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y'all ever get that heartache for a kinder, softer, more equitable world?

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Oh, I should mention: I am currently a freelance Django developer, but I'm *very* interested in finding a few like-minded folks to build a development co-op.

Especially interested in building secure and/or federated versions of the items on this list:

just had a big brain idea: convert prometheus metrics to midi in real-time, run that through autotune to clamp the values to a scale, and see what happens. integrate it with alertmanager, switch the scale to minor when alerts are firing

everyone stop emailing me for a minute so i can take a damn nap

the proper response to many of the things online is simply 'ok dude'

video james, recs welcome 


A few Steam suggestions!

Yoku's Island Express is an adorable pinball adventure game where navigating nearly everything involves flippers and tunnels.

Demon's Tilt is a fairly new game that is a great 2-D pinball game... occult themes are VERY prevalent, if that's an issue.

Super High Ball is an early access game that is a 2-D platformer game with pinball flipper mechanics, guiding the ball through progressive obstacles and areas.

I think we on the left could use a lot more friendly, approachable media. While I love me some good aggressive graphic design, right now, I think the right is consistently winning the propaganda game in part because they wrap their ideas with really easy-to-swallow tone and appeals to common sense. We can do that too, in pursuit of a more compassionate, humane, and just world.

So I made a couple images for my local chapter of the IWW that I'm pretty proud of.

I have SVG versions of these if people want to play with them. I'm happy for these to be spread widely; please download them, share them, modify them, whatever. Information wants to be free!

[dennis miller obscure riff voice] sounds like holly bowling got really into joe rogan

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i've also gotten a wild hair to look up solo piano arrangements of Rush's YYZ so,,, really cool guy over here

looking at tabs i don't remember opening like the kanye water bottle tweet

video james, recs welcome 

is there like... a really fun pinball game on steam, itch, gog, or the web? fun could be just, some cool tables, or it could be a Pinball Quest kind of situation - does that exist???

my only reference points for pinball video games are space cadet pinball and sonic spinball, i'm not a pinball nerd (no offense to them ofc)

Fediverse, help me out: in middle school (~2001) I *loved* a series of books and I now remember almost nothing about them and can't find them. I vaguely remember the characters and plots were different in each one, but that it involved people finding their way into faery (which was the only consistent thing between books, I think) and that they always ended in unresolved cliff hangers. (1/n)

you may have seen that story going around yesterday about the NYC mayoral candidates mistakenly thinking the median price for a home in Brooklyn is $100,000.

but just in case this detail wasn't included in whatcha saw, please know that one of the candidates was Obama's housing and urban development secretaries for like five years.

This Friday (May 14th), will be waiving their cut from every sale for 24 hours and giving all the revenue to developers!

Puffins on Skomer Island today 😊 Amazing little birds,we had an awesome day ❀

fedi meta, snark 

society: *is turned upside down and inside out by the exponential resonance of a dramatic, unlikely event exacerbating a ruthless long-term process of extraction and oppression*

me: wow this website has gone to shit in the past year or so, and it's because of 6 or 8 specific people on here

T for Texas / T for NFTs
T for Thelma /that gal who stole my cryptocurrencyyyyy

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