the opposite of peace is not violence it's narcissism

peacemaking (like narcissism) is a fractal process

how much anxiety is cured by being around people who are less anxious?

I don't understand how corruption works: can someone help me speculate about the likelihood that Italy is faking the numbers to keep the economy open for tourism season?


cringeing coping and simping are all fine don't worry about it

One of the hardest parts of my job is the persistent belief that good relationships require shared mental models (eg we can't talk about power dynamics till everyone agrees with intersectionality).

I don't buy it, which puts me in a very weird minority.

How do you describe the thing that is happening when you are in a deep conversation and you pause mid sentence and your gaze shifts up and out as if you were "looking for the right words to say"?

What is going on for you in those moments?

I'm so deep into WhatsApp bankruptcy I'm ghosting my mum 😔

Srsly funny to watch teenagers mock my partner's unshaved armpits thinking they are being cool + mean, oblivious that their allergy is not to the hair but to the implication that it is possible to exit the arbitrary conformity pressures that control most of their choices.

Instead of an internal monologue I have an internal TL

If you ever find yourself missing twitter but lacking electricity simply collect 100 books at random and read the first sentence of each before you move onto the second.

Just realised that a carpenter's plane is a tool for making an irregular surface into a flat plane.

It's cool how you never stop learning your native language.

I was a bit drunk last night and something about this house struck me as more 3 dimensional than usual. Now I am sober it is good to confirm that observation as correct.

I think many contemporary humans don't identify as Christians so they ignore or mock Christianity without realising that their ways of understanding the world are still very strongly formed by some of the mega narratives of Christianity

scrolling the TL with unread notifications ticking up has the same effect on me as edging

What questions do you ask to open up an interesting conversation with someone with whom you don't have friends or obvious interests in common?

what's at the intersection of your and your parents' youtube algorithms?

mine is like, highly skilled brick masons making a roof:

When was the last time we had a generation convinced of the imminent demise of society?

Did it go well?

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