have been in Berlin for fünf minuten so I'm having a beer on the train

weird there's no 'tindr for making friends'

like I know that's what twitter is for but most people don't so it's not very effective

tyrants cannot take power in an optimistic society

Dream interpretation please: I was staying in an Airbnb and accidentally broke an amazing mind blowing unique piece of art the owner obviously created. Woke up feeling extremely guilty.

when I refer to the 'twitter ingroup' I actually mean an archipelago of overlapping ingroups with no hard boundaries

was just in the shower and I had a brilliant idea for a revenue model...

I need to write about how people tend to mess up the "gift economy" concept when they're starting out, leading to outcomes that are the opposite of what they intend

this thread will be missing some important nuance but hopefully it's still useful...

the sexual tension between trying to make friends and trying to be popular

I'm once again fantasising about sending a torpedo into all of my formal organisational commitments and starting over with whichever friendships survive the fire

my extremely volatile levels of (un)productivity are much easier to tolerate when I think of myself as an artist

music theory breakthrough today:

C mixolydian is the same pattern as C major rotated 3 steps forward, ie from WWHWWWH to WWHWWHW

C + 3 steps is F

C mixolydian = F major scale

mixolydian is major scale with a flat 7th

so that's why the F maj key signature has one flat 🤯

have you forgiven your parents?

I'm curious if this is a common threshold that many people cross? what happens on the other side?

I'll share some of my experience to show what I mean, but I'm more interested in you...

the comedown from this lifelong "I'm clever and special" trip is going to be brutal eh

a really good essay connecting the history of cooperatives to the future of DAOs


stellar piece of work from @keikreutler@twitter.com

I recommend taking 3 min to enjoy this romantic and good tune*


*if you are a babe pls imagine I sent this to you in a personalised DM

when I write a popular tweet I want to believe its because I said something true or useful but then I remember that's not the Web we built

winter is for Christmas and summer is for New Years both hemispheres are wrong

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