I've been overwhelmed with email from interesting strangers for ~3 yrs.

Testing new strategy today: removed my address from all public sites. Updated my website so you can call me free if you'll publish the convo, otherwise you pay.

What you think?


Government minister and conservative anarchist @audreyt@twitter.com writes for the NY Times this week about digital democracy in Taiwan.


Just published my thoughts on today's disaster.

Maybe the climate emergency doesn't need your approval, it just needs your attention.


wow we just handed out US$10k to ppl in the @enspiral@twitter.com network in our latest round of participatory funding. woo hoo mutual aid is cool!

we funded a bunch of f2f gatherings, an impact report, grantwriting, paid old debt, and helped push @betterworkBWT@twitter.com

in action

I marched with tens of thousands of ppl led by for a "grief march" on the weekend. Reminded me there is a light at the end of the tunnel, even when things look dire.


Sovereignty is to kinship as presence is to connection.

I used to think the British "sorry" was an apology for a small error like bumping someone on the train, so I replied "no problem don't worry about it". Then I learned it actually means "sorry we had to interact" and I've been making it worse by offering warmth and forgiveness.

ppl in London please join protest at the BBC at 1pm today. Indigenous horizontal socialist Kurds have been self governing with citizens assemblies for years. is now invading on a massacre mission.


Super inspired by the possibilities, what can happen when money and values are aligned. /thread

Popped in on London on my way to work in Sheffield. Had a yarn with Ian from a global mining firm. He loves his job cuz mining creates wealth creates community. He says divesting from coal just means selling mines to less scrupulous companies.

In a conversation of n people, fairness dictates you're entitled to talk up to 1/n of the time.

If you (like me) frequently take up more space than that, honestly truly, do you believe, deep down, you actually deserve a bigger share because of the quality of what you're saying?

There's a roughly even distribution of tweets in English, French, Dutch and German today at the launch of the October Rebellion. No longer a UK centred movement.

It's exceedingly rare to find good hospitality where you find good punctuality.

While Italy has many inefficiencies to irritate the northern and western Europeans, they also have a superior system for queuing: instead of lining up in order, you can mill around sociably. New arrivals just ask 'who got here last?' to manage the sequence.

Political communicators from have some advice about how to keep the environmental emergency discourse beyond the limitations of polarised ideological tribes:


I just published a short new story: On Leaving the Church of Social Justice

Considers the orthodoxy/evangelism/heresy dynamics in social justice activism, and suggests an alternate path.


.@dthorson@twitter.com I have a wish: with yr podcast yr gaining wisdom and knowledge and integrating perspectives and helping the field advance. I want you to stop every 6 mo and interview yourself, get on a soapbox and encapsulate what's shifted for you in the past period.

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