opinion: I actively support people who are on a mission to bring spirituality into politics, and also, I think the word "spirituality" does great harm to their objectives, repelling a lot of good folk and attracting an oversupply of super wacky ppl

?? I filed my tax return and didn't get a prize or any kind of recognition or praise ??

Warning: don't let your sticktoitiveness mutate into puttingupwithitivity

Thinking about the NGOs we work with who are full of bright passionate creative young people on the front line ready to do whatever it takes in their mission, with risk averse managers above them, who answer to a more risk averse board, who answer to more risk averse funders.

Guess what today I got permission to stay in Italy for 5 years thats cool

startup incubators might be more effective if they doubled down on the pregnancy metaphor, e.g. a midwife who gives you so much love and encouragement and teaches you how to breath and work thru your partner issues and easy now it will come in its own time do you need a bath?

if you have been wondering how to make a beautiful quilt with neolithic technology, you can have a little break, the answer is right here:


This new impact report on @Enspiral@twitter.com is heckuva interesting, because it doesn't try to fight the complexity of an emergent, self-organising "ecosystem of purposes", and yet it still manages to tell a simple and useful story.


if you ever feel like some gentle zen wisdom, guided meditation, self-reflection, contemplative, low-key funny, secular sermon type stuff, check out Tara Brach's podcast, available everywhere

high insight, low "woo woo"


I just published a new story so I've got this hyperactive surge of deep feelings going on.

I get so much encouragement to write. Both the encouragement and the recognition really satisfy two of my deepest needs, so I am hugely appreciative of y'all! /1

For people who have been asking about how to start new mutual aid communities: I've just published my current thinking about how to start well + a major update for plans for 2020.

It's a big one. Please tag folks and RT 😘


Question for Integral folk: how would you describe the 'mean green meme' to someone unfamiliar with or hostile to the / frameworks?

What behaviours do you see in a group that make you think 'yikes here's that green shadow again'?

There is no such thing as a boycott of one.

Personal consumption choices are unlikely to have social impact unless you OR👏GAN👏ISE👏

Interesting hypothesis from @hugiasg@twitter.com: Burning Man is a "market for social capital, an environment where the exchange rate of financial capital to social capital is extremely favorable."

New Patreon experiment: I'm offering a monthly call for advice/coaching/thinking together for $50/mo.

This is about a third of my usual rate, to test if I could potential make a living entirely from Patreon supporters.

Do you want to try it out with me?


Laloux's 'Reinventing Organisations' in a nutshell: people get fed up with triangles eventually so they start working in circles until they learn that also sucks in different ways, so eventually they go for some weird networky shape. The end.

👀 Āpōpō is 's only Indigenous , and event space. Here to grow + peoples participation, success & leadership in the CreativeTech industry...


Survey: generally speaking, do you work on Sundays?

Comment with reasons.

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