Meeting a lot of people who are confident to tell me what they think the world needs, without first knowing what they need.

What if we renamed 'toxic masculinity' to 'weaponised shame'?

I'm using this thread to share thoughts + links prompted by seminar yesterday. Please append, ask q's and retweet if they're interesting.

Museum signage, also good advice for earthlings: "Please respect that you are a part of other visitors' experience."

Hey is anyone doing org mapping in the time domain? Not a roadmap visualising future plans, but like a musical score showing the org rhythms: which ppl gather at what frequency, when do we sync, what rituals can I depend on...

Feeling a tension at conf today: everyone talking about 'customer centric orgs', where my bias has been very 'worker centric'. Maybe the common ground is ~empathy~ driven decision making πŸ€”

Tfw when you're not the only anarchist at the enterprise design conference 😍

Ownership is not a feeling, it's a meaningful stake in risk and returns

I was just reminded about this: the best article I've ever read about group process facilitation...

Love you my hero 😍

I'm so into rn. I was looking for filler TV and found a deep meditation on male kindness. The haircut helps but I think the true transformation comes from having 5 men spend a few days telling you you're already great + you will get better the more you embrace yourself.

I had a conversation with about orgs, and . He recorded and published it so I guess that makes this a πŸ˜‚

Am I tripping or does this dress look pretty great on me

most of the ppl reading this msg need to rewrite some of their most important core beliefs before we'll access a new political reality

my problem with is not that men are on top, it's that there is a top at all

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