We were thinking the same thing. Curious that @nytimes@twitter.com shows these platform co-ops as isolated projects.
See platform.coop for much more.

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So excited to see this story about the @TheDriversCoop@twitter.com!

This isn't an isolated case. See the networks working to build a cooperative new economy: @NewEconomics@twitter.com @start_coop@twitter.com @Zebras_Unite@twitter.com @platformcoop@twitter.com twitter.com/NewEconomics/statu

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For too long, New Yorkers have been paying @optimum@twitter.com sky-high prices for low quality service! No wonder 2.2 million New Yorkers don’t have high-speed broadband at home. They can’t afford it. Who is watching out for NYers? @bradlander@twitter.com @PeoplesChoiceC2@twitter.com @mayawiley@twitter.com @NYCMayor@twitter.com

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"A scrappy band of Uber drivers, a union organizer, and an Uber operations manager have joined forces to launch an experiment in cooperative economics in New York City"

In the Drivers' Seat - bit.ly/3wpWHpD @TheDriversCoop@twitter.com @DollarsAndSense@twitter.com

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Once again, Colorado is leading the way to the new economy. Wanna come along?


Our own @SenatorHick@twitter.com is introducing the Capital for Cooperatives Act, which will finally enable cooperatives to access SBA loans: cpr.org/2021/05/20/hickenloope

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In this @PublicSeminar@twitter.com essay, Casper Gelderblom and I are thinking about an alternative to Amazon. It's not what you may think.

@TheNewSchool@twitter.com @MilanoSchool@twitter.com

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New course: "Lean Co-op"!

It's ≈3 hours and many resources to guide entrepreneurs through the mess of building their business and ownership model, At The Same Time!

After a 2019 webinar on lean startup for co-ops, with support from @CoopFoundation@twitter.com, it's finally here 🌈📗⬇️ twitter.com/start_coop/status/

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@ajscholz@twitter.com @coopkungfu@twitter.com Starting 2-3 years ago I started seeing a variant of the , the . Some of the same challenges but raising new questions re economic mechanism and leadership. I smell a panel on coop design trends...

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"On paper it’s the perfect solution, but it’s a bit more complicated for the workers who actually power the platform to see how they benefit, which is what matters"

I just published The Slow Demise of Loconomics, a short interview about a six year journey

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Love the quote and still wondering where that leaves the billions of people in today’s India, Brazil, Poland, Hungary, etc. Can people succeed in building protections without support from the national government? What would examples of ‘success’ look like? Respond here. twitter.com/berggrueninst/stat

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We did it!! MyCoolClass Co-Operative Limited is now registered in the UK!! Finally, a place for independent teachers and tutors around the world to call home. Check us out at coop.mycoolclass.com @platformcoop@twitter.com @CooperativesUK@twitter.com @coopnews@twitter.com @Bored_Teachers@twitter.com @EdtechukHQ@twitter.com

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Wednesday's @pcc_global@twitter.com @berggruenInst@twitter.com event "After the Gig" with @JulietSchor@twitter.com will be live-streamed.
April 14, 8 am PDT (time in Los Angeles)
Live streaming page URL:
We'll be using Slido for Q&A: app.sli.do/event/ugnjdddn/live
Event Code:

Register now for next Wednesday with @JulietSchor@twitter.com 🌿

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Join us on April 14th for this event with Juliet Schor by the Berggruen Institute and the Platform Cooperativism Consortium.

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🔥Annual Conference🔥
. Forging the Cooperative Digital Economy.
Keynote @francesca_bria@twitter.com
Berlin/Global: November 12-18

This coming Wednesday, March 31, 3-4 pm PDT
“Own This! How to Take Back the Internet” berggruen.org/events/own-this-

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Looking for ways to empower workers? Co-ops need to be in the toolbox. Happy to join Trebor Scholz and Jason Spicer on how platform co-ops should be part of any strategy to address inequality. ncbaclusa.coop/blog/give-platf @platformcoop@twitter.com @TreborS@twitter.com @NCBACLUSA@twitter.com @PublicSeminar@twitter.com

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📲 The Accelerator is OPEN for applications! Run by @CooperativesUK@twitter.com and @StirToAction@twitter.com, in partnership with @CooperativeBank@twitter.com, it's for founders that want to develop a digital business in a more collaborative and equitable way ➡️ bit.ly/2OOfiLJ t.co/bqHVqN7OPw

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