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scientists: dinosaurs had feathers

jk rowling: -frowning- snape was Good, Actually

scientists: -bristling- velociraptors were very smol

jk rowling: -gets on a podium- Nagini was a Korean woman

scientists: -sweating- dinosaurs sounded like pussies!!

jk rowling: -yelling- DUMBLEDORE WAS A FUCKIN WEEB

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Co-op Finance Job Show more

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Hey infosec people: do me a favor and assume the "use case" for anyone you don't know personally includes facing poverty, discrimination, state-sponsored oppression, corporate surveillance, domestic abuse and harassment while using your product.

Then design accordingly.

please and thanks

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@awmwrites @GreenandBlack Just remember, on Commune, you swipe LEFT if you're interested in someone. ;)

Thank you, thank you. I'll be here all week.

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This tree is named Hyperion. Standing at a height of 115.61 metres, it is Earth's tallest known living tree.

Hyperion is a coast redwood (sequoia sempervirens) and it lives somewhere in Redwood National Park in California. The exact location is remote, and is being kept secret to avoid any potential ecological damage or vandalism which too many visitors might bring.

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"The Cybercouncil says only active, fitted augmentations qualify."
"What does that mean?"
"You're no cyborg."
"I wear glasses!"
"Sorry. Hearing aid, jointed prosthetic, pacemaker-"
"So I'm just a normal human?"
"Hardly anyone is normal. You'll be different some way."
"I hope so."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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The emergency maintenance is complete, Social.coop is now running 2.6.4.

Social.coop will be offline for emergency maintenance briefly while we update to 2.6.4. This is to fix the queueing issue in 2.6.2 that has been causing long delays in the feeds.

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If you are a USAtian, please get out and vote!

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The big problem with this "get off gmail" plan is i'm not going to make it out of the "pick a fun domain for personal mail" phase without buying like 8 new domains that i can't use for anything except jokes

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my boss told me our team will be allowed to unionize if this gets more than 40 boosts

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The social network #ScuttleButt is unusual:

-You can view and post messages while offline. It updates when a connection is next available.

-It optionally supports #MeshNetworks, so you can connect to others without the internet.

It's still quite tricky to use, but a new app called #ManyVerse is trying to make it easier:


Currently on Android (on Play and soon F-Droid), with iOS and desktop Win/Mac/Linux on the way.

#SSB #SecureScuttleButt #Alternatives

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Coop education resources and "learning paths" in English, Spanish, and French.

"The Cooperative Educators Network (CENet) is a hub for educational resources and materials for teaching and learning about cooperative enterprises. Here you will find several curated learning paths designed to help someone self-teach to increase their awareness, knowledge or skills OR for someone in an educator role to gather materials to use in the teaching of others."


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