Police are ready with the 4x4 to try winching out the truck stage at Marble Arch

Police roll in 2 minutes after @GeorgeMonbiot@twitter.com takes the stage at . Peace continues.

I'm hosting a full-day training about decentralised organising in on Friday. thehum.org/patterns-training-g

rebels in , pls check it out and ask me for a discount/freebie if you need cc: @ScotlandXr@twitter.com

New economy sound good to you? Join us at the Stir to Action Festival in the UK mid July.

Local democracy, solidarity economics, co-ownership, community business, and more...

Early bird tix available for 2 more weeks.


PSA: this bot is trolling the hashtag with misinformation and images designed to start pointless arguments.

⚠️ @sensaycommon@twitter.com ⚠️

Be a pal: go to their profile, report them for spamming the hashtag, then block.

Holy shit, of all places, can you believe it's the Financial Times publishing this clear-headed and stirring article about inevitable near term social due to climate !?



My talk about leaderful organisations is out now as part of this online conference: gatheringsummit.com

Free registration for a limited time.

Holy places reconsecrated for a new movement of science-based nature worship and interspecies mutual aid.

Amazing line up of speakers for this online conference: gatheringsummit.com starts today.

Sustainable communities, ritual design, new divinity... sounds like

My talk is up on Sunday

Ppl say we need a 'WWII scale mobilisation' to survive .

I think the job is more on the scale of cathedral building, a 100s-of-years-long construction project motivated by our highest values.

So we need new stories as big as God.

if you wanna join the conversation, it's starting to happen on microsolidarity.loomio.org

start a crew, practice micro scale mutual aid, connect to a global network of people to learn and share with

fam! if you know ppl who would benefit from our decentralised organising workshops but don't have the means to pay, drop me a line. we have space for a few scholarships

we're doing decision-making on Apr 3 and communication+conflict Apr 6

deets: thehum.org/events

There are infinite ways to play . If they are rocks, and yer playing, that's !

Dear @NZInlandRevenue -- 4 weeks ago I sent an urgent message thru secure mail. 2 weeks ago I called and they told me to wait for a reply. now I am really in financial trouble, and still no answer to my mail. What do I do?

ppl in :

we're hosting 2 new training workshops next month for ppl in decentralised teams.

On April 3rd we are looking at decision-making, especially some of the "post consensus" protocols like consent and advice process. Then on the 6th we explore communication and conflict.

details: thehum.org/events


Before I die I plan to see some of these 1000 year old monuments reconsecrated for nonsectarian mutual aid societies.

Yesterday 2 different people asked to photograph me. Maybe Italy wants me to be a model?

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