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y'all ever get that heartache for a kinder, softer, more equitable world?

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Oh, I should mention: I am currently a freelance Django developer, but I'm *very* interested in finding a few like-minded folks to build a development co-op.

Especially interested in building secure and/or federated versions of the items on this list:

today's sketch wondering if the big pterodactyls curled their necks up like herons (don't think the bones could of supported that but it's a nice thought)

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Light In The Attic Records are putting out Nancy Sinatra's "Boots" and in the process have restored the 1966(!!) music video(!!!!) of "These Boots Are Made For Walking" in HD and put it on youtube.

Why is there a music video for a song released 15 years before music videos became a thing?

Because of THIS: the Scopitone, a jukebox that would play a 16mm film clip paired with the 45 that queued up.


i have put a handful of these stickers on bandcamp:

two dollars gets you a sticker + a free song download

(#dadsFM logo stickers and holographic "mellow's choice" stickers coming next week!)

capybaras, or as i like to call them, guinea bigs

software business / corporate platforms 

it's been so long since i was at the mercy of a large corporate platform in this way, but Twilio has me over a barrel today in a way that reminds me all too much of my early coding days working on Facebook games.

this website makes a lot of sense to me because I grew up loving the movie Highlander, so i intrinsically understand how people can share an unusual and mysterious bond and still all be destined to fight and decapitate each other until nobody is left. and Queen is playing.

I have your two genders for you, right here! [I proceed to flex and show off my biceps] Looks like you got two tickets to the gender reveal! [Both of my biceps have GENDER written on them in sharpie]

asking for recommendations, AD(H)D 

I'm looking for good sources about AD(H)D and adults, and I'd love them not from an individualist psychological lack-oriented perspective, but from a political/feminist perspective that takes power structures into account.
Thanks for your help!

i have defeated my wife and 6 year old child in a watermelon seed spitting contest

hello i made two dj edits i think they're pretty good

In the Cool Zone, we are all men of ice cream.

I blame big oil for the current anti-vaxxer world. They laid the ground work of saying science is a lie ment to hurt you with thier global climate change denialism, rewarded politicians and pundits for toeing the line. It is a small step from not trusting climate scientist to not trusting medical scientist and a lot of people had been primed to believe it with whole systems of rewards for attacking scientist

If anyone has some programming contract work they need done, please let me know. I have experience with Rust, Python, C, Go, Java, and JavaScript, and I primarily do frontend work. I can create designs if needed.

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