#Fediverse .. we have a brand spanking new #delightful list: codeberg.org/ADHDefy/delightfu

PR your additions to the list!

It is now part of delightful.club

Maintained by @ADHDefy it curates *drumroll* πŸ₯ .....

πŸ’Ž Delightful Creative Tools !!

Finally. Happy! There's so much fabulous #FOSS stuff on #Audio #Video #Art design, #animation, #writing and #media tools.

Wanna start your own list of #FOSS, #OpenScience or #OpenData related resources? Just πŸ”” ping me and let's get the ball rolling.

#Fediverse, more wonderful πŸ’Ž additions to the delightful.club

To #delightful databases by @yarmo at codeberg.org/yarmo/delightful-

- BonsaiDB
- EdgeDB
- FrostDB
- OrioleDB
- TypeDB

To delightful #libre hosters by @jonatasbaldin at codeberg.org/jonatasbaldin/del

- hen.ee
- tchncs
- trom.tf

Hurray πŸŽ‰

Wanna start your own list of #FOSS, #OpenScience or #OpenData related resources? Just πŸ”” ping me and let's get the ball rolling.

@humanetech Okay! I have made a #delightful list. codeberg.org/ADHDefy/delightfu :ClapHD:

I plan to add "Writing" and "Game Development" section to this list very soon, as well, but I'm still doing a little research.

Your documentation was fantastic, so hopefully it all looks good, but please let me know if anything needs fixing.

Hi #Fediverse πŸ‘‹

Some #Delightful gems πŸ’Ž added to delightful.club again.


Added to deligthful-fediverse-apps:

❓ Federated Q&A, anyone? @retrospring would love to add fedi support. But they can need some help. See: github.com/Retrospring/retrosp



And added to delightful-activitypub-development:

βœ”οΈ #ActivityStreams validator by @cpmoser

🐰 Hare Activity by @torresjrjr to program #ActivityPub in.. πŸ₯ #Hare programming language no less.


Some #delightful 😍 additions to the delightful.club curated lists..

Delightful #LibreHosters maintained by @jonatasbaldin at codeberg.org/jonatasbaldin/del

- Mastohost
- Mayfirst
- NixNet
- OSSrox
- Pikapods
- Skinnet
- Slowbro
- Snopyta
- sp-codes
- Spacebar Federation
- Togethr
- Uncloud

Delightful #C Software maintained by @lmemsm at codeberg.org/lmemsm/delightful

- github.com/tezc/sc - C99 small portable libraries and data structures.

Some #delightful #Fediverse project additions..

3 utilities:

- #MastoBot for easy bot creation

- #toot for sharing cross-instance on #Mastodon

- #Shareon stylish, ethical share buttons

1 new federated app:

- @Swanye tumblelog in the style of #Tumblr

1 new fedi client:

- #Tokodon for #KDE #Plasma, Plasma Mobile

Soon to be admired on delightful.club in the fedi apps, clients and dev resources sub-lists (once CI-regen is done).

Start your own delightful list? Ping me..

@lmemsm is #liblfds a candidate for #delightful #C software?


It has weird #licensing ..

> "If for legal reasons a custom licence is required, the license of your choice will be granted, and license is hereby granted up front for a range of popular licenses : the #MIT license, the #BSD license, the Apache license, the #GPL and #LPGL (all versions thereof) and the Creative Commons licenses (all of them)."



Much to my delight I can present to you a new #delightful list, created by @lmemsm πŸŽ‰

"A curated list of of lightweight, cross-platform #C programs and libraries. All programs are Free, Libre and/or Open Source with source code available. They're lightweight and cross-platform compatible with minimal dependencies, so they should be easy to build from source on most operating systems with a C compiler."


Wanna start your own list? Just do it, and ping me!

Another nice free software video editor to add to the long list of open #video, #photo, #graphics and other #artist #design tools:


Now who's finally picking up the glove and maintain some #delightful lists to bring them all together for people to easily find them?

Be part of the delightful.club

Delightful curated lists are only for #FOSS, #OpenScience and #OpenData related resources (in contrast to the Awesome project on Github)

See codeberg.org/teaserbot-labs/de

@sengi_app has been added to #delightful #fediverse clients list.


A great well-polished client for #Pleroma and #Mastodon that works on Linux, Mac, Windows and has a Web UI.

Check out the site or contribute to the #AGPL licensed project..



Hi @chobeat

I found your #Mobilizon Reshare app, and wanted to add to #ActivityPub developer resources list.


But I can't figure out the license. Looks like not a recognized open-source one, which would be a pity as then I cannot add to this #delightful list:


Another nice entry for the #ActivityPub developer resources list.

- ActivityPub HTTP Signatures, an ISC-licensed #Javascript library created by @Paul


Do you want to start your own #delightful list and become part of delightful.club? Shoot an issue with your proposal to: codeberg.org/teaserbot-labs/de

#Fediverse some new nice additions to the #delightful lists..

- Remmel: A #Lemmy client for #iOS added to delightful fediverse clients.


- Toot-Together: A #Github Action that posts to #Mastodon added to delightful #ActivityPub developer resources.


Do you want to start your own delightful list and become part of delightful.club? Shoot an issue with your proposal to: codeberg.org/teaserbot-labs/de

Delightful project is steadily growing :)

I added the good #MiniPub tutorial on how to implement federated cross-app comments for #Podcasting to #delightful #activitypub developer resources list in the Tutorials section..


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