turns out that GarageBand which comes pre installed on Mac computers has really pretty decent music lessons for piano & guitar πŸ‘

In this house we do not use "utilise" because it is a hyped-up marketing drone bullshit status anxiety word that adds nothing to "use" except two syllables.

Normalise creating new norms by sending a tweet that starts with normalise. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

I'd happily trade my 5000 @Medium@twitter.com followers for 500 email subscribers.

In my career I've made roughly $50-500k each of:
- wages
- investment
- donations
- grants
- revenue

...and I promise the revenue is infinitely more satisfying and validating than any of the others.

maybe a good feature for any social platform: a button on every profile where I can indicate "I would like a 1:1 call with you sometime" and it will let you know if you match with someone, Tinder style

Accidentally triggered myself in a meeting today by talking about how I freeze in therapy sometimes. Oops.

One of our clients has extra high security needs so we are using CryptPad for our collaborative documents, project management, etc

It is good! Decent UX, encrypted, free to use, secure by design, open source...

Check it:


aaah after a long day at my desk on the computer it is so nice to relax on the sofa with the computer

If you want to be popular start a club for metamoderns with an allergy to postmodernism.

If I find something easy to agree with I will usually disagree with it to see what I learn from that perspective. It's a very antisocial habit but it makes me pretty smart.

Imagine if malign state actors were intentionally weaponising identity politics, knowing that they could mobilise a lot of people with a pro-equality agenda, and that few will criticise it for fear of being seen to not care enough about racism.

Wouldn't that be weird.

What were some of the themes of your self talk today?

I'm building an interactive explainer to make music theory simple enough for anyone to learn with minimal effort.

I would love your feedback!

No prior knowledge necessary, just take a look and leave comments. Thank you!


I just bought a piano keyboard on a whim πŸ€”

maybe it won't be so shameful to be "lonely" if we rebrand it as "horny for friendship"

Did you know "beyond the pale" is a racial slur that just means "Irish people before they were colonised"?

the best music teachers in the world are all up in youtube giving their knowledge away for free and I am here for it


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