my first redpill was giving up on the myth of having superior music taste

only midwits believe that elites are very well coordinated eh?

new experiment: I'm going to stop discouraging DMs and GCs for a bit

just found the awesome 14 year old rapper / producer

check this smooth flow:

in September I'm running a practical short course in community building: the Microsolidarity Practice Program

this is the 7th iteration of the course, so I want to do this one a bit different - I want to fill the room with twitter friends


it's not immediately obvious but in many cases the most effective way to signal boost an under appreciated tweet is to write a thoughtful reply

if you find me annoying I hereby consent to you calling me Bitchard Fartlett

I learned a cool fact: in Italy the twin who comes out first is considered the *youngest* because of the principle of 'first in / last out' 😎

someone with embodied awareness pls explain the connection:

- my left calf muscle is always tight
- when I hike with 2 equal poles in hand the left one feels an inch or two shorter than the right

using this app to prune 90% of my follows

obvs I want to unfollow all brand accounts, but also noticing I get no joy from humans that behave like brands, eg, selling the correct political position

should I start an org to collect, develop and disseminate experiments in democratic organising, at all scales, globally?

Oh duh I just realised why I kinda hate being an immigrant: I've gone from upper quartile to lower quartile in social capital. Sucks.

I've been self employed for ~15 years.

Sometimes I think about "getting a job" but it feels so foreign, I don't know what opportunities are out there or where I could make a decent contribution.

Can you help me think this through?

oh people are angry at $100k acid baby because they believe in an objective hierarchy of suffering? like there's a list of things you can feel bad about and the degree of pain you feel should match how bad the thing is rated on the official list of bad things?

guy who shows up in the replies periodically to tell you your ideas are bad and complain that he's not more popular

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