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y'all ever get that heartache for a kinder, softer, more equitable world?

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Oh, I should mention: I am currently a freelance Django developer, but I'm *very* interested in finding a few like-minded folks to build a development co-op.

Especially interested in building secure and/or federated versions of the items on this list:

Tautology Garden
when you're here, you're here

i'm going to have to just start saying "mastodon" and leaving it at that when my wife asks why i'm laughing. the other option is always our own little version of Yes Yes No

i'd like to just take a while and deal with the stuff that already happened, but new stuff keeps happening on top of it. i think i'd like some kind of a moratorium.

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Going through things at my mother's house, she can no longer appreciate her garden. But honestly it needs to be seen. #florespondence

oh geez i just almost fell asleep at my desk with my head propped up in my hand. haha this isn't workin right now

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i had a lot i was supposed to get done today but instead the dogs and kids made it real hard to get any sleep so i'm just lazily swinging hammers around, hoping that at least one of them hits a nail

we're now accepting pitches for our KIDS issue of Logic!

deadline is May 15

>Silicon Valley is notorious for turning don’t trust anyone over thirty from a counterculture slogan into a business strategy, which can get awkward as its most famous boy geniuses start to go bald or gray. But this issue will dig into new and unexpected relationships between youth and technologies.

more details including rates for pieces and how to pitch available on our site:

@redoak "kong" is actually the word for "duke" in the donk language, hence the name "donkey kong" (the suffix -ey denoting ownership donkese)

New Donk City implies an "Old Country" containing a County of Donk,, and perhaps even a Duke of Donk

well, we've finally been visited by the neighborhood bear family, first time since... last fall?

Pepper doesn't understand why Toby is barking, he just thinks Toby wants to play. but anyway they're both raising hell. the bears do not give one shit about them.

shop talk, python horror story, escalation 

*many* of those either log a warning or simply pass 😭

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shop talk, python horror story 

$ rg "except Exception:" -g "*.py" | wc -l

good morning, friends. i didn't sleep enough, but here i am

Announcing Meme It So! It's a Star Trek The Next Generation Meme and GIF Generator, inspired by Frinkiac.

It has every line of dialogue spoken on STTNG tied to screencaptures. Which makes it good for looking up lines as well.

DeviantArt is just 21st century Tijuana Bibles send toot

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