The growth you need is probably in the direction you don't want to look.

make an app where you enter a street address and it generates a page you can print, cut, and fold to make a 3d papercraft model of your building.

I think the data already exists:

To what degree is your enthusiasm a compass for life choices?

In workplaces all over the world, employees are waiting desperately for some manager to give them a "sense of ownership" so they can "feel empowered" 🤮

Rules of thumb:

1. You have much less control over events than you think you do.

2. You have much more control over the meaning of those events than you think you do.

I'm 15 hrs into's 'Awakening from the Meaning Crisis' and it is full of zingers like this.

I am having a happy time listening to this podcast with two of the kindest and smartest fellows I have met: and talking about economics, tech, and the new "Distributed Cooperative Organisation"

I'm really getting the hang of this socialising thing. I met someone new today and went a whole hour without mentioning the likelihood of near term social collapse 👍 explained me to a mutual friend with "Rich is unusually honest about his motivations and boundaries" and I have never felt more seen 😍

Been learning lately how I'm . Mostly has been an excellent journey of self acceptance. But I'm real sad for all my broken friendships that mighta worked better if I'd been clearer upfront, and all the times I beat myself up for not coping with basic life tasks.

I'm recently discovering hobbies after nearly a decade where I was incapacitated by my addiction to work.

What hobbies do you have? is my favourite twitter. Good at feelings and multi perspectives and working out loud.

The most exciting thing about is that these teenage revolutionaries will not be pacified by economic growth, unlike their peers over the last 6 decades.

This generation is likely to storm the Bastille.

This censorship is ridiculous. I tried to take a photo of St Peters Basilica at the Vatican but Almighty God sent down one of his holy messengers to block the view.

Srsly tho I think we're at the front edge of a massive trend of self managed workplaces BUT if it is not accompanied by self ownership, it'll only be a temporary disruption to business as usual.

I'm joining the board. Historians will mark this as the beginning of the Reign of Terror. Self-management and autonomy are out, bureaucracy and conformity are in. The future of work needs an iron fist!

Q. What's better than ?
A. !

I've seen this first hand and it's amazing.

Check out this excellent methodology from Colombia.

They did design thinking on Design Thinking and produced a masterpiece. reckons I shld coordinate a bunch of ppl to write a book about patriarchy called This Thing Fucks Up Everyone.

I want to collect stories of how everyone is worse off with patriarchal gender norms and better off without them.

Who would be a good contributor?

Oh you wanna 🔥 take???

Sitting down is the best way to pee in a Western style toilet, for almost all bodies.

Standing to pee is universally splashy and unhygienic and stinky and sitting is a good way to chill.

I wrote a tutorial:

>> How To Be Awesome At Spreadsheets 💃💹

It's a sweet intro to personal and

Caution: this could be a gateway drug to

Rather than teaching ppl how to lead, maybe we can teach ppl how to avoid crap leaders?

101: adopt a posture of seniority. display yr knowledge in a way that inhibits the curiosity + enthusiasm of those u consider yr juniors.

what else shld be on the curriculum?

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