first time I've lived in a place where the urban architectural beauty compensates for the lack of wild natural beauty

how many generations of Christians in your family tree? best guess

love getting up for my morning prayers (checking twitter)

mfers will literally struggle and sweat thru years of personal development rather than surrender to amazing grace

painful paradox of social justice organising: some of the more powerful people in society are the hardest to mobilise

would be fine if power were totally transitive and fungible but it clearly isn't, it's utterly embedded in context & relationship

just reading Extinction Rebellion UK's Constitution and I gotta say it's a beautiful document

attention governance nerds!

imagine a hypothetical climate movement schism

Team 1 believes it's strategic to not discuss race & colonialism

Team 2 believes it is absolutely necessary

T2 thinks T1 is racist & ignorant, T1 thinks T2 is fanatical and can't win a social majority

what do?

I'm governed by my calendar, not an inbox or to do list. lists and inboxes are infinite. calendar is finite. if you want my time it needs to be on the calendar, which means something else will be dropped.

one wonders why I started an async communications company when I abhor communicating asynchronously

when your tweet gets not many likes you get to choose whether to believe its because you're a worthless asshole or that your twitter friends are outside having a nice picnic right now

imagine arriving at an event & scoring yourself on these core human needs

if you have an excess, share it (eg use your status to elevate others)

if you're low, ask for what you need

we all come out better from the exchange

communicate clearly and you don't need disclaimers

fun game to play on twitter dot com:

find someone who triggers you and spend some time cultivating curiosity, respect, compassion and (boss level) friendship with them

treasure box looking sick af with addition of old silver airplane

developing self awareness of your character flaws is a great way to keep getting away with them

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