yesterday i was walking along the beach and some people handed me a camera and asked me to take photos of them. but unlike when this usually happens it was actually a pretty decent DSLR?? so i took a bunch of photos. i hope they liked at least a couple of em!!! i wish this story had a more dramatic or interesting turn but that was it really

@jk I was hoping it was going to end with something like;

"after taking two or three pictures I asked them to pose facing each other and away from me.

At which point I sprinted away with their camera and hid behind a dumpster.

For the next two days I tracked and followed members of the group, taking candid photos from afar.

After, I edited, adjusted, and printed the best images before dropping the camera and a few 8x10's on the front porch of one of my subjects."


@jk though being "normal nice" is pretty cool too.

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