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In the beginning of 2018 I wrote a post on about a couple of new networks entering our daily lives

This month I will be writing 'Part 2'. Besides , can you recommend other emerging social ?

'Using is something I’ve been thinking about. However, I have not figured out how we can make it work.' Mark Zuckerberg

'Social media is like a glass of red wine; one is great for the antioxidants but too many and you’re puking up the next morning, reminiscing about the 'wild time' you had.'

It's my pet theory that the availability of the Twitter-to-Mastodon cross-poster has harmed Mastodon's adoption by giving people an easy way to change nothing about their social media habits, and pretend like they have checked out Mastodon without ever being here.

Every time I bring this up I get responses à la "not all cross-posters!" and well, if you don't think it's about you, don't make it about you

Pause. What's the weather like? Don't use an app to find out.

Today is Saint Athanasius day 🎉 The #monastery with the same name is located close to the village of Zlatna livada, Stara Zagora Province. According to Bulgarian archaeological and historical research from 2004, it is the oldest active monastery in #Europe.

#introduction #history #travel

'Civilization scales through , but cooperation between strangers is inherently hard. institutions can solve this prisoner’s dilemma and allow us to on a larger scale.'

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