PSA: designated authorities will never be able to credibly tell you the pandemic is over so you have to choose your own end date

this time next month I'm co-hosting a retreat for community organisers in Denver

join us if you want to learn how to create spaces for belonging, growth, meaningful work & solidarity

only 2 tickets remaining:

photo credit:

toying with an idea:

use this account to talk about how to create organisations more in harmony with the human spirit & biosphere

create an alt account for everything else

what do you think?

wow happy to say that sending an angry email to my shithead accountant got the results

one day I will leave this place and what I will miss most is the saturation of beauty in the mundane

what are some jobs that will survive a rapid increase in AI capabilities?

recurring dream: me as extremely graceful, almost airborne, ballerina

beep boop I think Handmaid's Tale was originally a warning about theistic autocracy but the latter seasons are a warning about the vengeance & bloodlust of unchecked righteous indignation

I have a very hard problem and I would love to hear from someone who has encountered it before

I'm wired to strictly resist extrinsic motivation. is it possible to relax this aversion? I'm an excellent learner when intrinsically motivated

if I could broadcast one insight en masse, its the conviction that the people who disagree with me are not wrong, inferior, bad or stupid, they simply have different experiences & values generating a different perspective to mine

Im not making claims so you subscribe to my beliefs I'm just poking at your thinkmuscle homie

brain "fog" is actually smoke coz yr about to burn out

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