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y'all ever get that heartache for a kinder, softer, more equitable world?

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Oh, I should mention: I am currently a freelance Django developer, but I'm *very* interested in finding a few like-minded folks to build a development co-op.

Especially interested in building secure and/or federated versions of the items on this list:

tech, hosting 

stumbled upon a free hosting option for static sites without using github - digital ocean app platform connects to gitlab and will host three static sites for free with custom domains, automatic https & built-in cdn

these might be relevant to folks in my network here lol - both the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the DSA are hiring a software developer

We're evolving the governance features of karrot and looking for examples of existing community guidelines, rules, agreements, etc.

This is to make sure the model we come up with will be usable for a range of different groups with different approaches.

Any you can share with us?

To get the ball rolling the noisebridge ones are a good example for us to look at -->

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i made a choice not to follow as many bots here as i once did on birdsite but i absolutely love @pomological and @biodiversitypix

πŸ¦ƒ Les Pigeons de voliΓ¨re et de colombier, ou Histoire naturelle des pigeons domestiques.
Paris: Audot & CorbiΓ©, 1824.

hey check out what my friend's been working on pixel art for

toss a few coins at ur faves from the 5e monster manual

lord help me i've searched my archive for "tree" and i have better things to do than go on a self-boosting spree

*ringo voice* i’d like to be, a fuckin’ tree

There's a culture of tech that is about humans interacting with machines. As if it's only a logical/technical activity. No room for emotions and all that soft stuff.

Then another culture of "tech" that's really about rich people extracting wealth (via data) from other people. Harnessing tech for some goal.

I want the culture of tech, where it's about people interacting with people, with an unobtrusive technology layer to facilitate an essentially human activity. Tech as a supporting tool.

shop talk / php / recommendations welcome 

ah, hell *cries in PHP5*

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shop talk / php / recommendations welcome 

ah, it looks like Enqueue is the ticket. anyone deeper into PHP have thoughts/opinions/etc?

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shop talk / php / recommendations welcome 

is there a stable, well-maintained PHP package for job queues, similar to resque or celery, that's framework-agnostic? mostly i'm finding like, "here's job queueing for Laravel" and the project i need this for is built off of (ugh, sigh, i know) CodeIgniter

bears sitting on the ground and grabbing their own feet.

boost if you agree.

(boostable) have environmental science bachelor's, looking for experience in mutual aid focused farming initiatives 

I will have an environmental science degree with experience in toxicology and environmental chemistry. I'm a queer brown leftist and I'm interested in supporting community resilience and learning about food sustainability. Can intern, can travel. Available starting Sept/Oct 2021.

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