Important news for nerds of the 90s: there is an open source project called OpenTTD which has a beautiful cross-platform clone of Transport Tycoon Deluxe.

Obviously the best computer game in history because you get to make sweet trains.

The collective intelligence of Twitter is doing amazingly well, outperforming any official news sources in terms of quality + speed of info. It's amazing to see what happens when you focus a massive distributed cognition network at a single problem for a month.

Hypothesis: clarity of communication is a good enough proxy for evaluating leadership competence.

Look at govt communications from US v Canada and Australia v NZ today and compare them to death tolls in one month.

All claims of the form "the real virus is X" are dumb and will never be cool I promise.

In what ways are you being permanently changed by this process?

Eg I'm letting go of my need for predictability.

When and I decided to get married I knew I was gunna get a sweet passport but I had no idea I would also get homemade personal protective equipment!

DIY instructions here:

You're invited to join us for this session I'm hosting with some Stoics next week.

Alongsideness is that moment when you turn your head and notice there are millions of ppl on your team.

Friday April 3rd - 12pm NYC, 6pm Rome, 9am SF


What level of social connection have you had this week?

Good news: because it is so fucking weird to have a pandemic and be in quarantine and try to work as normal and you've done such a good job all week everyone decided that we can have Friday off hooray.

Literally every person I have spoken to in New Zealand has expressed genuine love and admiration for prime minister because of the way she is showing up during this crisis.

hey if you need some loud party jazz that forces everyone in the house to have a dance and stop being grumpy or lazy, I am lovvvving this mixtape.

great quarantine medicine! πŸ’ƒπŸ½




hey if you need some loud party jazz that forces everyone in the house to have a dance and stop being grumpy or lazy, I am lovvvving this mixtape.

great quarantine medicine! πŸ’ƒπŸ½

this moment is brimming with new cultural narratives in gestation

e.g. have you thought about how the people you go thru this quarantine with are going to shape your life story forever?

and basically everyone in the world is having that experience simultaneously?

I've been fixated on apocalyptic thoughts for more than a decade so it is nice to have some company y'all.

Have you noticed the collective intelligence of a network is infinitely smarter than the same people organised in a hierarchy?

Amateurs in networks are obviously outperforming experts in hierarchies in understanding the pandemic.

Experts in networks are even better.

Been keeping my phone in airplane mode till after lunch these last couple days. I am enjoying the extra cognitive sovereignty but mourning the loss of the unborn tweets.

wauwww I already thought these full face snorkel masks were pretty cool and then someone worked out how to use them for hospital ventilators, good job humans!

Just published the 3rd issue of my newsletter: notes from quarantine, plus my juiciest articles & podcast recommendations.

Lotta time with my fear lately. One of many lessons:

Nauseous, dizzy, twisted guts, trembling, achey, throbbing sensations persist when I attempt to disown my fear.

When I allow myself to feel my fear, it doesn't last long and often gives way to joy.

Good to know.

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