I am glad that @yarmo and I are in the same camp and consider that "source available" projects have no place on #delightful lists that are dedicated to curated #FOSS resources, no matter their popularity.

Hence #MongoDB was removed, and #MangoDB added to delightful #databases 😃


I just PR'ed three new #delightful #databases to @yarmo curated list.

- MangoDB being a fully open source variant of MongoDB.

- TiKV a distributed KV store with transaction support.

- Tidis which adds a Redis-compatible API on top of TiKV.

Check it out at: codeberg.org/yarmo/delightful-

Do you also wanna start a delightful list on a subject that has your passion and collect delicious #FOSS, #OpenScience, and #OpenData resources? Give me a heads-up and we'll get ya started :)

Thanks for the prompt. I did an experiment, partly to see what works now, but also to think about what else might be needed.

Looks like @houkimenator is already using hashtags.

Group actors like @GuppeGroups can be useful: if people follow them, all of the toots mention the group actor get boosted to all of the followers.

I ended up using git.ondrovo.com/MightyPork/gro because @GuppeGroups was down when I tried to use it.

Here's my group actor: @organizingInFedi and my

(at least for now):

Part 6 of 6.

If an organization wants to coordinate work or economic activity (production, distribution, and provisioning), they might want to look at the extensions that @bonfire is working on: bonfirenetworks.org/extensions

Problem with those extensions is that only Bonfire pubs will understand them, as of now. Could change in the future. That would make them more generally useful.

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(at least for now):

Part 5 of n.

But I think for operating an organization in fedi, real groups of some kind will be needed.

Otherwise the firehose of federated timelines interferes with people who want to get something done.

At least something like what other social media apps sometimes call rooms or channels or even groups...

Here's an ongoing discussion about implementing groups in ActivityPub: socialhub.activitypub.rocks/t/

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@organizingInFedi Final
(at least for now):

Part 4 of n.

Chartodon thread diagrams are lovely, but difficult to read (IMO).

But all the ones I have seen are tree-shaped, which means that an indented tree view like this valueflows.pythonanywhere.com/ would work and be more compact and easier to read.

I wonder if they could be presented as a treeview in the same UI as the main timelines, when you click Show Thread...?

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(at least for now):

Part 3 of n.

Threaded discussions are an important method for organizations to make decisions online.

Mastodon threads are just sequential lists. They don't show who replied to what.

This weakness has give rise to a bot called @Chartodon which you can invoke by the method shown on its profile.

Here's an example: solipsys.co.uk/Chartodon/10712

They disappear after awhile, but I have saved a few which I can show on request.

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(at least for now):

Part 2 of n.

Those group actors are not the same as organized (or even disorganized) groups of live people, although their followers might constitute such a group.

They are just message relays, something like a mailing list inside fedi.

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(at least for now):

Part 1 of n.

This is a repeat of my first conclusion: organizing will require topical discussions. Group actors that relay messages to all followers are useful for keeping those discussions together .

Current group actors include @GuppeGroups and git.ondrovo.com/MightyPork/gro from @piggo

@organizingInFedi is a MightyPort group actor.



Alright. Let's kick this off..

"Toots speak better than tweets"

"A tweetbird can't change its spots" (relevant with masto editing coming)

"All that glitters is not tweets"

"Always put your best toot forwards"

"Among the blind the fedizen is king"

"As you toot, so we shall boost"

"Beauty is in the eye of the booster"

"Tweets killed the cat"

#delightful #FediverseProverbs

I am not a #gamedev but I like the #delightful idea of @houkimenator to organize collaborative #jams on the #Fediverse

Just added a #game idea to the #Lemmy announcement:

"Reach the Activity Pub"

Navigate the streets while avoiding the #surveillance camera's operated by your jealous partner to reach the rowdy Pub to party and get drunk.. and then stumble back home still unseen.


Use @openstreetmap to generate gameplay area, and a real overlay of CCTV locations.

Thank you very much! From your description, G+ Circles must be like the Fedi "group actors" like @GuppeGroups

I don't remember G+ Communities. Might not have participated in them..

I haven't seen Pleroma Groups, either. Will need to find some doc or something. Do you know if they federate, like can be seen in other ActivityPub software?

P.S. I did not notice the deletes and reposts, was eating lunch...

@dredmorbius @GuppeGroups

More about how a "task" in a Trello-style UI might fit into @organizingInFedi flows:

(My blog at that link is sorta fediversey but not well integrated yet...)

@bernini @humanetech @kensanata @liaizon @organizingInFedi

Hi #fediverse

The #delightful project for curated #FOSS #OpenScience and #OpenData lists is slowly growing, and recently @yarmo gave it a crisp web front-end with delightful.club

Now we need more lists, and I encourage all of you fedizens to maintain one on the topic of your interest.

Some lists are in dire need to be created, like delightful #RSS as @blindscribe made me aware. Anyone up for the challenge?

What is a delightful list:


Boosts appreciated 💎

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