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Richard D. Bartlett

my problem with is not that men are on top, it's that there is a top at all

Airplane mode is a good enough stand in for mindfulness.

My new story for blog: "How do we undo our personal traumas while we also undo the oppressive social structures that inflicted them?"

When ppl ask 'How do we increase staff engagement?', I'm reminded of a kid brother asking 'How do I make girls like me?'

Like, I know what you're getting at but, your question is leading you down a blind alley.

Don't try to change people's desires, try to understand them.


I saw a baby turtle. 🐢

100% of my org dev advice in one tweet:

> Notice what conversations you can't have, and have those. proposes mass direct governance thru quadratic voting + zero discretion law enforcement

Wonder if he knows about vTaiwan, which is taking a totally different approach. And it's real.


Wow I got the best reader feedback I can imagine: this story helped someone find their way out of a coercive 'spiritual' community.

😍 Go humans go! 😍

Forgive me, I have a rare condition which allows me to only reply to about 10 emails per week.

Is this a safe space for me to lament that I finally signed up for LinkedIn after nearly a decade of resistance 😭😭😭😭😭😭 ^

Awesome news: thanks to the support of SolidFund we have 10 tickets available for low-income people in worker to join our workshops. 🎉

Please share with cooperators around + .

The future is cooperative 🌶