New Zealanders are good at rugby due to pent up emotions

Virtue signaling is an anxious request for belonging in a collective identity that is primarily concerned with shared beliefs.

My progress on acoustic guitar is stalled by a specific point of technique, curious if anyone has any bright ideas: when I barre across all 6 strings most of the time I don't fret the B string cleanly

part of me uses twitter to harvest likes: a daily feed of microscopic affirmations that he is clever

Sometimes I feel I'm starving for wisdom on how to work safely and creatively with my power.

turns out after last year's dog attack I have a persistent fear of dogs. this is so predictable and shit

maybe you can solve the "too many meetings" problem by treating it as a tragedy of the commons

online course market is starting to saturate so I'm branching out into online curses

you'll know I'm simping when I bake you a delicious pie

Hi I'm a man who spent a few grand on therapy and it made literally no noticeable positive impact on my life because it turns out that most therapists are not the right therapist for me omg this meme is boring sorry I'll stop.

rule of thumb: assume all arguments contain no content beyond othering and belonging

Broke: motivation through self coercion
Woke: motivation through self awareness
Bespoke: motivation through consentful social accountability

so... doing anything nice once the toungin' is done?

if you can consistently beat the mindreader bot in this simple game you have nothing to worry about in the info wars

to everyone who is currently making bank on crypto I just want you to know you've earned it and I'm proud of you

rule of thumb: healthy power dynamics are *dynamic*, there's flow, change, turntaking, inversions and surprises

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