I can't help but wonder: are perfectly balanced? Do they bend towards insight / meaning / growth? Or do they tip towards meaningless distracting hall of mirrors riddle nonsense?

I've made a pretty good career by seeking revenge for my childhood. 🤺

"If you're wondering whether you identify as , spend time amongst autistic people... If you notice you relate to these people much better than to others, if they make you feel safe, and if they understand you, you have arrived." 💜 @jornbettin@twitter.com autcollab.org/projects/a-commu

I'm curious: to me it seems the lessons of Jo Freeman's Tyranny of Structurelessness are extremely slow in propagating out into the world. Orgs keep tryna ditch structure and are shocked when it doesn't produce equity.

Do you agree that it is slow? How do you explain this?

A beautiful case study of exactly how NOT to do a self organised workplace, by @duriandemocracy@twitter.com.

Via @SimonFParker@twitter.com link.medium.com/KfKxsDogcZ

Pro tip for the coming : the most important survival skill is how to grow trust.

Can you help me find a mentor?

I want to be in relationship with someone who is maybe in their 50's+, who has written a few accessible non fiction books to nudge the evolution of culture.

Who should I ask?

I want to love Buckminster Fuller but geodesic domes have such crap acoustics I can't get over it.

Also discussing methods for peer support within . I've been testing and collecting recipes here: microsolidarity.cc/crewing

cc: @lizbarry@twitter.com

Talking with @lizbarry@twitter.com about accountability in

Love this article from @ManuelKublbock@twitter.com about promises and consequences in a self-organising context.


Yay and verily, it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of the needle, than for an insight to pass through a Facebook post.

“we can hope not just for freedom from the economy but for freedom in the economy.”

This is my jam!

Great read from @mangabeiraunger@twitter.com

Tenders are open for someone to run the Citizens Assembly that will inform the UK House of Commons' response to climate change.

Who needs to know about this? @edsaperia@twitter.com @edgeryders@twitter.com @UsePolis@twitter.com @colinmegill@twitter.com @audreyt@twitter.com @shuyanglin@twitter.com



marae is an amazing radical community space built by extraordinary love courage and generosity. The main structure burnt to the ground last night. Donating here is guaranteed to have a huge positive impact for many communities.


Wow @facebook@twitter.com catching up with @Loomio@twitter.com 7 years after we discovered online conversations are much better with rules roles and purpose.

Maybe in 7 more years they'll discover that the business model decides whether or not your platform is a force for positive social change.

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