marae is an amazing radical community space built by extraordinary love courage and generosity. The main structure burnt to the ground last night. Donating here is guaranteed to have a huge positive impact for many communities.

Wow catching up with 7 years after we discovered online conversations are much better with rules roles and purpose.

Maybe in 7 more years they'll discover that the business model decides whether or not your platform is a force for positive social change.

I have a dream that makes political strategy cool again.

I'm impressed with the quality of thinking in the core of the movement. Roger seems much more interested in being effective than being right or good or fitting in.

True story: I got this backpack from a year ago. Used everyday since. Still good as new. Mega quality, recycled materials, super design. No annoying bits. I don't usually care about products but this is a very good product!

Dreamed that secretly put a radio in my head. Mysteriously drawn to a house where I met others with the implants. Slowly realised we could communicate telepathically. Together formed a mesh network with a window into cosmic consciousness.

Pretty reasonable.

What are some of the good things about ?

(serious Q, pls save the snark for later)

Some spaces left for our decentralised organising workshop in May 16&17. Decisions, roles, power, conflict, comms + more!

We have a couple scholarships so pls share this with people in etc

So far so good. UK government just delivered on the 1st demand of , declaring a climate and ecological emergency.

You don't get to eat the dessert of self management until you eat your vegetables of personal development.

“We need you for the long haul. We need you soft and open. If you do need to go to the battle lines, please make sure you’ve got someone back home to run the bath and pat your head.”

Police are ready with the 4x4 to try winching out the truck stage at Marble Arch

Police roll in 2 minutes after takes the stage at . Peace continues.

I'm hosting a full-day training about decentralised organising in on Friday.

rebels in , pls check it out and ask me for a discount/freebie if you need cc:

New economy sound good to you? Join us at the Stir to Action Festival in the UK mid July.

Local democracy, solidarity economics, co-ownership, community business, and more...

Early bird tix available for 2 more weeks.

PSA: this bot is trolling the hashtag with misinformation and images designed to start pointless arguments.

⚠️ ⚠️

Be a pal: go to their profile, report them for spamming the hashtag, then block.

Holy shit, of all places, can you believe it's the Financial Times publishing this clear-headed and stirring article about inevitable near term social due to climate !?

My talk about leaderful organisations is out now as part of this online conference:

Free registration for a limited time.

Holy places reconsecrated for a new movement of science-based nature worship and interspecies mutual aid.

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