I don't care for as in, "we made a bunch of static decisions about the future".

But I love as in, "lets co-imagine different versions of the future so we have shared language when we make our just-in-time decisions".

Here's the recording from an excellent conversation in response to my post last week:


Just watched @taravancil@twitter.com talk at JS Conf about the new easy fun accessible peer to peer internet thanks to and . Excellent talk, amazing product.


Yknow the emotional journey of a major creative work where you cycle through elation and pride and despair and regret... do you think we are just picking up on the echos of the original creative act that put consciousness into matter? Like, is that how God felt?

Someone give me an excuse to party in this sucker

Who can tell me about great for in small groups?

I'm thinking something like a , , , savings pool, whatever you call it.

Strategy is mindfulness stretched in the time domain.

Me, tripping on mushrooms, looking in the mirror: I love that beautiful man.

Also me: I could have all the self-love in the world but my life is nothing without my relationships.

Maybe instead of 'living like it is your last day', we should be living like it is our last decade. Coz it probably is.

Side project for : can someone make a browser extension to configure gender pronouns in @google@twitter.com translate?

E.g. in Spanish I want to choose one of these patterns:
todos > todas > todxs > tod@s

Have heard half of the presentations for the collective intelligence & participation projects at so far and already SUPER inspired and excited. Global network of people learning together how to fix democracy 😍

if you are in on Sunday and you are interested in or : this workshop is going to be amazing = punk2punk


beginners welcome! v compassionate humans eager to exchange all flavours of knowledge cc: @cameralibre@twitter.com

If you wanna understand why ppl are electing dictators lately, I recommend "The Authoritarians" by Bob Altemeyer, free ebook: theauthoritarians.org

e.g. this page perfectly captures my experience leaving the fundamentalist church of my upbringing.

I'm writing a new piece. Please share pop culture stories that show how a small intimate group can be an amazing catalyst for personal development. Think authenticity + vulnerability + true belonging (@BreneBrown) e.g. @QueerEye@twitter.com w/ @jvn@twitter.com @bobbyberk@twitter.com @antoni@twitter.com @karamobrown@twitter.com @tanfrance@twitter.com

with many societies oscillating towards collapse, the trick is to catch the swing as it comes past. careful! it keeps getting faster and switching directions!

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