Update on the collaboration between @TheNewSchool@twitter.com & @enMONDRAGON@twitter.com
What do participants say? Who are the global partners?

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New in the Directory: The Online Meeting Co-operative, backed by @webarchcoop@twitter.com @CollectiveTools@twitter.com @DigDemLab@twitter.com & more, using @bigbluebutton@twitter.com: org.meet.coop

Find it and more at ioo.coop/directory

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June 1-July 26. An online course by .@PCC_Global@twitter.com at .@TheNewSchool@twitter.com & .@enMONDRAGON@twitter.com.
to register, email pcc@newschool.edu

Discussion of our course in Indonesia on May 22:
@TheNewSchool@twitter.com @PCC_Global@twitter.com
+ Information in English: platform.coop/blog/a-pcc-mondr

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The effects of have altered the lives of us all, from those in poverty to those in privilege. is a chance to hear the experiences of real people, grow & rebuild the world together. Use your voice & be part of something bigger savvy.coop/viralvoices

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New short film, just out! "Reclaiming Work: The Cycle Couriers Subverting The Gig Economy" by @BlackandBrownFilm@twitter.com blackbrownfilm.com/

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The PCC & Mondragon online course on is in full preparatory swings.
Japanese: tinyurl.com/y7xk8lzm
Indonesian: tinyurl.com/ycl8q7yl
Spanish: tinyurl.com/yd9ou3zv
Chinese (Cantonese): tinyurl.com/y7syx77e
Reg. will open soon.
For now > pcc@newschool.edu

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The PCC & Mondragon online course on is in full preparatory swings.
Japanese: tinyurl.com/y7xk8lzm
Indonesian: tinyurl.com/ycl8q7yl
Spanish: tinyurl.com/yd9ou3zv
HK Chinese: tinyurl.com/y7syx77e
Reg. will open soon. For now, email pcc@newschool.edu

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May 26- July 20. Take this 8-week emergency online course on platform co-ops offered by @pcc_global@twitter.com and @enMONDRAGON@twitter.com platform.coop/blog/a-pcc-mondr

We can't wait to welcome you, @rontkim@twitter.com

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Yes, a worker-led and owned future in more than possible. We must uplift the cooperative movement, starting with our very own @platformcoop@twitter.com @PCC_Global@twitter.com


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Today, we were told that together with our partners -- representing tens of millions of Indian self-employed women in the informal economy, gig workers in the U.S., Kenyan, Brazilian, and Italian co-op members & many more—- are not worker organizations of frontline workers.

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We're ~here~ for this story from Eyemole on how to start a . We should all own our own grazing data ✊🏽 full pdf at @WorkerCoop@twitter.com canadianworker.coop/eyemole-cr
Credit: eyemole.io/about.html

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Our friends at @savvy_coop@twitter.com are the first to strike a deal with a venture capital firm, @indievc@twitter.com. At our webinar next week, learn how it happened w/ @jhoronjeff@twitter.com @jasonwienerpc@twitter.com & @ajscholz@twitter.com: colorado.edu/lab/medlab/2020/0

Co-produced with @Zebras_Unite@twitter.com!

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New in the Directory: the Cooperative Corporation of dot-org Registrants, working to protect the future of .org. ccor.org/

See more at ioo.coop/directory

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In Italy, lockdown is a challenge for business but hosts of @Fairbnb_coop@twitter.com are offering accommodation to health workers.

Join our
PCC PLATFORM CO-OP IDEATHON to respond to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 disaster.
Friday, Apr 10, 2020, 12:00 PM NOON Eastern Time (US and Canada) Share small stories and startup ideas that respond to COVID-19.

Friday, April 10 at NOON (EDT)
Share stories and tell your own.
Introduce us to your scalable startup ideas responding to COVID-19.
>Register in advance:
Email us if you'd like to share a story or idea. info@platform.coop

Grear, @S_A_Sutcliffe@twitter.com To get involved, write us at info@platform.coop

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As lays capitalism’s failures and vulnerability of gig economy work to bare, thinkin about platform.coop

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New in the Directory: @part_coop@twitter.com, "a self-governing union" in Korea: parti.coop/

This and more: ioo.coop/directory

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