku 

I once tried to write
a haiku, but enjambment
ruined it right through!

So a limerick was
writ'n, that it would all fit'n—one
poem then became two!

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Let's make a colour together! <3


Talking shop, #golang question 

() folks:

I have a library with a func that takes a context, and reads from a net.Conn. A user was confused that the function would block on reading the Conn even after the context was expired. I said they can call `conn.SetDeadline`, but they asked that I also have the context cancel it. Is it normal to have the context cancel the conn.Read, or should I keep a separate deadline and require that the user set both?

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