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Join the ! Help MyCoolClass create a teacher owned and stop the inequality in online education. Please share 😊coop.mycoolclass.com/join-the- @PCC_Global@twitter.com @platformcoop@twitter.com

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New in the ioo.coop/directory: @RadishCoop@twitter.com, "an online delivery cooperative that is looking to bring forth a more equitable relationship between restaurants, delivery drivers and consumers"

More at radish.coop/en

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I'm happy to share my ICDE report (@PCC_Global@twitter.com), where I evaluate the legal and governance structures and scaling strategies of two platform cooperatives in the mobility sector: @Eva_coop@twitter.com and The Mobility Factory (@PartagoMob@twitter.com, @SomMobilitat@twitter.com) archive.org/details/morshed-ma (1/3)

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The DisCO Elements is here! Can we use this moment as a turning point to build what should have been there the whole time?
The DisCO manifesto answers the question why, and the DisCO Elements take it a step further to address the how.

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Today is our last business day for 2020. This was a difficult yet rewarding year and we owe a large part of our survival to the beautiful and growing community that surrounds us.

🧡A thread on some of the things we're proud to have accomplished... (1/x)

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drivers launch fundraiser to establish @TheDriversCoop@twitter.com - their own alternative to 'exploitive' outfits like Uber and Lyft @USFWC@twitter.com @PCC_Global@twitter.com @platformcoop@twitter.com @platformcoops@twitter.com @icacoop@twitter.com @ilo@twitter.com bit.ly/34jgIm9

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Airbnb has just announced that it is setting up:

* an advisory board of host-users to the execs
* an endowment of company stock for host-user advised distribution

bloomberg.com/news/articles/20 h/t @MannanMorshed@twitter.com

There are some things to say about this. Small but significant.

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After bringing you the sessions & zine, our next opportunity is a peer learning cohortβ€”are you interested in going deep on E2C? Join us! colorado.edu/lab/medlab/2020/0

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We are ready for you, California.

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Nice, it’s time for Governor @GavinNewsom@twitter.com help launch community and worker-owned platform cooperatives to counter third-party extractors like @lyft@twitter.com

Check out @platformcoop@twitter.com @TreborS@twitter.com

Do not fold & deregulate. twitter.com/cnbcnow/status/129

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This call for papers is about the collaborative platform economy, from things like The Online Meeting Co-Operative (BigBlueButton) to The Phone Co-Op (Messaggio)... and many more. Deadline in 11h! Submit your abstract!!! cc @platformcoop@twitter.com twitter.com/PolicyR/status/128

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Update on the collaboration between @TheNewSchool@twitter.com & @enMONDRAGON@twitter.com
What do participants say? Who are the global partners?

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New in the Directory: The Online Meeting Co-operative, backed by @webarchcoop@twitter.com @CollectiveTools@twitter.com @DigDemLab@twitter.com & more, using @bigbluebutton@twitter.com: org.meet.coop

Find it and more at ioo.coop/directory

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June 1-July 26. An online course by .@PCC_Global@twitter.com at .@TheNewSchool@twitter.com & .@enMONDRAGON@twitter.com.
to register, email pcc@newschool.edu

Discussion of our course in Indonesia on May 22:
@TheNewSchool@twitter.com @PCC_Global@twitter.com
+ Information in English: platform.coop/blog/a-pcc-mondr

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The effects of have altered the lives of us all, from those in poverty to those in privilege. is a chance to hear the experiences of real people, grow & rebuild the world together. Use your voice & be part of something bigger savvy.coop/viralvoices

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New short film, just out! "Reclaiming Work: The Cycle Couriers Subverting The Gig Economy" by @BlackandBrownFilm@twitter.com blackbrownfilm.com/

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