wild that the operating system of the self is runs all historical versions concurrently

tendermaxxing will continue until numinosity improves!

I obvs know nothing about history bc I would've assumed a population would soon grow tired of relentlessly escalating moral panics

one of the easiest ways to develop is to kinda simulate being a person that you look up to, like a child in the sandpit pretending to be a construction worker, playact "as if" you had some of the qualities of the people whose maturity you respect

there are not enough twetes please everyone let's all pitch in

there was a point in human evolution where we decided I'm not an animal but some of my cousins are, and they must be exterminated

I halfseriously believe all present day domination, racism, outgroup trauma etc is an echo of that moment

found a pack of smokes in the street. who do I have to thank for this

a game: next time you see a person or a painting or a place and you think "wow this is beautiful", swap the phrase for "wow God lives here"

every time the internet talks about one person at a time it is so boring

we hosted a big event last week and it crystallised a few crucial lessons about the "subtle vibes" skills of being a great host

I'll document them here bc I think they're transferable to all events hosting / facilitator / community organiser roles

do my kind thoughts have a material impact on the wellbeing of my houseplants

when I can't read my inner compass clearly

it's usually being obscured by blindspots

so I need feedback from the people who know me best

it's easier to host a complicated group process on Zoom than face-to-face because people take the authoritarian constraints of the digital platform for granted

being in a room together invites more negotiation and confrontation with the fuzzy edges of authority

feel bad for all the people with actual rigorous knowledge meanwhile vibesy guessers & syncretists like me get all the attention for a fraction of the effort 🤷

type o guy who wakes up gf after naps so she doesn't need to be alarmed

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